I love shopping…well, shopping for books that is.  I don’t really care to shop for anything else.

I love going to bookstores, grocery stores, online stores, drug stores, and wherever they sell books.  I rarely leave a store without at least looking at the book section (and I usually come away with one…or two…or six).

Recently, however, I noticed something at what used to be my favorite source for books…Walmart.  I was perusing the bookshelves of the local Walmart recently and noticed that they didn’t have many romances.  As I said, Walmart used to be my main source for romances, but now I am lucky if I can find the Harlequin or Silhouette lines I like to read.  I am not quite sure why they don’t have that many romances any more…anyone else noticing this trend at their stores?

This won’t stop me from buying books elsewhere (I mean, come on, did anyone really think that would stop me?)…I still buy books each month…for myself and for giveaways…and I love doing it. 

In fact,  I wasn’t going to do this, but I feel like giving something away.  I was in the bookstore the other day and I picked up something that I am going to give away here today.   They had these sampler books from HQN with excerpts and coupons for 6 summer releases.  Now, this doesn’t contain the full stories, just excerpts and coupons for $1 off each book, but it is a nice little book to whet the appetite (and I don’t need two of them).

To enter all you have to do is answer the questions below (and let me know you are interested).  I’ll announce the winner sometime Saturday, July 19.  And I’ll throw in some bookmarks and goodies from authors in the envelope.

Tell me, do you have a favorite source for buying romances?  A favorite bookstore?  A favorite online store?  Or are you like me and buy books at a variety of locations?  And has anyone else noticed romances disappearing at a store?  Or is it just me?


4 Responses to Shopping…

  1. Helen says:

    I buy the majority of my books online from Rendezvous The Romance bookstore in Melbourne Australia I live in Sydney so they mail them to me overnight I have just put an order in for the August releases that I wanted but it will be about 2 to 3 weeks before I get them.
    Here in Australia the romance books take longer to be released and you can wait up to a year before you can pick them up in a bookstore or a store like K Mart or Target (where they are cheaper) one of the bigger bookstores here doesn’t even have the romance section anymore all the books are in alphabetical order.
    Thank heavens for Rendezvous so as I can get them fairly quickley and they have all the romance books I want.

    Have Fun

  2. Greta says:

    I buy the majority of my books through Amazon and eharlequin I go to the book store occasionally.

    For e-books is usually Samhain or Ellora’s Cave.

  3. Jolene says:

    i used to buy alot of them at walmart, but ours too has had a rapidly declining romance section.. it is odd.. i rely mostly on amazon, and once or twice a year i get to a real

  4. Jane says:

    I buy most of my books online, mainly through Amazon.

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