Welcome Tawny Weber!

I am still at the beach…and keeping a watch on the weather, but today I welcome back Tawny Weber to the blog.  Tawny’s next release is out next month.


Coming September 2008




Tawny Weber
ISBN: 978-0-373-79422-5


This is a challenge neither one can refuse….


When professor/literary reviewer Delaney Connor wins a makeover, she’s suddenly getting lots of attention!  Too bad it’s from bad boy–and very sexy–author Nick Angel, whose latest book Delaney shredded.  Her main complaint?  All of Nick’s sex scenes lack emotion.  Where’s the passion?  The feelings?  But when she and Nick find themselves between the sheets, Delaney ends up feeling far more than she ever expected…


Nick finds Delaney frustrating and very, very attractive.  But experience tells him it’s just skin deep. So he challenges the seductive Delaney – either prove that love makes good sex great (her theory), or else admit that the world’s greatest sex is purely physical (his theory).  No matter who wins, they’re going to have a deliciously decadent time proving each other wrong….


Tawny was kind enough to complete the sentences, so here are her responses…


I am: Fun, loyal, neurotic

I like: Chocolate, friends, Johnny Depp

I love: Life

I dream: in color

I wish: all the time

I wonder: if they really are watching?

I pretend: to be sane

I know: that I’ll never really know

I fear: failure

I worry: too much

I appreciate: my blessings

I hope: to be right

I look: for the good

I read: all the time

I want: more

I need: love

I will: win

I can: have it all

I think: I can

I dance to: LOL – no no no, no dancing! 

I cannot live without: my family

I am happy when: it all comes together

I would like to meet: my goals

I am annoyed by: flakes

I have always wanted: to be a romance author
I encourage people to: do their best

I write romance because: I believe in the power of love
I would love to know what readers think of: Risque Business!! 


Thanks Tawny!  Readers, be sure to look for Risque Business in stores and online soon!
And check out Tawny’s website at: 


Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a blog about my vacation so far…but I make no promises…


32 Responses to Welcome Tawny Weber!

  1. Helen says:

    Great answers Tawny this books sounds hot I have just read Double Dare and loved it so I will be eager to get this one as well.

    Glad you are enjoying your vacation Jennifer

    Have Fun

  2. Kirsten Scott says:

    Okay, Tawny knows she’s fantastic and her books rock, but I really want to know when Jennifer gets back from vacation and comes back to visit the Romance Bandits! The Golden Rooster is waiting for you, dear!!

  3. Fun post. And Tawny, I’m making it my mission in life to turn you into a dancing machine. 🙂

  4. And Jennifer, I’m so jealous you’re at the beach! Hope you’re having a good time.

  5. azteclady says:


    Welcome, Tawny! I, too, pretend to be sane–only I don’t think I succeed at fooling anyone 😦

    Oh, and Johnny Depp? 😀 excellent taste! 😉

  6. Jo Robertson says:

    Whooo hooo, Tawny, Risque Business sounds delightful, can’t wait to read another of your bad boy books.

    I also can’t BELIEVE you put, “I’d like to meet MY GOALS,” instead of “I’d like to meet JOHNNY DEPP.”

    Where is your soul, girl!!

  7. Hey Jennifer! Hope you’re having a fab time at the beach. Wish I’d made it to the beach this year. *pout* Yay on having Tawny on over to talk about Risque Business. Can’t WAIT for this one! :> Its sounds like its gonna be a romp, for sure.

    Love the answers to your questions. Only one thing I’d change “for” you – stop worrying. You ROCK!


  8. Tawny Weber says:

    HI Helen 😀 Woot that you enjoyed Double Dare!! Thank you so much!! I do hope you enjoy Risque Business. The heroine isn’t nearly as much of a bad girl, although her makeover gives her great confidence to be just a LITTLE bad 😀

  9. Tawny Weber says:

    Kirsten… I do? 😉

    You’re right, though – the lair isn’t the same without Jennifer’s visits. But I’m picturing her sunning on the beach (evening out that burn she got in SF) with a tall, frothy drink and an even taller sexy hunk in a bathing suit rubbing oil on her shoulders.

    I’ll bet she’s loving her vacation!

  10. Tawny Weber says:

    *hands over ears* lalalallalaa I can’t hear you, Trish.

    Oh wait… *hands over eyes* Nonononono I can’t see your life mission, Trish!

