Review of Out of the Ordinary by Susan Morgan

Here is a review for a book I read a while back…

Out of the Ordinary by Susan Morgan

Aislinn O’Connell’s ordinary life changes forever when she is taken hostage during a brutal attack by a well-armed group of rebels bent on revolution. Caught with her, undercover government agent John Starke must use every skill at his command to help them both survive the terrible dangers lurking at every turn.
Held as prisoners of the fleeing rebels, Aislinn and John are taken to an isolated stronghold and must struggle to survive a brutal, unforgiving camp at the mercy of the bloodthirsty rebels. Without help or hope of rescue, the pair is all that stand between a leader bent on revolution and his ultimate plan of destruction and devastation.



Aislinn O’Connell and John Starke are among the many hostages taken at a shopping mall by rebels fighting for their Cause.  When law enforcement storms the mall, the surviving rebels escape taking Aislinn and John along with them.  Taken to the group’s hideout, Aislinn and John are brought closer by their long imprisonment as both fight for survival.  Together they must find a way to bring down their captors in order to save themselves and the rest of the country from the rebels’ horrific plans.


Out of the Ordinary is a fascinating story with a complex plot and intriguing characters.  The action of the story grabs the reader from the first page leaving you anticipating what will happen next.  The harshness and cruelty of the captors has realism to it that comes across very well and which added to the story.  Aislinn and John were an interesting couple and their strength during this difficult time was admirable.  I enjoyed watching the characters grow as individuals and together as they survived and dealt with all life threw at them.  Out of the Ordinary is definitely an entertaining read with an unexpected conclusion.


You can learn more about this book and author here:


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