Esri Rose Completes the Sentences!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday I interviewed Esri Rose and today she is completing the sentences…


I am: Often regretful that I didn’t keep my mouth shut.


I like: Leafy green shade on a sunny day.


I love: My family. Music. Art. Good food.


I dream: Um, that I kill murderers before they can kill me. But only when I’m under a lot of stress.


I wish: That there was less fighting and pollution. Also, that I owned a castle.


I pretend: To remember people’s names when I don’t.


I know: Only what is happening to me at this moment. Everything else I’m not sure about.


I fear: Death. Bears. Death by bears.


I appreciate: Kind people. Fresh flowers. Artistic accomplishments.


I hope: Angel Joe and I have a long life together.


I look: At small things, like bugs and tiny plants.


I read: Really quickly, which is handy.


I want: to have good quality of life for an obscene amount of time.


I need: to get more aerobic exercise


I will: Apologize a lot during my lifetime.


I can: sing harmony to a song without the melody playing.


I dance to: Latin music. Funk.


I wish I had thought of: Google. Also Harry Potter.


I cannot live without: food, water, air. And literalism, apparently.


I am happy when: I’m holding Angel Joe’s hand, petting Musette La Plume’s fuzzy belly, or eating good cheese.


I would like to meet: As many people as possible. People fascinate me.


I am annoyed by: the phrase, “The reason why.” It’s like saying, “The answer what.”


I have always wanted: a job that I love. And now I have it!


I encourage people to: take actions that will make them happy.


I think it would be cool if: we could teleport.


I love to _______ when no one is looking. This is a PG blog, right? Then I can’t answer that.


I write romance because: New love is the most exciting thing in the world., with the possible exception of land mines, but that’s a different kind of excitement.


I would love to know what readers think of: my book.


Thank you, Esri, for taking the time to complete the sentences…great answers!


Readers, remember to look for Bound to Love Her in stores now and to visit Esri’s site:


Okay, so here are two more (and the last) trivia questions for the Bound to Love Her giveaway…read yesterday’s post for more details and for Day 1’s questions.
Remember, every correct answer is an entry into the giveaway!


Day 2’s questions:

  1. In what US city does Bound to Love Her take place?
  2. Which author, who was recently a guest here on the blog, had this to say about Bound to Love Her:  A delightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit, mystery and magic!”?

 All answers can be found on Esri’s website:


E-mail your answers to jennifersrandommusings @ (without the spaces) with “Esri Rose Giveaway” in the subject line!
All entries must be received by
11:59 pm EST on May 22!

Winners will be randomly selected, notified, and announced here on the blog this Friday, May 23!