Devyn Quinn Completes the Sentences…

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yesterday, I spotlighted her new release and today author Devyn Quinn completes the sentences…


I am:  tattooed

I like:  new electronic toys to play with.

I love:  crackers

I dream:  about being a bestselling author.

I wish:  I had a lot of money.

I pretend:  I’m better looking than I am

I know:  I’m not really that good looking

I fear:  nothing

I appreciate:  good movies and good music

I hope:  I will be a bestselling author

I look:  like I just got out of prison

I read:  lots of books

I want: a new place to live

I need:  a better car

I will:  get both someday!

I can:  eat a whole pizza to myself

I dance to:  can’t dance! Eek!

I wish I had thought of:  Harry Potter

I cannot live without: contact lenses

I am happy when:  I finish a book

I would like to meet:  all my favorite movie stars

I am annoyed by:  loud noises

I have always wanted:  to go to Ireland 
I encourage people to:  follow their dreams

I think it would be cool if:  I could fly

I love to Make silly voices when no one is looking. 

I write romance because:  I get paid to it 
I would love to know what readers think of:  all my books


Readers, you can learn more about Devyn at her website: