Interview with Katy & Noah from Her Last Fling

Today I have two very special guests…Katy Simmons and Noah Hilton from Her Last Fling by Jana Mercy


He was her last fling. She was his first.


Tired of dead-end relationships, Katy Simmons is determined to find her forever man. Only problem is, every time she thinks she’s found him, he turns out to be a dud and she no longer trusts her instincts where good-looking men are concerned.


After years of walking the straight and narrow while caring for his ill mother and building his career, Noah Hilton has earned the right to let loose. He’s ready to taste the wilder side of life. However, his matchmaking mother has other plans.


When Noah’s mother and Katy turn to the same computer dating service, the embers of Katy and Noah’s not-so-forgotten encounter spark to life in a flame that threatens to devour Katy’s best intentions and Noah’s worst.



Jennifer: Thank you, Katy and Noah, for joining me today.


*Katy & Noah sit on my proverbial couch, snuggled close together, and smiling–mostly at each other* “Thanks, Jennifer. We’re excited to be visiting with you.”


Jennifer: How are you?  What have you been up to lately? 


*Katy glances at Noah and smiles proudly* “With the successful Men Who Make You Smile campaign, Noah & Jordan’s practice has boomed and they’re interviewing candidates for adding a new partner.”


Jennifer: That’s wonderful.  So, I have to ask, how do you feel about your story being published?


*Katy grimaces* “Oooh, do we really have to tell about all the mistakes we made on our journey to our happily-ever-after?  I still can’t believe I placed that ad at that computer matchmaking service or that I didn’t figure out that sweet little Bertie Hillman was Noah’s mother. And all those cow dates.” *Another wince*


*Noah takes Katy’s hand in his* “We both have our regrets.”


 Jennifer: *Rubs hands eagerly* Regrets? Do tell.


*Noah grins* “Come on, Jennifer, do you really want me to tell our secrets? Truth is, we all have regrets. Fortunately, mine didn’t cost me Pinky, uh, I mean Katy.”


“Yeah, we’ll leave it at that,” *Katy agrees, pressing a kiss to his cheek* “Rather than tell the world my hare-brained plan at finding my Mr. Right.”


“Not hare-brained,” *Noah defends* “Cow-brained.”


Jennifer:  *laughs*  Good one.  So, have you read it?  Did the author capture your story?


*Katy nods* “In the following scene from where Noah & I meet in a Memphis club, Jana gives a great glimpse at my frustration with being free milk when I really just wanted to be some great guy’s bought cow.” 


Lindsey didn’t bother hiding her interest. Katy wanted to flog her friend when Lindsey suggestively ran her fingers along her collar and smiled back at the grinning man. Darn it. Katy had seen him first.


Wait a minute, she wasn’t looking for another good-time guy-which was all some lounge lizard hanging out in a bar on a Saturday night could ever be. Lindsey could have him.


Needing a drink, she reached for her non-existent beer and wished the waitress would hurry. Another waitress walked by carrying an order of delicious-smelling hot wings. Katy’s stomach growled and she grabbed another nacho.


“Yeah, well, he’s looking at cow woman like she’s the finest thing he’s ever seen.” Stacey’s comment broke into Katy’s carbohydrate haze.


She dared another peek. He was looking at her like she was the sweetest soda pop and he wanted a long swig. She smiled. No. It hadn’t been her that smiled. At least, not the new, improved, serious about her future Katy. The old, live-for-the-moment and you’re-only-young-once Katy smiled. The Katy who shouted she wasn’t ready for the pasture quite yet and why was she foregoing her lust for life?


She was giving up free milk girl ways.


So why the goofy grin on her face?


It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact he said something to the black-haired hunk sitting next to him, picked up his beer and sauntered toward their table with the sexiest swagger she’d ever seen.


Whoa. He was hunkier than she first thought.


She’d love to run her fingers through his silky hair. Maybe she should offer him a free cut at her salon? His green eyes shamed the richest of fields. A slightly crooked nose added character to his otherwise perfect features. His full lips lifted at the corner. And those dimples. Katy bit the inside of her lip. He would have dimples.


She visually traced wide shoulders and his flat abdomen covered by a black polo shirt tucked into snug but not painted-on jeans. She gulped and continued her assessment. Hips, narrow hips. Her gaze lingered in that vicinity until she realized the owner of the enticing package now stood about two feet from her. Busted.


