Tawny Weber’s Ode to Fan-Girls…

Today I welcome back the fabulous Tawny Weber! 
She has written a wonderful guest blog paying homage to us fan-girls.


An Ode to Fan-Girls

One of the most amazing things about being a writer is to connect with readers. 

As a life-long reader (especially of romance) I’ve always admired authors and have a slew of fan-girl faves.  I auto buy their books, I read their interviews and peek at their websites on a regular basis.   There are so many authors who write for Blaze right now who I’ve been a fan-girl of since their Temptation days.  My original writing goal was to write for Temptation because that’s where so many of my favorite stories came from.  Then, when Temptation closed and the authors shifted to Blaze (although really, many were already writing there anyhow) I shifted my dream as well.  Not only because, well, ya know, Temptation was closed.  But because they were the kind of stories I loved to read, and the kind I wanted to share with others.  When the dream came true with Double Dare, I was blown away.  And now with Risqué Business out?  It’s starting to feel real, but the amazement and fan-girl awe is still high. 

For me, meeting authors has always been a fun and exciting thing.  I mean, clearly I have this fan-girl thing down pat, right?  But when the shoe flipped to the other foot?  Wow!!!  That was a wild thing.  At the conference this summer, I met so many fans.  People who read and like my books in the same way I read and like my fan-girl authors’!    These ladies are what writing is all about.  The fans, the readers.  And there are so many levels of fans.  The ones who read the books.  The ones who read and email or write to share their thoughts.  The ones who review and blog about the stories.  And then there are the amazing ones –the ones who create entire communities to support the authors. 

One of the highlights of my conference this year was getting to meet Jennifer – she’s such a sweetheart and an ode to the romance community with the support and entertainment she offers.  This is one of my favorite conference pictures.  It was Thursday night:  Stacey Kayne, Jennifer, Jennifer’s bunny rabbit, me and Beth Andrews.

So – Jennifer J  Thanks!!!  You rock

And everyone – tell me about your favorite fan girl moment.  It could be meeting an author or actor or anyone you admired, or it could be a fan meeting you.  I’d love to hear about it! 


Thanks, Tawny…*sniff sniff*…it means a lot to know that what I do is appreciated and I LOVED meeting you.  And I will admit I had a few (okay, more than a few) fan-girl moments in San Francisco…I tried to restrain myself though. 😉  It helped that many authors, such as Tawny, were so nice that I easily forgot that I was sitting with some of my fave authors.  Of course, a couple of times I remembered that and had to restrain myself from squeeing aloud in delight…or crying from joy (that would have been embarrassing).  I did have a few mental squee and “Omigosh” moments though.

Readers, don’t forget to look for Tawny’s latest release Risqué Business.  And visit her site at: http://www.tawnyweber.com/
And like Tawny, I’d love to hear some fan girl moments if you have them.


35 Responses to Tawny Weber’s Ode to Fan-Girls…

  1. Tawny, what a great blog! Jennifer, thank you so much for inviting one of my favorite writers to be your guest today. Isn’t she awesome? Oh, dear, I’m starting to sound like a fangirl now! I’ve had so many fangirl moments, I’m embarrassing. I remember shrieking all over Joanna Bourne at the last conference. And bailing poor Connie Brockway up near the lifts and telling her she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. She looked rather shellshocked before I’d finished! And Jennifer, can I second Tawny’s thanks for the support you give to the writers? We really appreciate it! Bunnies live!

  2. Tawny you’re so right about the fan-girl thing! That is the cutest photo of you guys. Jennifer you’re even nicer in person than on the net if that’s possible. I really loved hanging out with you.

    My fan-girl moment was meeting Mary Jo Putney while waiting for a lift on our floor. I was chatting to this perfectly lovely lady and then I sort of did this double-take and then let my gaze ever so casually drift down to her name tag and then proceeded to gush all over the poor lady!!

    My fave moment being on the other side was when Deb Marlowe came up at the Berkley signing and said in a loud voice OMG YOU’RE CHRISTINE WELLS!!!

  3. Anna Sugden says:

    Great blog, Tawny! And it was great to meet you in person, Jennifer!

    I’m a big fan-girl. I remember the first time I met Nora. I was at the Literacy signing in New York, before I’d even joined RWA. I was one person away from her and my cellphone rang. It was my lovely hubby, who was away in the UK on business. Tricky decision. I had to ask him if I could call him back. After all, this was Nora! (Luckily, he understood).

