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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forbidden: The Revolution by Samantha Sommersby


Experience the magic…


Twenty-five years ago Dell Renfield’s father started a revolution. Dell plans to finish it. Sorcerer, sexy vampire, secret weapon, he’s spent his entire life training for what he believes to be his fate. The one deterrent he isn’t equipped for? Special Agent Alexandria Sanchez.


Alex is quick-witted, hot-tempered, and strikingly beautiful. Normally focused on getting the job done, she’s completely unprepared for her new partner, Dell, and his mysterious ability to drive her to distraction.


Posing as lovers, Alex and Dell infiltrate a dangerous culture where the macabre seems mundane and passion is power. Unable to deny their attraction or resist temptation they begin a journey, entering into a torrid affair that will forever change their destiny.


An age-old secret, a consort held hostage, a curse demanding to be broken, and an unforgettable battle with a mercenary master mage will have you holding your breath. Let Samantha Sommersby lead you into a world like no other, a world where vampires are real, where magic is possible, and where love still conquers all.


Indulge in the Forbidden, because sometimes giving in to temptation can be a good thing.



Today I welcome Dell Renfield from Forbidden: The Revolution by Samantha Sommersby


Thank you, Dell, for joining me today.

Thanks for having me, Jennifer. You’ve got a great place, here!


What have you been up to lately?

You know, the regular secret agent stuff. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.


Riiight. But you aren’t a regular secret agent. You’re also immortal and you can do magic.

And I know the lyrics to every one of the Beatles songs.


Seriously, how are you? 

I’m kind of in a weird place right now, personally. On the one hand I’ve never been happier. I saved the day. I won the girl…



Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with her.


*blushes* I read your story. You know what to do with her.

I’m not talking about in the bedroom, Jen. You know Alex, she’s so headstrong, so independent. Everything is full speed ahead with her. When she was impervious that was understandable. But now that the protection spell is broken? Well, she’s vulnerable and she forgets that.


If you made an honest woman out of her she’d be stronger, wouldn’t she? She’d get some enhanced abilities?

Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. Lately, it’s been on my mind a lot.


The two of you are still working together as partners?

For now. That was always meant to be temporary. The PSF (Preternatural Special Forces) wants me back. Alex and I, we just got an assignment down in Texas that we’re preparing for. It’s going to be our last one together, then I get sent back to my unit in Chicago. Unless…


Unless what?

Nevermind. It’s probably a dumb idea. Alex would never go for it. How about some less serious questions?


Okay. Have you read Forbidden: The Revolution? Did Samantha Sommersby capture your story?

Oh yeah! Of course I read it. I especially enjoyed that shower scene. I’ve read that more than once *wink*. Sam was great to work with. She really preserved my point of view. I’d love to work with her again.


Have you read any of Sam’s other books?

Nope. I don’t read a lot. I’m more of an action kind of guy. Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to the new Indiana Jones movie. I’m meeting Alex at the theater later.


Let’s wrap this up then. What do you do for fun?

Lately I’ve been donning a Fedora and practicing my bullwhip technique.


I bet Alex just luuuuvs that!

She’s a good sport. I guess that’s a prerequisite if you’re going to be my girlfriend. Because I’m…me.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Vampire. Sorcerer. Secret Agent.


That’s four words. So, where can my readers find out more about your story?

They can go to Sam’s website: http://www.samanthasommersby.com.

Or they can find Forbidden: The Revolution at Amazon, Linden Bay Romance, or All Romance eBooks.


Thanks Dell.  Hope you enjoy the movie!