Her, not his pants. No way could he not know what she gawked at. Grimacing, she looked into his amused eyes.


Feeling more than a little guilty but barely able to resist the excitement everything about him promised, she started to smile.


Darn it. She wasn’t supposed to smile. Or even almost smile. Before she lost herself in the lushness of his eyes, she averted her gaze to stare at a cardboard Elvis plastered to the wall. “Love me tender, love me true.” That’s what she wanted.


Stacey’s elbow nudged her with obvious enthusiasm.


“Remember, you’re a cow woman these days. I want him since you’ve taken a predilection to lactose intolerant men,” Lindsey whispered. “Men with milk mustaches don’t bother me in the slightest. Especially when they look like sin on a big stick.”


Stacey snickered. Katy cringed. Had he heard? She looked up. Laughter shimmered in his eyes.


He’d heard.


Heat scorched her cheeks. Regardless, he wouldn’t have a clue what the cow words meant. He flashed another grin. Katy’s heart flip-flopped and her mouth betrayed her by curving upwards in a returning smile.


Doubt niggled in her stomach. She shouldn’t be doing this. Shouldn’t even look at Mr. Milk Mustache and his adorable dimples.


He nodded his head. “Hello, ladies.”


His voice reached inside and stroked at her misgivings.


“Hello yourself.” Lindsey’s long lashes swooped down over her cheeks.


Puh-leeze. Katy considered kicking her under the table but didn’t want to risk scuffing her favorite heels-hot pink, strappy and as impractical as a pair of shoes could be.


For a brief second he acknowledged Lindsey’s greeting but almost immediately returned his attention to Katy. How could a gaze feel so.tangible? Like a blanket of warmth on a cold, rainy night? Yowzars, he was hot. So hot his heat pooled inside her. Or maybe that was lust sending her up in flames?


Think-what was that animal she was trying to be again?


*Noah’s eyes darken*  “That’s what you were thinking that night?”


*Katy’s gaze drops to his mouth*  “More feeling than thinking went on really.”


“Uhm, Jennifer, hate to cut the interview short, but,” *Noah leans in toward Katy, his eyes focused on her lips* “But something has come up.  Something…urgent.”

*Clears throat as Katy and Noah leave*


Um, sorry, folks, but unfortunately Katy and Noah are otherwise occupied, but if you’d like to find out more about them, check out or go here to buy your copy of Jana Mercy’s HER LAST FLING.


Jana will be stopping by today to answer questions (Noah & Katy, too, although it might be several hours…), so if you have questions about Katy, Noah, Ellora’s Cave, or Jana, be sure to ask/leave a comment.

Also, Jana will be giving away an autographed coverflat of Her Last Fling, a deck of 2008 Ellora’s Cave playing cards, and a screen cleaner to one lucky person who comments today.  The more comments, the more times you’re entered. 🙂

Edited to add:  Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on the blog tomorrow.


54 Responses to Interview with Katy & Noah from Her Last Fling

  1. azteclady says:

    Cow dates?


    So, welcome, guys. I find it interesting that you both turned to online dating, but it seems you two knew each other before that. What are the odds, huh?

    Your story sounds really cool, Katy, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to share it 😀

    Good luck, Jana!

  2. Laura J says:

    I’m kind of curious about those cow dates as well.

    I am definately gonna have to read more of their story.

  3. Jana Mercy says:

    Okay, I was testing to make sure I came through okay–not that I’m computer challenged.

    Thanks Jennifer for inviting Katy & Noah to visit with you today. When I finished writing their story, a part of me was really sad as I love them. Katy is the kind of person that you want as your best friend. Noah is the kind of man you hope shows up on your doorstep and sweeps you off your feet.

    And LOL at the cow dates. They would have to mention that. I mean, there is a COW on the cover. How often has that happened with an Ellora’s Cave book? 🙂

  4. Terri Garey says:

    Wow, is it hot in here or what? I feel like I need a cold shower!

    Katy and Noah, I find your story deeply moooo-ving, and am so glad you found each other!

  5. Betty Hanawa says:

    The humor in HER LAST FLING gave me a lot of enjoyment. It still makes me grin every time I see the cows at Chick-fil-a. Are you collecting black and white cows now? Jana, you’ve written a mooo-velous book.

