Unleash Your Story Progress…and pages

Yay!  I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like my Internet is working…see yesterday’s post to see what I am talking about.  Now on to today’s post…

So as most of you know, each Sunday during September I am going to blog about my progress in the Unleash Your Story fundraiser for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation that I am participating in.
First though, I have a winner to announce from last week’s post.  The winner of a surprise book and goodies is:  Kimmy L. 

Please e-mail with your mailing addy and I’ll get your prize to you soon.

So, I haven’t been updating my “Pages Read” total in the sidebar because I decided to do that each week rather than do it daily.  I will be updating that total late tomorrow (and every Monday night from now on), but I do want you to know that I am doing really well when it comes to meeting my “Pages Read” goal…and I do mean REALLY WELL.  🙂  It helped that I had no Internet last week.  I was able to read a lot without being distracted.  Even so I really surprised myself.  It looks like I just might surpass my reading goal this month.  And for those who are familiar with my other reading goal to read 200 books this year, it looks like September just might be my best month this year in regards to how many books I have read.

Meeting my fundraising goal is not going quite as well, but I have already mentioned my difficulties with fundraising…I feel weird asking for donations, but I know the CFF and I could really use them. I am extremely grateful to those who have donated so far and very proud that I have raised even that much and hope that more people can get involved and help support me in meeting my goal by donating.  To do so you can click on the image above or

Remember, ANY amount helps and if you know of anyone else who might wish to donate and support my fundraising efforts, feel free to share the link!


So, today I thought I’d blog about the number of pages in books…and yes, I’ll probably ramble.  Until this challenge, I had never really thought about the the number of pages in the books I have read.  But since I have to keep track, I have been noticing this number more and more.  It has made curious about how many pages I have read the entire year, but I don’t have time to go back and figure that out…LOL…maybe I’ll keep track of that next year.

This month I have read books with a variety of page numbers.  I have read books with less than 200 pages and books with almost 400 pages.  I love reading shorter books because it doesn’t take me long to read them and the ones I have read this month have been really good.  I love long books because sometimes I feel like escaping into a story for a bit longer and so far, I have enjoyed my escapes this month.  Regardless of the number of pages a book has, the basics of the romance story remain the same…and of course, they all have a happy ending…or at least I hope they do.  It’s how they get to that ending in a certain amount of pages that has me thinking this week.

I have talked with many authors and I realize the difficulty in writing a story.  When you try to make that story a certain length (or in writer’s terms, a certain amount of words), it can be difficult.  Short books need to have a complete story without things feeling rushed and long books need the complete story without things feeling like they drag out.

I have read a few short books in the past that do feel rushed, but I have also read plenty of short stories, novellas, and books that haven’t had that feeling.  They were complete stories that didn’t make me feel like I missed something.  Am I making sense?  With the rushed books, or the books where the author has tried to cram as much or as little as they can into a few pages, I have felt a bit disappointed.  The ones with too much info just feel cluttered and can be confusing, while the ones with too little can leave a reader feeling like they missed something.  Like with Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I guess for me I have to find the one that is just right…a balance.  A lot of that has to do with the author and how they write.  Some authors can do one of the things I mentioned above, but I don’t notice it because the story is good.

Some of the long books have similar problems.  With long books, I have noticed that at times there can be quite a bit of info or scenes added that don’t quite fit with the story.  I have read books where I have thought, “Did they really need that scene?”  If a scene doesn’t further the story or fit, I can’t quite understand why it would be included.  Some long books can also feel like the action or plot is dragged out…it’s hard to explain what I mean by this, but I am sure some of you have read books like this.  Books that seem to take forever for things to happen…for example, the hero and heroine meeting…books that leave you thinking, “Is it over yet?”  Again, I guess noticing this has a lot to do with the author and how the story is holding my interest.  If I get into a story, I can overlook things like this and it doesn’t bug me.

So, what was the point of my post?  Hmm…well, I guess it is that regardless of the number of pages a story has, it can have both positive and negative points.  Longer isn’t necessarily better than shorter and vice versa.  Size doesn’t matter 🙂  …at least not to me when it comes to books.  It is how the story is executed in those pages that matters to me.

So, what about you?  Do you prefer short or long books?  Have you noticed some of the things I have mentioned?  Have you noticed other things that I might not have talked about?

Oh, and this week I’ll give away some promo goodies and a surprise prize from my prize stash (I went shopping 🙂 ) to one lucky commenter.  I’ll announce the winner next Sunday…and don’t forget to check my progress in the sidebar and to spread the word about the Unleash Your Story fundraiser.


7 Responses to Unleash Your Story Progress…and pages

  1. limecello says:

    I like both short and long books – I think it depends on the author and story, but I think I most prefer books in the 300-400 page rage.
    Awesome that you’re meeting your goals and good luck with the rest, Jennifer!

  2. Helen says:

    I like both long and short stories I have been reading romance since the 70’s and some of them were real doorstoppers and sometimes I love to get into a really long book but as I said sometimes I just like to read something short but either way if it is well written and a great story I don’t mind I love reading.

    Well done Jennifer you are doing really good.

    Have Fun

  3. Fedora says:

    I agree with Limecello–I can like most lengths, depending on the book. In general though, I tend to prefer shorter ones these days, because I tend to be short on time and like to wrap things up instead of going on for weeks 😉 On the other hand, the longer ones tend to linger in my mind for longer, maybe because there’s so much more world development in those…

  4. Quilt Lady says:

    I am with Limecello on this one to. I enjoy both types but mostly read books between 300 to 400 pages. Sometime I will pick out a short book just because I don’t have as much time to read a longer book. The main thing the book needs to be well written.

    Well said Helen!!!

  5. Jane says:

    I enjoy both, but I usually read longer books. I do sometimes feel that certain scenes were unnecessary and didn’t really contribute to the story.

  6. Sometimes I’m wary of shorter books (for whatever reason) but they really are good for quick reads sometimes…So I agree there

    It was weird though when I was posting some reviews and noticed that I’d read 3 books in a row with 256 pages 😉

  7. Cherie J says:

    I agree Jennifer that size does not matter in books. I have read books that were only about 200 pages and yet had a well developed plot and characters. On the other side of the coin, I have read books that have been over 300 pages and the book did not develop the characters and/or develop the plot well enough. Generall I prefer books that are about 200-300 pages if I am really short on time and the books over 300 pages when I have time to savor them.

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