Meet the Characters of Kimberly Killion’s Her One Desire

Earlier this year, I had author Kimberly Killion as a guest.  She has returned today to talk to us about the characters in her debut book, HER ONE DESIRE.

Hello, Jennifer, and thanks for having me back. As an artist, I need visuals to draw my interest and it is no different in my writing. When developing a story, I put together a storyboard to help me visualize the characters. When I wrote HER ONE DESIRE, I wanted the characters to have their own special talents and quirks, as well as goals and fears. I wanted them to be real, so before I wrote a word, I needed to know not only their physical description, but also their dreams. So today, I would like to introduce them to you.



PARENTAGE: Daughter of the Lord High Executioner

FEARS: Afraid of the dark, water, small spaces…having a son who will inherit the family profession.

GOAL & DREAMS: Liy wishes to save her father’s soul and see the man who destroyed her family brought to justice. After which, she hopes to spend the remainder of her life within the safety of a cloister (of course Broc will change all that J)




PARENTAGE: Second son and heir of Lord Magnus Maxwell, Warden of the West Marches

Also: SIR JULIAN ASCOTT, Scottish Spy

FEARS and DESIRES: He is a fearless warrior who wants for nothing more than to see his clan protected from the hated English.

GOALS & DREAMS: As a spy, Broc seeks information to convince the King of Scotland to align with France. Also, he hopes to bring his most hated enemy to justice for the slaughter of his kin and return to Scotland to marry the woman he has desired for the whole of his life and unite the border clans. (of course Lizzy will change all that J)



 Serves the king and is bound by the demands of the chief warder. His duty is to punish those who threaten the crown.

GOAL: To see his daughter safe.

NOTE: No man needed his soul saved more than Lizzy’s father.




GOAL: To punish those who have humiliated him and stolen from him.

NOTE: This man is pure evil. Enough said.



NAME: DUKE OF GLOUCESTER (non-fiction character)
 FRIEND OR FOE? I still don’t know. You be the judge.

DUTY: The Protector of the Realm. It is his duty to protect England as well as his nephews—the king’s sons.



DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM (non-fiction character)
ROLE: In line, alongside the Duke of Gloucester for the crown.

NOTE: Henry Stafford is a real historical figure with much mystery attached to his name still today.



ROLE: Lizzy’s mother figure

DESCRIPTION: A clever, naughty, auld woman, who plays havoc with Lizzy’s head.


ROLE: The Matchmaker

DESCRIPTION: Hot tempered and always meddling, Celeste become a true friend to Lizzy.



ROLE: The Supporter

DESCRIPTION: Cousin and friend to Broc, John is a hero in is own right who is married to Celeste and has kept secrets of his own.



ROLE: The Drabber (man-whore)

DESCRIPTION: Simply put, Smitt is in love with himself and women. All kinds of women, most of whom are ‘smitten’ with him. His character is so strong, he might even get his own book someday.



ROLE: Broc’s grandmother

DESCRIPTION: With a sword, plenty of whisky, and boney fingers for poking, Broc’s Grandmum is sure to draw a smile from even the toughest reader.



ROLE: Lizzy’s chicken

DESCRIPTION: You will just have to read the story to see where Beatrice fits in.

Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing me to introduce your readers to the ‘cast’ of Her One Desire. Hopefully, I have piqued someone’s interests. I will give away an autographed copy of Her One Desire to a random commenter who tells me which of these characters intrigued you the most and why? Also, I’d love to talk more about what characters the readers love and hate. Are you tired of the ‘goofy’ sidekick? Or maybe you would like to see more/less ‘G.I. Jane’s’ in historicals. You know the type…a heroine who kicks ass and takes names.


Thanks Kimberly!  Readers, you can learn more about Kimberly and her books at her website:

And I’ll announce the winner of Her One Desire tomorrow, July 26, so be sure to come back to see if you won!