  6. Stacey Kayne says:

    Now there’s a man who drinks his milk…strong bones and all that 😉 Hi’ya Jana!! Loved HER LAST FLING!!! Fun, funny and utterly sexy 😀

  7. Paisley Kirkpatrick says:

    You are certainly milking that cow on the great cover, Jana. I can’t wait to read your story – now if I can just find my bag or Oreos.

  8. Laura J says:

    OOOOO did someone say Chick-fil-a? Sorry, I love that resturaunt (and my son works there).

    Jana I just went to your site which is very nice. I was going to ask if this was your first book and I quickly got my question answered. Congratulations on your first book’s debut!!!

    And someone mentioned humor…..yay! I love humor in my books.

    So what else are you working on book wise? Do you prefer to write humor in your books or do want to do a little of everything?

  9. Liza says:

    I will have to pick up Her Last Fling when I head to the bookstore this weekend. Sounds like a great read.

  10. Cindi says:

    Sounds good all the way around! Humor is a big thing to me! Thanks, Cindi

  11. Jana Mercy says:

    Hi all! Lots of friends here! 🙂

    Terri, HER LAST FLING Mooooooved me, too. 😉

    Aw, Betty, thanks for the compliment. When I reread sections of HER LAST FLING I still can’t believe that I actually wrote it because it’s hot & funny & I just adore Katy & Noah. 🙂

  12. Jana Mercy says:

    Oh and on chick-fil-a…we don’t have one here but I have seen billboards when traveling. Those cows are cute and make me smile, too. 🙂

    Stacey, you crack me up. Strong bones, indeed. You naughty girl you! You sure you don’t write erotica? Well, your westerns are pretty darn HOT come to think of it. 🙂

    Hi Azteclady. I actually have a couple of sets of friends who met on-line who are now married. The first time that happened I thought it odd. Now it seems par for the course. I have several single friends who are cyberly out there meeting the opposite sex. But you’re right. Katy & Noah did actually meet prior to ‘meeting’ online. Without giving anything away, Noah never turned to online dating. His well-meaning mother is another story altogether. 🙂

  13. Jana Mercy says:

    Hi Laura. 🙂 The story behind the cow: Katy’s mom is always spouting advice. One of which is the “WHY BUY THE COW WHEN YOU’RE GETTING THE MILK FOR FREE?” Tired of always ending up ‘free milk’ Katy decides to approach dating from a ‘logical’ standpoint rather than a libido/sexual attraction one. She figures if she screens guys online to discover which ones are looking for the same things out of life is she is without having to deal with looks/libido/sexual attraction, she’ll make better choices than she has in the past. Here’s the ad she placed online:

    Looking for free milk? Then I’m not the girl for you.
    Fun-loving, successful business woman in mid-twenties seeks late-twenties/early-thirties man wanting a committed relationship. Available: One bodacious cow.

    So, Katy’s goal for the story is to be the cow not the free milk. I did have fun with that. Perhaps too much at times. 😉

  14. Beth Andrews says:

    Oh, what a great excerpt!! And a great interview – I do love getting to know characters.

    What’s next for you, Jana?

  15. Jana Mercy says:

    Paisley, you’re right. I’m guilty. I’ve milked Katy and Noah’s tale for all it’s worth. It’s udderly shameful. I’ll do butter in the future. 😉

    Laura, I’ve sold two more stories to Ellora’s Cave. The next one is a fun tale that has a bit more suspense in it than HER LAST FLING did. STRIP OR TREAT will be released on October 29th. Just in time for Halloween, which is appropriate as the story evolves around a Halloween party at a Nashville strip club. The secondary characters in that one are a hoot. I love this older stripper named Elvis whose specialty act is the Hound Dog. *grin* and then there’s Madame G.

    The third release is my first futuristic and doesn’t have much humor (not sure how that happened), but is a super hot story about an underground world on earth post a major war and the ensuing revolution that’s about to occur. The few who’ve read it says that Romjin is the yummiest hero I’ve ever written and if they had to choose a hero to be alone with for a weekend, he wins hands down. Not sure if it has something to do with the fact he wields a big sword or what…well, maybe it’s because he’s a pleasure slave to the heroine. let’s face it, what modern woman couldn’t use her very own pleasure slave to fulfill her every need? I don’t have a release date on that one yet, but it’s title UNDERGROUND PLEASURE.