    I’ve found most authors to be really lovely and gracious. And they are so cool about accepting our fan-girl gushing. The super nice Robert Crais is one of my favourites! As is Tess Gerritsen. And Suz Brockmann (and her fab entourage of Ed, Eric, mom and dad!)

    Although I’m not yet published, I’ve had quite a few emails from readers to find out where they can buy my hockey romances. Can’t tell you what a thrill that is.

  4. Tawny Weber says:

    LOL Anna – its a mutual fan-girl thing between us, I promise! I’m giggling a little over you trapping an author to gush over them, though.

    Christine, I had a total fangirl moment sitting next to THE CHRISTINE WELLS at the Lit Signing. Seriously, it was so much fun! And I love those fan moments when you’re just relaxed and having a nice conversation and then realize OMG I love this person’s books!

    Anna – you have smart readers! I am going to be the first in line to buy your hockey romances!! I cannot wait until an editor is smart enough to grab those babies up. And *sigh* I admit it, I’d have totally ignored my husband for Nora. He’d have understood, too. But you were nice enough to actually tell your DH you were brushing him off :-). I’m not sure I would have -I’d have been too nervous LOL.

  5. Helen says:

    Beautiful post Tawny and I agree Jennifer is great I love visiting this blog and I love the authors that visit.

    My fan girl moment was when I got to meet Anna Campbell I was so excited I left work early and even got my husband to drive me over so as I wouldn’t get lost even though it is only a 15 min drive from my place to the Library that Anna was doing a talk at. I was so nervous and I was a little late and walked in after Anna had started but she knew who I was I was in total awe the talk was wonderful and Anna made me feel so comfortable.
    I really appreciate the work that authors put into their writing so as us readers have such wonderful adventures and HEA’s I always email them and let them know how great their books are.
    Tawny I have read Double Dare and loved it and I have the next one on the TBR pile and I am so looking forward to it.
    Thanks everyone
    Have Fun

  6. Tawny Weber says:

    Helen, Anna is simply wonderful, isn’t she? I’m so excited that you got to meet her 🙂 And you know, its an amazing thing as an author to get an email or kind words on a blog from readers like you who are so generous in their support.

    So a giant fan girl thanks right back at ya 😉

  7. Caren Crane says:

    Jennifer, thank you for having Tawny as guest today! I was so glad to meet you in San Francisco and hope you will make it to D.C. next year. We’ll party once more. 🙂

    Tawny, you know I loved ‘Double Dare’ and ‘Does She Dare’. I have ‘Risque Business’ at home, taunting me on the TBR pile. I have to get through a book I’m reading for a book club meeting first. Not romance. It’s tough to wait!

    My biggest fangirl moment was bittersweet. I met Mary Balogh in Reno and she had NO BOOKS (that was the conference where about 1/3 of the books never made it). She took her Sharpie and signed a leather bookmark for me. Prized possession! I think she was rather taken aback by my…er…zeal. I like to think it was flattering to her, but it may have simply been scary. Oh, well, I meant it nicely!

  8. Liza says:

    My first fan-girl moment was when I met Nora Roberts for the first time. I stumbled over words and felt like a total idiot. She was really nice, especially since she had already been signing books for over an hour.

    I also had a bit of a fan-girl moment when I met JR Ward, but she was so funny, that it didn’t last long. It almost seemed like I had known her my whole life after about 30 minutes.

  9. Tawny, great post! And Jennifer, thanks for having Tawny here today. I’m a big fan of both of you 🙂

    My first fan girl moment was at the Atlanta conference when Kat Martin asked if she could sit down at a table with me in the coffee shop area. I did my best not to stutter and mumble (and it wasn’t easy). But Kat was the sweetest person in the world and so down to earth.

  10. My fav fan-girl moment was years and years ago. I’d read a book by Patricia Gaffney and absolutely loved it so much – I wrote her a letter to tell her. It is the only letter I’ve ever written to an author (now I email ). She answered it and it’s framed and hanging on my wall. One of the things it says is – “You’ll be published in no time.” Well “no time” took several years 🙂 but in-between I actually met her at RWA and gushed all over her.