16 Responses to Meet the Characters of Kimberly Killion’s Her One Desire

  1. Helen says:

    The characters all sound wonderful, of course Lizzie and Broc really intrigue me and the way in which they become life partners will be a great adventure I am sure, but it is the other characters in a story that make the journey even more adventuress I have always enjoyed the older characters for their wit and humour and of course the sound advice they have.
    I am eager to learn more about Beatrice she really does soound interesting.
    Thanks for the post Kimberly and Jennifer

    Have Fun

  2. Good Morning, all!!!
    Thanks Jennifer for having me back. Things have been crazy-exciting since I was here, but crazy-exciting in a good way. :c)

    Helen, I couldn’t agree more about the secondary characters giving life to a story. Broc’s grandmum is a hoot and the fact that she has whisky at bedtime and uses a sword for a walking stick only adds to her uniqueness. :c)

  3. Liza says:

    I’m intrigued by Lizzy and Broc, but really can’t wait to see where Beatrice fits into the story.

  4. Angie-la says:

    Yup! They all sound good, but Grandmum is the one that intrigues me! I love fiesty, eccentric characters. They add life and depth to a story. 😛
    That’s the kind od granmother I’m gonna be someday! Especially the whiskey part! 😉

    However, I would be interested in the secrets that John is keeping!

  5. cheryl c. says:

    Hi, Kimberly. You KNEW I would find you here, didn’t you? 😉

    I love the pictures and bios for the characters. Of course, sword-totin’, whiskey drinkin’ grandma has me interested! And the “man whore” really calls for a book of his own where he meets his match in a feisty woman who doesn’t seem to love him as much as he loves himself!

  6. Lisa F. says:

    From the descriptions I would have to say GrandMum! Every family needs somebody like her.

  7. Crystal B. says:

    I am intrigued by Grandmum. She sounds like a lot of fun. I love spirited characters who buck the norm.

  8. Hey everyone!!! It sucks to have a ‘real’ job. I would much rather be here ‘plyaing’ with ya’ll.
    It looks like Grandmum is a hit. She was fun to write and, Angie-la, I’m going to be this kind of grandmum, too. Well…maybe not the sword thing. LOL

    *Waving* at Cheryl! Glad to see you here. :c)

    I’m surprised no one has commented on that ‘other’ HOT Scot…Smitt is definitely interesting to me. *wicked grin*

  9. cheryl c. says:

    I commented on Smitt…I just didn’t pay attention to his actual name. I got distracted by the picture and his description as a “man whore”! I love the play on words, too, that women are smitten with Smitt! I guess I am one of those women! 😉

  10. fedora says:

    OK, I’ve got to know what role Beatrice plays in the whole tale! Not too many stories out there that feature chickens, I think 🙂 And mmm… on the Scots!

  11. Jane says:

    Hi Kimberly,
    I’m most intrigued by Broc because he’s the hero and because as a spy he’s full of secrets. I, too loved the description of Smitt as a man-whore.

  12. Maureen says:

    Hi Kimberly,
    Well, all your characters sound interesting but I’d say I’m most interested in Lizzy to see how she overcomes all her fears and, of course, Beatrice the chicken to see what part she plays in your story.

  13. ThatBrunette says:

    Do you pick the look or the personality first for your characters? Looking at the pictures made me wonder which came first.

  14. Hey cheryl. I missed that. LOL And I have already been getting requests for Smitt’s story. I think it would be a tough story to write. He might be tough to redeem.
    Fedora, I haven’t read any books where a chicken played a part in anything other than supper. We raise chickens and my son treats them like little pets…so….I thought it would be interesting and unique to give Lizzy a pet chicken. Beatrice adds a little to Lizzy’s character and she was fun to write.
    Thanks Jane and Maureen for stopping by and Hey, ThatBrunete…good to see you again. To answer your question, I come up with their conlicts first, then their habits and expletives, then I look for pictures to help me visualize them.

  15. quilt lady says:

    I am intrigue by Grandmum, she looks like an amazing character. I find her very interesting.

  16. Amberkatze says:

    How cool!!! I read this a few weeks ago and wondered how all the characters would look!

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