  16. Jana Mercy says:

    Liza, very sadly HER LAST FLING isn’t in print yet, just available as an e-book from Ellora’s Cave. There’s a link on my website which hopefully works still. I really am technically challenged & that site is the first one I’ve ever done. I hope to expand on it soon. 🙂 But here’s one, too. Not sure if that’ll work. If not you can go directly to and search for me. 🙂

  17. Jana Mercy says:

    Thanks, Cindi. Humor is something that really attracts me to an author, too. Unfortunately it seems more and more difficult to find authors who write humor and publishers who will publish it. What’s wrong with the world that they don’t want a good laugh? Glad to know you share my love of humor. 🙂

  18. Jana Mercy says:

    Hi Beth. 🙂 Thanks. Speaking of books, I’ve got your first Superromance in my TBR stack! Yea!

  19. Jennifer Y says:

    Wow, so many great comments. And it is nice to see some familiar author names as well.

    I can’t wait to read Her Last Fling…hot and funny sounds great!

    And I love the use of humor in books, Jana. And I agree that it is getting harder to find. Some of my favorite books are those use humor or wit.

    And your upcoming books sound great! OOOH…a pleasure slave? Sounds intriguing!

    BTW, I, too, have Beth’s book in my TBR stack….and I can’t wait for Stacey’s!

  20. Jana Mercy says:

    Jennifer, I saw where you blogged with some of my favorite humorous authors yesterday. Rhonda Nelson ROCKS. I’ve gushed to her in person more than one that I think she’s a Goddess & her writing can always make me smile no matter how bad a day I’ve had.

  21. Katy Simmons says:

    Wow. I’m not sure whether to be flattered or embarrassed that Jana posted my add. My bestest pals Lindsey & Stacey teased me without mercy about that ad. Part of that might have to do with the fact that immediately after I placed it I met Noah, who I just knew had to be a bad, bad milk mustache boy (my personal weakness). I suppose they couldn’t help themselves when I was drooling over them man while spouting how I wanted to find my Mr Right. Good thing Noah turned out to be my Mr Right. 🙂

    And if all dentists looked like Noah & Jordan, don’t you just think women would be lining up to have their teeth cleaned? That advertising exec was brilliant when she launched the Men Who Make You Smile campaign. Not that it didn’t get to me to see Noah everywhere I looked prior to him buying the cow, so to speak. 😉

  22. Jennifer Y says:

    Hi Katy! Glad to see you made it back to us. And I agree that the Men Who Make You Smile campaign sounds very clever.

  23. Jennifer Y says:

    I had a blast blogging over there, Jana. But I admit I was really nervous…I am a BIG fan of all three of those authors.

  24. Katy Simmons says:

    Noah is still recovering…I was the Woman Who Made Him Smile. 😉

  25. Jana Mercy says:

    Yep, I’d be totally intimidated to blog with the three of them. Of course I’d be so busy groveling at their feet and gushing their praises that I’d forget to say anything else.

  26. Jennifer Y says:

    Go Katy!

    And Jana, yeah, it took me a bit to come up with something coherent. I couldn’t exactly say, “I love these authors” over and over. Although, I have been known to do that at signings for authors…that and just stand there and stare…LOL.

  27. For the record, I am NOT recovering. Real men don’t need recovery time, and I wasn’t the only one smiling this morning. Hell, I’m still wearing a goofy grin. Have been for months now. Love does that to a once upon a time repressed man who has discovered life’s meant to be enjoyed.

  28. Jennifer Y says:

    Awww…Noah…Katy is a lucky lady. So, you have any single friends? ROFL

  29. I guess some would say my partner is okay looking. Women seem to like him.

  30. Katy Simmons says:

    Jordan is HOT. Not that I noticed. 😉

  31. Jennifer Y says:

    Hey, Jana…you plan on writing Jordan’s story?

