Special Guest Blog…

Last week, I told you about Heart of the Wolf and interviewed the author and this week I welcome a special guest blogger from the book…


Zoo-man Henry Thompson’s Musings about Bella and Devlyn, Heart of the Wolf


Something’s not right with the scenario concerning Bella and Devlyn and the red wolf I’m sure they rescued from the zoo. No matter how many times I go over everything in my mind, something just doesn’t fit with those two. Yet, I believe that Volan character was someone dangerous, like they said he was. Just wish the police could have nabbed him and incarcerated his butt before Bella and Devlyn took off for their home in Colorado. I worry about those two, about what would happen if Volan threatened Bella. I’m sure Devlyn wouldn’t hesitate to kill him and then he’d be in a world of trouble. Wish I could have done more to help.


Right now, I’m at Chrissie’s house. She’s fixing beef stew on a wintry night, while her kids are off with her ex-husband. I have Bella to thank for getting me hooked up with Chrissie. Haven’t gotten as far as asking her to marry me yet, but I’ve been mulling it over for sometime. At thirty-two, it’s hard for a bachelor like me to jump in with both feet and take not only a wife on, but a family of three.


Glancing out the window at Bella’s home, I consider how all the windows are covered in blinds and draperies now after it was rented to a couple who seem nice enough. They disappear to the woods nearly every weekend, using Bella’s cabin. Guess they have the same penchant for hiking in the woods that she did. Except they’ve been awfully reclusive. Shy maybe. Neither have been very receptive to Chrissie’s invites for meals, and they quickly let her know that back door visits wouldn’t work like they did with Bella. Something to hide? Seems that way. But it might just be my suspicious nature.


Think I’ll take a run up there this next weekend, see what they’re up to. Maybe even drop by and say hi.


“Food’s on, Henry.”


Yeah, that’s the ticket. Maybe show them I’m just as much an outdoorsman as they probably are. And then another thought occurs to me. What if they’re wolf lovers like Bella and Devlyn, not that I’m not either, but I want them protected in a self place like the zoo. But I still have the sneaking suspicion Bella and Devlyn are animal right’s activists who believe the wolves should be free to roam as they please. What if this new couple is following in their footsteps?


Yep, next weekend, I’ll begin a new investigation. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll locate that little red wolf, with the new neighbor’s unsuspecting help. Rosa, I’ll find you yet.


Thank you Henry for that great guest blog and insight into the book…


Readers, check back tomorrow as I interview Bella and Devlyn’s neighbor, Chrissie.


One Response to Special Guest Blog…

  1. Cindi says:

    I think he is making the biggest mistake of his life!
    Thanks, Cindi

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