    Jennifer – Thanks for coming over to the RB blog. We appreciate it so very, very much. Thank you.

  11. Nancy says:

    Hi, Tawny–

    What fun post! I’m such a fangirl, and on so many different fronts. The only thing that saved me from bankruptcy as an adolescent was that I wasn’t into music and musicians. My heroes were in four colors and two dimensions. My first fannish fits were for comic books. :-). My spectrum broadened over the years, but I still love those four-color heroes. I used to work at our local comic book convention, and one of our guests one year was Curt Swan. Only comic book geeks recognize that name, but I’d bet everyone who saw a drawing of Superman between 1960 and 1989 or so would recognize his work. Swan was the definitive Superman artist. And I got to sit next to him at dinner, and he was a charming man. The evening would’ve been so awful if he’d been a jerk, y’know? Swan died a few years back, but I treasure the memory of his graciousness to a table full of fans in their twenties.

    I’ve had the good luck to meet many authors whose work I admired. They’re an inspiration.

  12. Terri Garey says:

    Hi, Jennifer! Hi, Tawny! Jennifer, it was such a pleasure meeting you in SF – what a sweetheart you are (and very cute in pink…you made that sunburn look good!)

    I had two big fan girl moments in SF – Mary Jo Putney and Christopher Moore. Mary Jo (who I’ve loved for YEARS) was incredibly gracious when she awarded me the RITA. I was like, wow – is she talking to me? It’s Mary Jo Putney! LOL

    Then I met Christopher Moore at dinner one night – he’s real pioneer in quirky paranormal fiction 🙂 Not romance, but he sure didn’t seem to mind being surrounded by a room full of beautiful, well-dressed romance writers! I got his picture and wrote about it on my blog. It was fun. 🙂

    But I have to say my biggest fan girl moments are when I realize that I’m friends with such incredibly cool people like the ones on this blog. And lots of ’em are published, too!! *Squeeee!*

  13. Lisa says:

    Great blog, Tawny! It was doubly fun to finally meet Jennifer in person at RWA this year.

    One of my biggest fan-girl moments was a few years ago after another RWA conference where I had the opportunity to meet MaryJo Putney. In the airport. Waiting for a our plane.

    She asked me about MY writing and offered some great insight into the industry. She didn’t have to take the time to be so gracious, but she did and I’m forever grateful.

    The only downside was I didn’t have a single one of her books with me (and I have them all), so I couldn’t ask her to sign one.

    All that being said, like Terri, I have a fan-girl moment every time I look around our playground at Writers At Play and see all the great writers that I’m surrounded by. You gals are my inspiration.

  14. I can’t recall a fangirl moment of my own, but I am always amazed by my luck at having such amazingly talented friends. I’m also so very humbled at those who tell me how much they’ve loved my books and how they stayed up to read them.

    Great post, Tawny! And it was SO wonderful to meet you, Jennifer! I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together!

  15. Joanie T says:

    I had 18 fangirl moments at this year’s conference when I got to meet up with my fellow Banditas! You should have heard all of us squeeing! LOL.

    Then, I squeeed in perfect fangirl manner when I rode the elevator with Gena Showalter. I had just gotten into the second of her “Lords of the Underworld” series and just HAD to tell her how brilliant she is!

    And Kristan Higgins. Poor thing had to sit next to me at the Saturday lunch. Her books are FABULOUS! She’ll be blogging with the Bandits Sept. 7th. I can’t wait to welcome her with a squeee!

  16. Cassondra says:

    Hi Jennifer and Hey Tawny!

    Okay, I have to confess. I’ve never had a REAL fangirl moment. Okay there have been some, but I keep them really quiet. It’s the business I was in. I was in the music business and you’re not allowed to be a fan girl or you don’t get work. You have to behave as though nobody is anybody special to you–just doing your job ya know? So it’s sort of rotten when you see somebody..oh..Haywood Smith maybe?….and have to behave yourself like it’s just nice to meet them and isn’t anything special.

    So all my fan girl moments are usually like this….

    I see the person who would make me squee from across the room….I stand there and go “Oh Sh*t” and then I turn and go the other way. I swear. It’s the worst thing.