  32. Jana Mercy says:

    I have had emails asking me about writing stories for the secondary characters. Mostly, I’ve gotten emails wanting Stacey & Lindsey’s story. Especially Lindsey & the Rat’s story. I know, now I’ve done gone and thrown another animal into the mix, but surely they wouldn’t put a RAT on my cover? Not even a rubber one. 😉

    I’ve been very pleased with the reviews for HER LAST FLING. Particularly because I loved all the characters and I think the reviewers *got* that. Here’s a few of my favorite:

    RomRevToday says, “Adding opinions and humor to the story are Katy’s friends, Stacey and Lindsey, Noah’s friend and business partner, Jordan, and Noah’s mother Bertie, who is responsible for the online dating and, unknowingly, giving Noah a second chance with Katy. The friends also have things going on in their lives and I for one would love to be able to see more of this fascinating group of characters. An enjoyable story, be sure to catch HER LAST FLING.”

    Romance Junkies says, “In her debut novel, HER LAST FLING, Jana Mercy will have you rocking with laughter, smiling, and just enjoying the romance of Noah and Katy. They are on opposite sides of the relationship spectrum but as they get to know each other better, they discover that they have a lot more in common than they initially realized. I just really liked Katy. She felt like a friend, like someone I would enjoy having as a friend in real life. She truly felt like a real person to me. She is smart, not perfect, but perfectly likable. Noah is also an engaging character. I understood why he was so devastated after his marriage and his cautious approach to a new relationship made sense. The theme of cows running throughout this story adds to the hilarity and nonsense of falling in love. HER LAST FLING is sweet, sexy, and a feel good story. Jana Mercy has struck gold!”

    The Romance Studio says, “Their exhaustive sexual intimacies were framed with humor, but I had tears in my eyes several times. There were other storylines intertwined throughout the book, from Katy’s two best friends to Noah’s partner’s constant flings. And, to make it even more believable, the two mothers’ interactions were just funny. The book flowed with no stopping points. I did not want to put it down. It kept my interest until, literally, the last page. I did not want the story to end. I became so involved with their story that the ending, as well written as it was, was a disappointment.
    I highly recommend this book. Kudos, Ms. Mercy, you have a winner on your hands.”

    Simply Romance Reviews says, “This story is very rich in characterization, with the secondary characters just as compelling as the main ones, Katy and Noah. The scenes with Katy’s best friends, Lindsey Boyd and Stacey Patterson, are so amusing they deserve their own stories, and at times they threatened to create one. Noah’s mother and her best friends were the quaint little old busy bodies, so full of personality and irrepressible spirit you almost wanted to adopt them into your own family. My one hope is that while writing Her Last Fling, Ms. Mercy recognized the scope of her characters and taking pity on her readers will give us future books featuring each and every one of them. This book is a keeper: until the next installment comes out we can content ourselves with reading Her Last Fling again and again!”

    Yes, I gushed over a few of these, because they *got* Katy & Noah & my wacky sense of humor. 🙂 So, yeah, I’m considering writing a sequel that’s one of the secondary characters as the lead. 🙂

  33. Jana Mercy says:

    oops, that was a really long post, wasn’t it? Sorry. I was gushing again, wasn’t I? *grin*

  34. Beth R says:

    Sounds like a great read

  35. Brenda says:

    This story sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats on the excellent reviews.

    If it’s not in the stores, how can I get a copy?

  36. Jennifer Y says:

    Brenda, right now, I believe it is only in ebook format and can be purchased here:

  37. Brenda says:

    Thank you. I’ve never bought an e-book before. Can I read it on my computer or do I have to have one of those reading devices?

  38. Jennifer Y says:

    You are welcome. Yes, you can read ebooks on your computer.

    Here is a link to a page on the Ellora’s Cave site that tells a little more about ebooks:

    The format you choose is up to you, but if reading on the computer, HTML or PDF (if you have Adobe) might be best…but that is just my opinion.

  39. Laura J says:

    Thanks for asking about more books Jennifer. I was going through reading everything and was like I need to ask that.

    I have to say I like when secondary characters get their own books (as long as it doesn’t go on forever you know like 15 books longer. 3 to 5 books is good).

    Jana I’ll be looking for your other books.

  40. Jana Mercy says:

    Wow, Jennifer. You’re fab to have around. Lots of good information. She’s right, Brenda. I’d never bought an e-book until a friend of mine had one to come out. I read that one on my desktop, have since bought e-books that I’ve read on my laptop, and one that I even downloaded onto my pda.

