So I was looking over my books the other day and was reminded once again of the variety of subgenres in romance.  

They have everything from inspirational romances to erotic romances.  They have subgenres such as paranormal, western, Regency, contemporary, futuristic, and I could go on and on…

And in addition to subgenres, there are a variety of heat levels as well.  They have everything from the sweet romances where nothing more than a kiss occurs between the couple (if that) or where everything happens behind closed doors to erotic romances where, well, um, anything can happen. 😉

There’s something for everyone…and that’s one thing I like about romances.  There’s a genre for all types of reading tastes.  And if you like them hot, you can read them hot.  If you like them sweet, you can read the sweet.  And if you want something in between, well, they have that, too.

I tend to read a little of everything.  One day I may be reading one of those sweet romances and the next I could have an erotic romance in my hands.  The same with subgenres…I am willing to give everything a shot at least once. 

My blog probably reflects my love of variety with the guests I have…I have had writers from all genres and heat levels of romance.

So what about you?  Do you have a preference when it comes to reading romance?  A favorite genre?  A heat level you prefer?


12 Responses to Variety…

  1. Cindi says:

    My taste runs more along the sweet romance line. I like erotic, but when it teases and leaves a little more to my imagination. Thanks, Cindi

  2. cheryl c. says:

    I like a variety of genres, too. My favorites, though, are historical(all locales and time periods) and contemporary. Lowest on the list are paranormal and heavy erotic.

  3. Jolene says:

    nope no preferences at all, it depends on my mood. I love it all..

  4. azteclady says:

    Generally speaking, everything but inspirationals, and pretty much all levels of heat as long as there is plot and character development… which means, I guess, that straight erotica is out, but erotic romance is in 😀

  5. Helen says:

    I mainly read historicals although over the past year I have branched out I have read some shapshifter books and loved them and I have read a few contmperies and a couple of erotic romance and really enjoyed them all. I have yet to read a vampire of werewolf paranormal they just aren’t my cup of tea but I am sure I will read one.
    My faves are historical and I also love western historicals.
    Have Fun

  6. Ellen says:

    I draw the line at erotic and am very selective when it comes to paranormal and inspirational; and I don’t read historical; otherwise anything goes.

  7. Luanna says:

    Anything and everything. But I do find it hard to get lost in a paranormal, I can suspend my belief only so far.
    Talk to you soon!

  8. Greta says:

    I love romantic suspense. That is probably my favorite genre. Paranomals, Contemporary (like SuperRomance & Special Edition) are running a close second.

    I don’t read a lot of historicals. They have to be highly recommended and have a cowboy or two in them.

  9. Lisa Hendrix says:

    I love sexy medievals, sexy Regencies (a la Julia Quinn or Eloisa James) and sexy contemporary romantic comedy. And sexy westerns, and sexy Edwardian settings, and…well, pretty much anything except traditional series (just too sweet for my tastes–though I adored K Don’t go for erotica that much, either, as kink gets boring. It’s the emotion of the act for me, more than the position or number.

    Whatever venue, what I want most of all is a tortured/outsider hero and the one woman in the whole world who can heal him. Sigh…

  10. Lisa Hendrix says:

    Oops forgot to finish a sentence — that parenthetical should say:

    (just too sweet for my tastes–though I adored Kristan Higgins’ CATCH OF THE DAY).

    That’s what I get for starting dinner in the middle of posting.

  11. fedora says:

    I’m kind of like you, Jennifer–a little bit of everything, as long as it has good characters and plot. Everything from inspirational to erotic romance, historical to contemporary to futuristic 🙂

  12. Lois says:

    I prefer sticking with tamer stuff, and I alternate between reading a Regency and reading a contemporary. I prefer non-paranormal anything, however I do have a couple of exceptions, and they are authors that I already read their other books. Like Teresa Mederios or Vicki Lewis Thompson — I read their straight Regency or Contemporary books before they came out with vampires/paranormal types. But since I love them, I got them. And I definitely like sweeter ones. 🙂


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