    I did have a fan girl moment when I met the Banditas for dinner on Tuesday night of the conference. I squealed! But my biggest fan girl moments came–and this is no lie–when I got to meet Jennifer and Keira and Terrio and some of the other people that I’ve come to know and love ONLINE but hadn’t met…the people who come to read our blogs and support writers. I don’t have a book out and some of them knew who I was and that was just surreal. And I got to hug them and say hi!

    Since I had the ability to actually squee and blubber beaten out of me by my job, I think now my biggest real fangirl moments are when I meet writer fans. I walk around the signings and just stare and am so in awe of all those people who love books and writers and spend their hard-earned dollars. That truly makes me speechless.

  17. Hi Jennifer and Tawny! What a fun post, Tawny. I like to *think* I’m usually calm, cool and collected, but I had a fangirl moment last year at National when I met Lisa Kleypas–and I couldn’t speak. lol I love her books and she was sooo nice and patient! 🙂

    Btw, Jennifer, I have *the* cutest picture of you from National I’ve been meaning to send you. Would you let me know what email addy to send it to? Mine is carla@carlacapshaw.com.

    Hugs to you both!

  18. Jennifer Y says:

    Hi everyone! Wow, such great comments. I mentioned this to Tawny in an e-mail, but it is nice to read and see that authors have fan-girl moments, too. I think I sometimes forget you are people, too…okay that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. LOL

    And I want to thank all of you who made me feel at ease in SF. I was very nervous and you all helped a great deal.

    And thanks for the compliments on the blog. It is just my way of giving back and saying thanks to authors and a genre that has given me hours of enjoyment and helped me through many a rough time.

    Books are very important to me and I have been on many journeys through books. I think that is why I get so nervous when I attend signings…I get to meet the creators of some of my fave characters in person…authors who have helped me escape or cheered me up or made me cry.

    And as Cassondra mentioned now thanks to the Internet and blogs, published authors and unpublished writers get to do this without me having to even read a book by them. I know there are many people I have met through blogs that have yet to be published or that I haven’t read (yet), but I was just as excited to meet them as I was to meet the ones whose books I have read. The bloggers help cheer me up on a daily basis and I love interacting with them.

    It’s a bit nervewracking when you meet people who you have only met online or through books (and I am very self-conscious so I worry what people think of me), but I love being able to put a face to the name.

  19. Awwwww, Helen, aren’t you a sweetie? Makes me laugh to think of people getting nervous about meeting me. I’m such a dag – I’m honestly not THAT scary, am I? LOL! Anyway, you were busy waving Tim Tams in front of me – that cements any friendship!

  20. Tawny Weber says:

    WOW so many fangirl moments 😀 I love them!!! Cassandra, don’t feel bad. I’ve yet to find the nerve to go up to Nora and tell her how much I adore her work. My husband has told her. I’ve watched her dance at the Harlequin Party and been in awe of her, I’ve signed at the lit signing right across from her but actually face to face speak? Ack, no.

    Carla, I’m so like you about totally choking up fan girl style. When I first met Vicki Lewis Thompson, I stuttered and muttered. I said something about how I’ve read all her books, she said not possible because I was too young (is it any wonder I adore her?) and I just stared. Huh? I had, though LOL. She was first published when I was a teenager, but I totally clammed up and stuttered some more.

  21. Fun blog, Tawny and Jennifer. It was really fun meeting Jennifer at National. We even found each other totally unexpectedly when we ended up on the same tour of San Francisco before the conference.

    I had a bit of fangirl moment this past weekend. I was at DragonCon panel about YA fiction, and Rachel Caine sat next to me. I’ve loved her Weather Warden series and was deeply enjoying the first in her Morganville Vampires series.

    Of course, then I did a few internal squees when I met Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Tahmoh Penikett and James Marsters.

  22. Jennifer Y says:

    Of course, then I did a few internal squees when I met Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Tahmoh Penikett and James Marsters.

    See, now I am totally jealous!!

  23. Helen says:

    Anna no you are not that scary and no way a dag you are such an easy person to talk to and so much fun it really was such a thrill for me that night your writing is brilliant and I am really a shy person but you helped overcome that with your bubbly personality.

    Have Fun

  24. Tawny Weber says:

    Now I need a translation. What’s a dag?

