Terry Spear Completes the Sentences…

 Today I welcome author Terry Spear as she completes the sentences. 

Terry’s book, Heart of the Wolf, is in stores now. 



Red werewolf Bella flees her adoptive pack of gray werewolves when the alpha male Volan tries forcibly to claim her as his mate. Her real love, beta male Devlyn, has been out of her life for years, but comes after her when she finds herself accidentally captured by humans. Bella becomes convinced that Devlyn only wants to return her to Volan, but soon realizes that Devlyn loves her as much as she loves him, and is willing to fight Volan to the death to claim her. That problem pales, however, as a pack of red werewolves takes to killing human females in a crazed quest to claim Bella for their own. Bella and Devlyn must defeat the rogue wolves before Devlyn’s final confrontation with Volan.


The vulpine couple’s chemistry crackles off the page, but the real strength of the book lies in Spear’s depiction of pack power dynamics, as well as in the details of human−wolf interaction. Her wolf world feels at once palpable and even plausible. ~~Publisher’s Weekly


Now here is Terry’s responses to the Complete the Sentences interview… 

I am: an urban fantasy, paranormal, medieval romantic suspense, true story author–in another words, eclectic. 🙂 


I like: reading lots, writing lots, gardening when the fire ants don’t get me, and making teddy bears that have found homes all over the world as far away as Australia and Russia.


I love: writing. I’ve always loved to read and make up my own stories, but it wasn’t until a big change in my life catapulted me into writing for publication–which is just like the characters in a story must have happen to them in the beginning–their lives are turned upside down and they must do something. That’s me. 🙂


I dream: I could be a national best selling author and final in the Rita. Once a big time author (which means national best selling to me) told us at a conference that we need to dream big, nothing small. And so that’s what I dream for. 🙂


I wish: I could be like Amadeus who supposedly could write his music from his thoughts without ever making rough drafts and they were perfect. Now, if I could do that, I could write tons of books–perfect books–a year. 🙂


I wonder: what my next scene will be, what my next book will be. I’m not a plotter, but a pantser, seat of the pants writing…so I’m always wondering…. 🙂


I pretend: that Heart of the Wolf is being made into a movie. My mother said it’s hot enough and paranormal enough that it should be. LOL


I know: nothing! Sorry, I remember that from Hogan’s Heroe’s and one of the characters would say, “I know nothing!” Except with more of a “k” sound at the end of “nothing.” Ever notice how music or a smells, or even phrases will remind you of something? And then, see, you can make them into a story. 


I fear: spiderwebs. As soon as I run into them when I’m mowing, I wonder if the spider is now in my hair. While watching Indiana Jones’s latest movie, I couldn’t see how he could be afraid of snakes and not mind sticking his hand into a mass of spiderwebs. My dad made my mother kill spiders in the house and I thought about how he’d probably be able to face the snakes in the Indiana Jones movie, but would never get anywhere if he had to stick his hand in spiderwebs, unless my mother cleared them out first…so maybe that’s where I get my phobia.


I worry: about way too many things. I remind myself life is too short, but that doesn’t seem to help!


I appreciate: my family and friends, who are always there for me when I’m worrying about things. 🙂


I hope: to sell one of my time travels one day. I love the paranormal and historicals, so to me the ultimate is time travels.


I look: forward to finishing Allure of the Wolf so I can pounce on my next creation.


I read: just about everything, from true experiences to fantasies and historicals. But I love romances best of all, so if they have a romance I’m happy.


I want: to have a smaller yard. An acre is too much for me to maintain–and I keep thinking of those cute little mossy courtyards in New Orleans–secluded, flowery, bubbling fountains, with the scent of lemons and jasmine wafting in the air. Or, a lake with tons of trees and no weedeating and no mowing. 🙂 Great inspiration for writing.  


I need: a vacation!!! I’ve been trying to get my house ready to sell and have been caulking, painting, and you name it, trying to get the house and the acre yard in shape and I NEED a vacation! I can’t have one, but I still need one! 🙂


I will: be back to writing and researching Allure of the Wolf as soon as I finish this interview. 🙂


I can: do anything I put my mind to–at least that’s the advice my father used to always give.


I think: creating a world for readers to fall into for hours is the ultimate goal for writing. That’s why I read–to live through someone else’s struggles and see how they overcome. It’s a wonderful break from the real world. 🙂


I have never: gone sky diving, or scuba diving. But I’m fine with that. Snorkling and swimming is fine. The thought of scuba diving into caves and getting stuck, nope, not what I’d be interested in. And sky diving? I’m more of a feet on the ground kind of person. Don’t like heights–maybe because I had to rapel off towers and buildings when I was in Army ROTC. Climbing up mountains was fine, but going down sheer cliffs always got to me. And chasing my kids through a small tunnel at Disney World when they were little about did me in, especially because there were tons of people ahead of us and behind us, no escaping quickly. 🙂


I dance to: anything with a super beat! Although my heroes and heroines prefer slow dancing music–and I would too, if I had the incentive like they do. 🙂


I wish I had thought of: inventing something that could replace oil and gas,  that would be environmentally safe, but more than that would even improve the environment. And then I could write about it. And get on Oprah. And a movie could be made about it.