  11. Tawny Weber says:

    AztecLady – you have most excellent taste 😉 Gotta love Johnny! And LOL on the sanity thing, hey, as long as we keep ’em guessing, we’re okay!

  12. Tawny Weber says:

    Jo — it said meet… not DO.

    and maybe doing Johnny IS one of my goals LOL 😉

  13. Tawny Weber says:

    😀 Thanks Jeanne – I’m working on the stop worrying thing, but… well, yanno, I think it goes hand in hand with being a writer (or a neurotic writer?)

  14. Jo Robertson says:

    Oh, Tawny, you’re such a BAD girl. No wonder you write bad boys so well.

    Jennifer, hope you’re having a great time at the beach. I’m sooooo envious.

  15. Tawny Weber says:

    I do love my bad boys, Jo 🙂

  16. Beth Andrews says:

    What a fun blog! Love your answers, Tawny. Although, why didn’t you ever tell me you were neurotic? I never would’ve guessed *g* But you know I love that about you, right?

    Since I’m super lucky and get to read Tawny’s books before they’re out, I can answer that last question *g* Risque Business is fun, sexy and emotional – and Nick, the hero, is super hot! What else do you expect from a Tawny Weber book? Especially one that is getting awesome reviews including 4 1/2 stars from RT!!

  17. Nancy Northcott says:

    Tawny, this looks like another wonderful book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

    Jennifer, the beach sounds wonderful. I hope you’re having a great time.

  18. Tawny Weber says:

    *g* Thank you Beth… you’re so awesome. I have to tell you all, every good review or feedback on this book, Beth gets to say “I told you so.” She really believed in this one when I was doing my neurotic thing 😉

  19. Tawny Weber says:

    Hey Nancy!! I totally appreciate you 😉 thanks.

  20. Aw Tawny, I loved all your answers! And I can’t wait for this book to come out!! Beth is sooo mean for rubbing it in that she’s already read it! LOL

    Hi Jennifer! It was great to meet you in San Francisco. Hope you’re having a blast at the beach!

  21. Joanie T says:

    Wahhhh! I want to go to the beach!

    Tawny, I LOVE the cover of Risque Business. Are those your shoes??

    It’ll be another wonderful read…to read…at the beach….


  22. limecello says:

    Hi Tawny – thanks for visiting with us today! Congratulations on the new book – I can’t wait to read it :D. And yay the “finish the sentence” is back! I love it. I love the premise of Risque Business, and what a great cover!

  23. Hi Tawny! To quote a really cool chick, you rock! I can’t wait to read Risque Business. Anna Campbell came sooooo close to getting mugged on the way home from breakfast the other day when she was carrying the last copy in San Fran!

    Jennifer, we Banditas miss you! Have a lovely holiday!!

  24. kh says:

    whoo hot cover. great reviews for the book and 41/2 stars from rT

  25. Tawny Weber says:

    LOLOL Kate, Ya gotta let Beth gloat. The poor girl had to read that book a trillion times 😀

    Joanie – I am trying to FIND those shoes. Aren’t they gorgeous!!?? I love them! I have a pair that is similar, but not quite the same.

  26. Tawny Weber says:

    Limecello 🙂 HI there! and thank you so much!

    LOL Christine 😉 I’m giggling over that. I should have brought more copies and gave you one – I’m so sorry! Although the image of you mugging Foanna is definitely amusing.

    KH – thank you!!! I was blown away at that 4 1/2, let me tell ya.

  27. Caffey says:

    Hi Tawny!! Nice and sexy cover! The plot on their theories going to be a blast and blazing 😀

    By the way, no more hoping YOU ARE A ROMANCE AUTHOR!!

  28. Tawny Weber says:

    Awww, Caffey -I love you!!!

    🙂 Thank you for that. Its one of those things that I know in theory, but have to pinch myself on a regular basis over… its just like a dream. I love writing romance and am beyond thrilled that its now my job 😀

    and yes, this story was a total blast. I hope readers have as much fun with it!

  29. Ellen says:

    “Risque Business” sounds like a delicious book.

  30. i loved how she completed the sentences, i think i learnt more about her, than from a reg interview, keep it up jenifer!

  31. Fedora says:

    Hi, Tawny!! I’m surprised–no dancing for you?? I’m having to rework my image of you! I loved reading your answers though, and am looking forward to reading Risque Business!! Woohoo!!

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