  25. Fedora says:

    What a great photo! I definitely would have been squealing and squeeing a plenty if I’d met all of you at RWA! I’m afraid that I’d behave like Cassondra if given the real opportunity though (BTW, Cassondra, I always admire how articulate your posts are, and how thoughtful–you have a gift with words). I haven’t had any face-to-face meets, but I’m thrilled whenever a writer takes the time to respond to an e-mail or even to interact through a blog or chat. And thanks again, Jennifer, for this blog!

  26. Here I am, late to the party, but wanted to pop in and say Hi again!

    GREAT blog, Tawny! And Jennifer, it was so wonderful to meet you in person!

    My fan girl moment in San Francisco was when Patricia Potter got in the elevator with me and my roomie as we were going down to breakfast. Everyone knows Aunty is NOT a morning person, so I was doing good to actually recognize her. But all those silver Rita pins on her badge were a dead giveaway. Basically I gushed all over her and she was very gracious and wished me good luck with my debut book. (sigh) It was wonderful! All during breakfast I kept saying to my roomie, “Patricia Potter wished ME luck! PATRICIA POTTER!”

  27. Janice Lynn says:

    Fan girl moments…I’ve had bunches. Let’s see, there’s Leann Banks who was like a fairy godmother to me at my very first RWA conference in Denver (she forever holds a spot in my heart for how nice she was to me!), Lori Foster who is one of the most genuinely nice authors I’ve had the pleasure to meet (I always feel like my face is on fire when I’m near her though. I’m thinking she thinks I constantly have a sunburn or something!), Jennifer Crusie who was as funny in person as she is in her earlier books, Rhonda Nelson who has the ability to make me laugh no matter how bad a day I’ve had–isn’t that an awesome gift to give the world? the gift of laughter. Vicki Lewis Thompson–what can I say? She’s VLT, enough said. And couldn’t the exact same be said for Susan Elizabeth Phillips, only for her it’s SEP? 😉 I recall listening to Natural Born Charmer on book on tape while driving to Atlanta and actually cheering that my roommate’s flight was delayed because it meant I got to sit and wait on her (ie I got to listen to more SEP!!). Although I’ve seen Nora at conferences, I’ve never gone up and gushed. Probably because I’d be mistaken for having an asthma attack or something if I actually got close enough to talk to her. Uhm, there’s all my writers at play pals–they always give me fan girl moments.

    As far as fan girl moments for me as an author–it blows my mind each and every time I get a piece of fan mail or a stranger wants their picture made with me. I mean, like WHY would they want to do that??? My stomach always gets this giddy feel with fan mail/moments–you know, like the cutest guy in school just asked you to the prom kind of feel.

    Okay, enough. I could go on and on about fan girl moments–mostly ones of me embarrassing myself. 🙂 Thanks for the great post, Tawny. 🙂

  28. Janice Lynn says:

    Oh, and Jennifer, you are the HEIGHT of fashion, girl! Love the t-shirt…and the rabbit. 🙂 GO you! & loved meeting you in San Fran. 🙂

  29. Jo Robertson says:

    Tawny, what a great post on fan-girl moments. I think that’s the most exciting part of being an author (at least that’s what I image LOL) — having someone read your work and truly love it. AND explain why they enjoy it. It’s like another human being GETS you and what you’re trying to do with your writing.

    I’m not much of a squeee fan-girl. But if I shook hands with a political candidate I really admire, however, I would probably faint.

  30. Beth Andrews says:

    Jennifer, it was so great to meet you in San Fran! And that picture Tawny posted is one of my faves *g*

    I’ve had a few fangirl moments over the years, mostly just me going up to authors I admire and telling them how much I’ve enjoyed their stories 🙂

    I’m very lucky though because some of my very favorite authors are also my friends *g* It doesn’t get much better than that!

  31. Tawny Weber says:

    Beth, I’m hear you! I feel so lucky do do what I do, and to be surrounded by such inspiring, talented people. And that so many authors whose work rocks for me are friends? Its like that super thick and rich chocolate icing on top of a really decadently delicious cake. Hmm, maybe with sprinkles too.

    I think I’m hungry.

  32. Helen, that was lovely. Thank you. Looking forward to catching up again at Guildford in October!

  33. Kimmy L says:

    Great post Tawny!! I have never got to meet any authors so My fan girl moment is still on hold. LOL

  34. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  35. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! kenak and 133rautmtktya and 7689 : I love your blog. 🙂 I just came across your blog.

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