    Ladies, I’ll be away for a while as I’m having dinner with two men…Actually, they’ve offered me a job and we’re going to discuss the specifics. I like my current job, so I’m not real nervous as I don’t think I’ll take it regardless, but going on a job interview is sort of like being under a microscope lens, isn’t it? I’m having visions of smiling and having lettuce stuck between my teeth or something. Wish me luck–I think.

  41. Jana Mercy says:

    Thanks, Laura. I hear ya. After a while I start feeling like I’m not really getting a happily-ever-after because I expect the next installment. 3 to 5 books is good. 🙂

    I appreciate you looking for my other books. As a debut author, it’s daunting to think you might be sitting out there in the lowest of low sucky number of sales.

    For any of you who do read HER LAST FLING, please email me at to let me know what you think of Katy & Noah. Or if there was a particular character you’d really like to have their own story. 🙂

  42. Janice Lynn says:

    Hi Jana & Jennifer & all the other familiar faces & all those I’ve yet to meet. 🙂

    Great post. I’ve read HER LAST FLING & really enjoyed Katy & Noah’s story. I agree that Katy is the kind of person I’d enjoy hanging out with. Stacey & Lindsey, too. I’m looking forward to reading STRIP OR TREAT in October. Congrats again on your debut!

  43. fedora says:

    Hi, Jana (and Noah and Katy)! Thanks for the awesome interview today! I’m glad to learn about Her Last Fling–it sounds like a great read! And I do love connected stories, so I hope you’ll have the chance to give the spotlight to some of the secondary characters in the future 🙂 And yes, I think this is the first cover I’ve seen with a cow on it 😉

  44. RobynL says:

    HI, I love the story of the cow dates. A most interesting story I’m sure.

  45. RobynL says:

    Good luck if you want it, lol, on your interview. How nice to be at that place where you can relax and know that if you don’t like the specifics of the job you don’t have to take it if handed to you.

  46. RobynL says:

    I am so pleased that you plan to write a book with a secondary character as the lead. I like secondary romance stories. The more characters to be friends with the better.

  47. Jana Mercy says:

    Phew. Done with the interview. It went well. I said no to the offer, but they want me to take some time to think about it. I don’t expect to change my mind though. Thanks for the good luck wishes. 🙂 I didn’t spill my drink, drop dressing on my shirt, or use lettuce as a grill decorative a single time. Yea!

    Hi Fedora! I’m biased, of course, but HER LAST FLING is a fun read. 😉 And lots hope that HER LAST FLING is the only romance novel with a cow on the cover EVER. *grin*

    Hi RobinL! Thanks for being pleased on my writing a connected story. Now if I’d just quit playing online and actually write… 😉

  48. What a fun blog! So glad Katy and Noah could join in too. Lindsey is such a naughty girl. I love her!


  49. Jana Mercy says:

    You would, you naughty girl, you! 😉

  50. RobynL says:

    you mention that some of the characters add humor and I am pleased because I enjoy humor in books; a good laugh is something I look forward to. Any situation can be made better by a laugh.

  51. Caffey says:

    Hi Katy and Noah, as well as Jana. Nice reading your interview and about your story! I haven’t had the joy to read Jana’s books yet, but I hope to change that soon.

    Jana, so many asked questions and I didn’t want to repeat something, so I wanted to ask you sort of a fun question! If you could invite any 5 authors who inspired you as a writer, either from the past or present, to your home for dinner, who would you invite? What have you always wanted to ask or say to them? And lastly what would you serve to them, your favorite thing to cook?

  52. Jana Mercy says:

    Favorite thing to cook? I don’t cook. And if I did, RUN. RUN far, far away.

    As far as who I’d invite for a catered meal (or something on the grill which might sort of be construed as cooking), (excluding my close pals who are fab authors who definitely inspire me), I’d invite Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rhonda Nelson, Jennifer Crusie, Stephanie Bond, & Karen Marie Moning.

    What would I say to them? Well, imagine someone’s fingers wrapped tightly around your throat and then make an ACK sound. That’s likely the only noises that would be coming out of my mouth should those five be at my house for dinner. 😉 But should I find words…”So, do you ladies have any idea how many nights ya’ll have kept me up all night long?”

    Thanks Caffey–that was a fun question. 🙂

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