I cannot live without: the Internet!!! I’m usually never a terror, except when I can’t use my Internet–answer emails, do research. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. In the past, if I’d been stranded on a desert island, I probably would have survived, but now??? Well, unless there was a hunky guy who was a jack of all trades and worshipped me–I might forget about emails and the like…for a while.


I am happy when: I can think of my next scene, and the next, and the next without struggling!


I am annoyed by: hired help who don’t show up when they’re supposed to and take 3 weeks to do a job that is supposed to take 2 days, and make a mess of things I’m paying to have done professionally. 🙂  Can you tell I’m trying to get my house ready to sell? And that’s only one of the problems I had to deal with recently…. 🙂 But I keep reminding myself, life is too short to worry about this stuff…and it doesn’t help!!!


I have always wanted: a home on a lake. I love the ocean, but I’m too practical. Things rust, hurricanes come. I lived in Florida, so I know. 🙂 

I encourage people to: have dreams and try to achieve them.


I think it would be cool if: I could be on Oprah and talk about werewolves. Think she’d be interested? 🙂


have to cry during emotional stories when no one is looking. I’m the only one in my family who does, darn it, but even when I try to hide my feelings, I usually get caught. 🙂


I write romance because: I love to create a happily ever after. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. I was just reading about the high percentage of men who have adulterous affairs and the same for women. Writing a romance with a happily ever after for me shows it can work–just like the other 50% of couples who remain devoted to each other. 🙂

I would love to know what readers think of: my stories, of course. I’m probably like most authors who hope that our stories entertain and no matter what, that’s what I hope mine do. 🙂 


Thanks so much, Jennifer, for having me on Random Musings! I hope that readers will check out my stories at www.terryspear.com and if you’re on myspace, I’m happy to add you as a friend! 🙂 http://www.myspace.com/terryspear


Thank you Terry for joining me here today and completing the sentences.


So, my question for readers is…have you ever read a shapeshifter story? 
If so, what is your favorite creature? 
If you haven’t read one, what kind of creature do you think you’d like to read about?
Have any of you read Terry’s?



8 Responses to Terry Spear Completes the Sentences…

  1. azteclady says:

    Hi, Terry! *waving*

    I love shapeshifters–particularly big cats–but I really don’t know which one would be my favorite. So far I’ve been introduced to dragons, different big cats, wolves (well, of course 😀 ) and unicorns.

    I have Heart of the Wolf in my list–haven’t found it yet around here, so it’s in my next online order.

  2. Beth R says:

    Oh Yes, I love love love shapeshifter stories, I love werewolves and big cat shifters.

  3. Cindi says:

    Happy Wednesday! I have read reviews and such of shape shifters which is why I know what they are. I haven’t read any author’s books about them. I think lions or tigers would be fun to read about. Thanks, Cindi

  4. Ellen says:

    I like stories about werewolves and tho I haven’t read any of Terry’s I have read plenty of others.

  5. Virginia H. says:

    I love shape shifter books. I read one book where the vampires could shift into cats. It was a pretty cool book. I have never read any of Terry’s books but would love to .

  6. Hi Jennifer & Terry,

    Great sentences Terry loved your answers 🙂

    So, my question for readers is…have you ever read a shapeshifter story? Yes I have.

    If so, what is your favorite creature?
    I love werewolves, big cats & dragons 🙂

    Have any of you read Terry’s? I haven’t read a Terry Spear book but I did recently buy a copy of Heart of the Wolf. Can not wait to read it 🙂

    Have a wonderful & safe weekend everyone.


  7. terryspear says:

    Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to comment! Aztec lady, waving back!! 🙂 Look forward to hearing what you think. Most B&N bought the book, and some Borders, our Booksamillion had them, and Hastings too. 🙂 But Amazon always works!

    Thanks, Virginia! I hope you give Heart of the Wolf a look. 🙂

    Thanks so much, Linda, for buying Heart of the Wolf! Enjoy and drop me a line!

    Thanks for having me, Jennifer!

    Next week, Zoo man Henry Thompson will speak out on his blog where he reveals a little bit about what he thinks about the hero and heroine, Devlyn and Bella, in Heart of the Wolf, and the new neighbors Bella rented to. And Bella’s next door neighbor Chrissie is interviewed. As secretive as the werewolf society is, Devyln and Bella couldn’t give interviews and neither of them blog. 🙂 Hope everyone stops by and checks them out next week! Terry

  8. Terry you’re welcome 🙂 I sent you an email last night btw 🙂


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