More about Jodi Lynn Copeland’s latest release…

Today, Jodi returns to share more with you about Sweet and Sinful.


Behind The Scenes


Yesterday I mentioned my current release is Sweet and Sinful out of Kensington Aphrodisia. I also said I would share some details on this novel, as well as a brief excerpt, so here they be…


About the book: S&S released in late July and is in stores around the U.S. at current, or you can get it online at This is a two-story contemporary erotic romance. There are four main characters—Courtney and Candy (the heroines) and their leading men, Blaine and Ty. Courtney starts out as the sweet half of the sweet and sinful heroine duo. But soon she is behaving just as sinful as Candy. Due to impending health concerns, Candy goes the opposite route, attempting at the sweet route, only to find she was born to be bad and that isn’t always such a bad thing at all, particularly when her hunky neighbor Ty is involved. Courtney and Blaine’s story has a suspense subplot while Candy and Ty mostly get to focus on fun.


Inspiration: Unlike most of my books, S&S features a lot of my daily experiences. Courtney shares my day job and Candy shares the day job of a close friend and coworker. Going in I assumed it would be easier to write characters whose roles I knew only too well. In the end it made it a bit more difficult as I struggled with what terms were common place and what I needed to reveal in more depth as I only knew them because of my day job. S&S is set near to my home, with the stories primarily taking place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Of course I couldn’t write the book entirely based on my own experiences or it would have led to much boredom, so be prepared for a healthy dose of my imagination at work, as well as some scorching hot sex scenes.


Response: So far I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on S&S, but here are a couple snippets from what I have received in. Of course if you’ve read it, I would love to hear what you think, too!


“It was amazing watching these two women blossom in their relationships. This is one book that I am not sure which story I liked better. I fall in love with Ms. Copeland’s characters time and again. This is one author who does not disappoint.” – Coffee Time Romance


“SWEET AND SINFUL is the perfect title for these two short stories, and Jodi Lynn Copeland shows perfectly that a woman’s quest for the perfect partner, both in and out of bed, is closer than they can imagine. For a tantalizing read, definitely try SWEET AND SINFUL.” – RRTerotic


Questions: This is for you all! What would you like to know about the stories within? About the inspiration? About the characters? About me in general? Ask away. I’m all yours. The questions asked today, will be used for the fodder for tomorrow’s blog post, so please don’t be shy. Ask, ask, ask…


PG-13 Excerpt:


“Sounds like someone used the stall with the vibrating toilet seat,” Candy observed when Courtney returned to her cubicle.


Breathing heavy with her excitement over what happened with Blaine, Courtney sank onto her office chair and laughed out loud.


Though she’d been sitting across the hall from Candy since coming to work for Pinnacle two years ago, Courtney had known little more than the woman’s name, that her lively personality made her a superior public relations specialist, and that she had more men at her beck and call than Courtney had met in her entire life.


Witnessing the intense gleam of satisfaction those men left in Candy’s eyes on a daily basis had been one of the many reasons Courtney finally said to hell with her upbringing-induced reservations. That gleam was the precise reason she sought out Candy’s help in getting in touch with her inner vixen. They still didn’t hang out much beyond working hours, but now she knew Candy had a delightfully warped sense of humor and a fierce loyalty to those lucky enough to call her friend.


Courtney kicked a heel against the gray Berber carpet, sending her chair spinning around until she faced Candy’s cubicle. Her smile came as quickly and naughtily now as it had when Blaine intuited she should drop by his house tonight for sex. There’d been a second there where she thought she’d read his invitation wrong, that he wasn’t as attracted to her new look as she’d been attracted to him from the day they met. But the impatient way he eyed her up when he suggested she stop by his office instead of waiting until tonight trumped any misgivings.


He wanted her.


If it weren’t for needing to wrap up that damned proposal and her planned date with another man, she would spend the hour after lunch and then several hours after work tonight showing him exactly how much she wanted him.


