Okay, so my Internet doesn’t want to cooperate this week and it comes and goes…it is very frustrating. 

So I’ll make this quick…what is everyone reading this week?


9 Responses to UGH!

  1. Cindi says:

    I am trying to keep up on the life of Tim Russert!
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. Lisa Hendrix says:

    Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books (a couple of them) and a funny short piece by one of my critique partners, based on prompt #72 from the Majency Oracle, which you can see at:

  3. Greta says:

    Hey Jennifer – On Sunday I read Watch Me by Shelley Bradley and Show Me by Jaci Burton. Last night I finished Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight. I’m hoping to finish Dangerous Boys & Their Toy by Shayla Black this week.

    Still reading Night Keepers by Jessica Andersen, Glory In Death by J.D. Robb, and Surviving Demon Island by Jaci Burton.

  4. Blanche says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    I’m reading 2 books right now 🙂 The first is an ebook by Beth Williamson…..her new book Hell For Leather came out today from Samhain. She is an amazing author….love love love her!! The other book is The Loner by Rhonda Nelson, it is a Blaze book.

  5. Teresa W. says:

    I’m reading New Moon the second book in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series!

  6. Jane says:

    I’m reading “Three Nights of Sin” by Anne Mallory.

  7. Angie-la says:

    Hey Jennifer! Sorry about the internet problems…that sucks!
    I am currently reading Bobbie Faye’s Very (very,very,very) Bad Day.
    It is too funny! 😛

  8. fedora says:

    Bummers, Jennifer–that’s SO frustrating! I just finished the first three volumes of More Than Words–those Harlequin anthologies that celebrate special women who’ve started groups that change their communities for the better. Angie-la–I’ve got that on my TBR–glad it’s a good one!

  9. limecello says:

    I hate when internet doesn’t work, Jennifer! Most recently, the “real book” I’ve read, is Fearless by Diana Palmer 🙂

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