Esri Rose Completes the Sentences!

Yesterday I interviewed Esri Rose and today she is completing the sentences…


I am: Often regretful that I didn’t keep my mouth shut.


I like: Leafy green shade on a sunny day.


I love: My family. Music. Art. Good food.


I dream: Um, that I kill murderers before they can kill me. But only when I’m under a lot of stress.


I wish: That there was less fighting and pollution. Also, that I owned a castle.


I pretend: To remember people’s names when I don’t.


I know: Only what is happening to me at this moment. Everything else I’m not sure about.


I fear: Death. Bears. Death by bears.


I appreciate: Kind people. Fresh flowers. Artistic accomplishments.


I hope: Angel Joe and I have a long life together.


I look: At small things, like bugs and tiny plants.


I read: Really quickly, which is handy.


I want: to have good quality of life for an obscene amount of time.


I need: to get more aerobic exercise


I will: Apologize a lot during my lifetime.


I can: sing harmony to a song without the melody playing.


I dance to: Latin music. Funk.


I wish I had thought of: Google. Also Harry Potter.


I cannot live without: food, water, air. And literalism, apparently.


I am happy when: I’m holding Angel Joe’s hand, petting Musette La Plume’s fuzzy belly, or eating good cheese.


I would like to meet: As many people as possible. People fascinate me.


I am annoyed by: the phrase, “The reason why.” It’s like saying, “The answer what.”


I have always wanted: a job that I love. And now I have it!


I encourage people to: take actions that will make them happy.


I think it would be cool if: we could teleport.


I love to _______ when no one is looking. This is a PG blog, right? Then I can’t answer that.


I write romance because: New love is the most exciting thing in the world., with the possible exception of land mines, but that’s a different kind of excitement.


I would love to know what readers think of: my book.


Thank you, Esri, for taking the time to complete the sentences…great answers!


Readers, remember to look for Bound to Love Her in stores now and to visit Esri’s site:


Okay, so here are two more (and the last) trivia questions for the Bound to Love Her giveaway…read yesterday’s post for more details and for Day 1’s questions.
Remember, every correct answer is an entry into the giveaway!


Day 2’s questions:

  1. In what US city does Bound to Love Her take place?
  2. Which author, who was recently a guest here on the blog, had this to say about Bound to Love Her:  A delightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit, mystery and magic!”?

 All answers can be found on Esri’s website:


E-mail your answers to jennifersrandommusings @ (without the spaces) with “Esri Rose Giveaway” in the subject line!
All entries must be received by
11:59 pm EST on May 22!

Winners will be randomly selected, notified, and announced here on the blog this Friday, May 23! 


11 Responses to Esri Rose Completes the Sentences!

  1. […] and don’t forget that I’m on Jennifer’s Random Musings again today, telling you how I really feel about bears. Answer a couple of questions about my site […]

  2. Esri Rose says:

    Hmmm… What would be a good conversational topic for today? If you have a pet, what’s the cutest thing your pet does? I ask because of the two pictures I just posted of my cat, Musette.

    Alternatively, is there an animal that you find scary?

  3. azteclady says:

    Ohhhhh… A good quality of life for an obscene amount of time? Is it cheating to say, “me too!” 😀

  4. Esri Rose says:

    Nope. Go ahead and take teleporting, too, if you want it.

  5. fedora says:

    ooh, me three! That’s a good one! And the teleporting–that would be SO handy!

    So really? Bears? Real or stuffed? And death by bears? I’m assuming real, right? Unless you’ve got some horrible scenarios in mind involving hundreds of furry friends and a very small space?

  6. Esri Rose says:

    No, it’s real bears. Wolves are essentially dogs, and mountain lions (which we have around here) are just big cats. But a bear is…something alien. The other animals that give me the heebies are alligators and crocodiles. If something is tearing me limb from limb, I want to at least be able to relate to it.

  7. Esri Rose says:

    Although now that you mention furry friends and small spaces, I do have a horror of choking. But that’s because I did choke once, as a kid, and there are some other choking incidents in my family.

  8. Cherie J says:

    Cool interview! Loved your answers. No pets here. With two kids under the age of 5 I already have my hands full. Thanks for guestblogging Esri!

  9. Esri Rose says:

    Cherie: You do have your hands full!

  10. fedora says:

    Very true–I haven’t been up close and personal with any real bears, and they look pretty scary fierce! And choking would be right up there for no-fun, too.

    BTW, out of curiosity, what were the last few books you read that you really enjoyed (i.e., would recommend to others)? And what do you do with books that are less than excellent? Do you force yourself to finish, or do you actually stop and switch books?

  11. Esri Rose says:

    A book has to be pretty terrible (or REALLY not to my taste) for me not to finish, because there’s always something to learn from not-so-good writing. On the other hand, I’m so picky that it takes a lot for me to really lose myself in a novel these days. I might not be better than the person I’m reading, but it’s easier to see flaws in other people’s work. 🙂 It’s also easier for me to be noncritical when reading non-fiction. I sell books that I know I won’t read again (or use as reference) to my local used bookstore.

    I really enjoyed Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare. Amusing, well-researched, and it puts paid to the nonsense about other people being responsible for his work. Those rumors are right up there with spider eggs in Lifesavers.

    If you enjoyed the movie “Cold Comfort Farm” with Kate Beckinsale, then you would almost certainly enjoy the book, written by Stella Gibbons and published in 1932. It took me a while to realize that it was written as near-future speculative fiction, hence the video phones. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch it immediately.

    As for romance, my top two favorites that come to mind immediately are Janet Mullany’s “Rules of Gentility” and Marta Acosta’s Casa Dracula series. Both of them are very light, very witty. When I get a laugh a paragraph, I’m happy. Although I notice that my own writing is getting significantly more dramatic.

    One of my most favoritist books of the last year was “The Secret Life of Houdini.” I love turn-of-the-last-century history, and the culture of illusionists is wonderfully paranoid, competitive and hucksterish.

    I know there must be others, but those are the ones lying around handy.

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