My Trip to SF…

Sorry for the delay in posting this…I went to post it earlier and had no Internet.


This week, as I said earlier, I am going to blog about the trip I took a couple of weeks ago to San Francisco for the RWA National Conference.  My camera battery died (and half the time I forgot to bring it with me anyway) so there won’t be many pictures.


I thought that today I would give a quick overview of how my week went.  Later this week I will go into more detail on the various things I did.


On Monday morning I left my home and took my first flight in almost 10 years.  I was surprised by how long it seemed and boring.  The In-Flight movie wasn’t very interesting to me and so I listened to music and looked at magazines for most of the flight.  I tried sleeping, but couldn’t get comfortable enough or relax enough to do so.  The breathtaking view outside my window made up for it all though and my first glimpse of San Francisco was amazing.  When I landed I met up with some online friends and my roomies and we hung out at the hotel.


Tuesday’s highlight was a 5-hour tour of the city.  We took a ferry to Sausalito and from the ferry we could see Alcatraz and other points of interest.  Once in Sausalito, we ate lunch at a wonderful little deli and then boarded our tour bus.  The tour took us to various landmarks around San Francisco…the Golden Gate Bridge, Grace Cathedral, Lombard Street, China Town, Postcard Row, and more.  It was surprisingly clear and sunny that day with no fog…even our tour guide couldn’t get over how pretty it was and how you could see the Golden Gate Bridge.  I came away with a lovely souvenir…a sunburn.


On Wednesday, I registered for the conference and then that evening hit the BIG booksigning where I met and talked with all my fave authors and some who had been guests here on the blog.  I wanted to meet them in person and thank them for being guests.  I even met a few new-to-me authors who might appear here in the future.  After the booksigning I attended two parties…a Sherrilyn Kenyon launch party for Acheron and the Romance Bandits Bash.  Both were a lot of fun.


Thursday was the day I had brunch with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love.  Both were so gracious and nice.  I had a wonderful time and hope that I didn’t embarrass myself too much by letting them know how big a fan I was.  Later that day we had a luncheon with Victoria Alexander as the speaker…she was wonderful.  And that night I decided to go to the eHarlequin Pajama Party.


Friday was a busy day full of publisher booksignings, a luncheon, and talking with various authors here and there.  I met so many of my favorite authors that I was just in awe (and I am sure I sounded like an idiot half the time as I said, “I’m a big fan” or “I love your books,”  but I never know what to say to authors in person).


On Saturday there were more booksignings and that night the RITAs.  I had a blast at the RITAs and can’t wait to look up and find some of the books that were nominated or won and read them.  I have never clapped so hard in my life as I watched two blog buddies walk away with awards…Susan Seyfarth (from the Romance Bandits) won a Golden Heart and Terri Garey (from the Writers At Play) won a RITA.  After the awards I was able to chat with Terri and other authors and see the RITA up close…she is quite lovely.


Sunday was my last day in San Francisco and after breakfast with my online buddies, I boarded my plane for the long flight home.  However, this time I was amazed by how quickly the flight seemed to go.  I guess it helped that I watched the In-Flight movie and tv shows (Kung Fu Panda, How I Met Your Mother, The Bill Engvall Show, and more).  They definitely helped the time pass and before I knew it, I was back home and trying to adjust to the heat.


While I was gone the majority of my evenings were spent chatting in the lobby to various authors and writers such as Christine Wells and Denise Rosetti.  One evening I stayed down there until 1 a.m. chatting with a group of authors (the Writers At Play).  I met many new “friends” at the conference and discovered quite a few authors that I need to read.


I want to thank all of the authors and writers that made me feel so comfortable on this trip.  I surprised myself by being more social and outgoing than I usually am and I think it had a lot to do with how friendly everyone was to me.  I learned quite a bit about writing by talking to other writers, so maybe, just maybe, I will finish that story I started.

I’ll blog some more this week about various things from my trip and share what few photos that I have, but there are the basics (but I am sure I left out a bunch of stuff…my brain still hasn’t caught up…LOL).




8 Responses to My Trip to SF…

  1. Helen says:

    I am so glad you could go and had so much fun I really love hearing all about the conference seeing as how I probably will never get to one in America.
    I am attending the first Australia romance readers convention in Melbourne next Feb and am so excited about it Sherilyn Kenyon and Diana Love will be there as will Anna Campbell Stephanie Laurens and Sara Bennett just to name a few I am really looking forward to it I hope I don’t make a fool of myself when I get there LOL
    Thanks for your wonderful blog and intoducing me to so many new authors.

    Have Fun

  2. azteclady says:

    As a reader, I envy you the experience of the big signing and meeting so many cool people, both writers and other bloggers–I keep hoping I’ll be able to attend one of these years… perhaps next, since it’ll be held in DC.

    And for writers, I can’t imagine how amazing the atmosphere must be, with all the energy and possibilities open to you.

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us, Jennifer.

  3. Mo says:

    Great blog Jenn! Tho I didn’t see you that much LOL People…next time Jenn tells you she is shy…don’t believe her! hee hee

  4. limecello says:

    Sounds like such a fun time! I’m so jealous of those of you who got to go :). Hehe – as for the flight back, I never remember which way it is… but I think the way coming back might actually have been faster, due to the way the globe spins. It’s important to figure out for international flights, b/c 20 odd hours in a plane is near torture.

  5. Greta says:

    Sounds like you had a blast – Jennifer. I’m so glad you decided to go.

  6. Liza says:

    Sounds like such a great time! I hope to make it to DC next year for my first RWA.

  7. phoenixvideotrailersandbanners says:

    Great start to blogging about your week, Jen! It was good to finally meet you and although we got to chat only a few minutes at a time, I enjoyed those minutes. I hope some day we’ll be able to meet and actually sit down and talk for a bit!

    Sandy M

  8. Fedora says:

    Thanks for the summary, JennY–it sounds fabulous! I’m sure I would have been the same way meeting all those authors (if I could get my mouth open at all)–I’d be saying the same fan-girl things to them all! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more details, and so sorry you got sunburned (that’s a bit of a rarity in SF, really!)

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