There would be another chance. Soon, if the hungry ache he stirred between her thighs had a say. “I’m still getting used to the whole feminine power thing.”


A knowing smile curved Candy’s lips and edged into her brown eyes. “Who is he?”


“Blaine,” she said loudly enough to be heard but not overheard.


“Hate to break it to you, doll, but you could have had him long ago, even without working the feminine power angle.”


Candy’s assured tone pricked a hole in Courtney’s bliss bubble. She knew about Blaine’s reputation for getting around, but she thought he was at least as discerning about the woman he slept with as she was with the men she did. “He’s that easy?”


“No. But he has always had a thing for you.”


Always? As in, even back when she’d been wearing her conservative clothing and living in fear of speaking her mind beyond from a professional standpoint. “Yeah, right.


Candy placed a hand over her heart, covering almost more of her left breast than her turquoise silk halter top did. “Swear to God. He checks out your butt every opportunity he gets.”


“He’s been doing this since I started working here?”




Not possible. Not having seen the women on Blaine’s arm at various company events. Not one of them had looked average. They were all stunning. All confident. All every bit the sex diva Courtney had become. “Are you trying to boost my confidence?”


“Hell, no. You’re doing a rocking job working the assertive, hot-bodied hoochie angle all on your own. Next time you’re around Blaine, give him an opening to look at your ass and I guarantee he’ll take it without a single bit of encouragement.”




Want a hotter excerpt, or two? Check ‘em out here:


~ Jodi


10 Responses to More about Jodi Lynn Copeland’s latest release…

  1. Since I didn’t get to comment on yesterday’s post till this a.m., I thought I would be the first to post on this one today. Let’s see… a good question to ask myself. Where would you like to see your writing career in five or ten years from now?

    Can’t wait to see that answer!! 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    Hi Jodi,
    Is there a genre you would like to try your hand at?

  3. fedora says:

    Hi, Jodi! Thanks for the excerpt and the background info! I love learning more about the “behind the scenes” stuff 🙂 How neat that some of these stories are based on your own life and experiences (parts of them, anyway ;)) I’m always curious to hear about what authors have inspired you, and who/what’s on your keeper shelf?

  4. limecello says:

    Hi Jodi – great post. Hm – I’m definitely curious about the story line and want to get my hands on this book. I think it’s great you put some of yourself in your books. Have you written something “completely foreign” before? Would you have any interest in doing that, and if so how would you go about writing/researching for it?

  5. Buffie says:

    Hey Jodi! Your book definitely sounds like something I would love to check out. I absolutely love reunion stories. There is just something about revisiting a person from the past, someone who knows you in and out.

  6. Helen says:

    This book sounds very good and I love hearing about how authors come to write their stories where they get their inspirations from and their first sales stories they are always so exciting it must be such a thrill for authors after all the hard work they put into the books.
    I love it when books take me on wonderful adventures to places and times I have not been

    Have Fun

  7. Amy S. says:

    Hi Jodi! Sweet and Sinful sounds great! Have you ever modeled a character after a family member or a friend?

  8. Woohoo!!! Lots of great questions. 🙂 Since Jennifer was nice enough to let me have until Monday to share with you, I am going to give a couple others a chance to ask Qs, then will send the answers along to Jennifer tomorrow early afternoon, along with the book winner. Okay, and because I fell asleep on the floor with my daughter and just woke up and my mind is now a sea of mush. LOL!

    Thanks to all for stopping in today. I will be back tomorrow for a much longer playdate. 😀

  9. Lori T says:

    Hi Jodi~

    I loved the excerpt. Let’s see…what question can I ask?? What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are feeling down? Is there a special thing that you treat yourself to or do you just veg out and read?

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Sue A. says:

    Hi Jody – My question is a different take of Amy’s question: Have you ever got back at someone by making them the bad guy or simply by writing them into a story that shows them in a bad light?

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