Another quick note…

Today’s regular post (complete with contest) is below, but I wanted to post this because we still need donations…and I know I sound desperate…LOL.

The Unleash Your Story fundraiser is going really well and as of Friday the participants have raised $6,663.  The goal for the fundraiser is to raise $10,000 this month and we could really use some more donations.  Plus, I’d love to reach my personal goal of $150.

The participants received an e-mail today about a 5-5-5 prize for us fundraisers.  If I can get 5 different people to donate at least $5 each this week, I will get 5 books.  So this is where I beg…err…ask kindly for people to make a donation this week.  Every little bit helps both the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and us meet our fundraising goal.

To make a donation on my fundraising homepage visit: 

And feel free to share that link with others who might wish to make a donation.

Also, I decided that if by the end of September I have met both my reading and fundraising goal for the Unleash Your Story fundraiser, I am going reward both myself and the readers of my blog with a big giveaway…just need to figure out what that will be.  😉


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