So I was tagged by two people, Cheryl St. John and Jambrea.


Apparently I need to share 6 or 7 unusual or interesting facts about myself. 
I have already done this before so I will try to come up with some new info…in fact, I think I will make them book-related to change things up


1.  The first book I ever remember reading on my own was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  A few years ago, my parents gave me a copy for Christmas as a nostalgia gift.

2.  The first adult romance I remember reading was Julie Garwood’s For the Roses.  I didn’t know it was a romance when I got it (I have told that story here), but once I read it, I was hooked on the genre and haven’t stopped reading romances since…which leads to #3…

3.  For almost 9 years, I only read historical romances.  Then a few years ago I began reading other genres.  And as you can tell, I now read a little of everything.  I am willing to give any genre of romance a try.

4.  Rarely does a week go by that I don’t buy at least one book.

5.  I am a compulsive book finisher…meaning, when I start reading a book, I have to finish it…eventually.

6.  I sometimes rewrite books in my head or dream about alternate storylines.  I especially do this when I discover a secondary character that I really like.  But I am definitely NOT a writer!  LOL

7.  I make book thongs to give to friends and other readers, but I don’t use them myself.


I am supposed to tag 7 people, but instead, I will just ask all of you:

Tell me something unusual or interesting about yourself…can be related to books or not, you decide!


9 Responses to Tagged…

  1. jambrea says:

    Very cool Jennifer. 🙂

  2. Aunty Cindy says:

    Hey Jennifer,
    I did/do that rewrite thing in my head (or even on paper) too! And that’s how I KNEW I WAS A WRITER! 😉

  3. Helen says:

    Loved it Jennifer

    I am a compulsive book buyer and reader I must read books in order don’t like reading them out of order I have heaps of books that are part of a series and I won’t start them till I have all the books in the series I have been reading romance since the 70’s and most of them are historical I too have recently started reading other genres in the romance field and have really enjoyed them.

    Have Fun

  4. Valerie Tibbs says:

    You are too a writer. Stop selling yourself short. Seriously… As Jedi Jaci would say: DUDE!

    Cool blog, by the way. 😀


  5. Cindi says:

    Hi, i wanted to be a Broadway star! Cindi

  6. I make book thongs for gifts, too!

  7. azteclady says:

    Unusual? erm…

    Well, I adore power tools, and getting dirty while doing something handy (landscaping, carpentry, painting…) is a favorite past time. Right up there with… cross stitching and knitting 😀

    Have a good week!

  8. Lois says:

    Well, my unusual thing you probably remember — I like my rubber duckies. 🙂


  9. Greta says:

    Something unusual about me. Gee – I have weird dreams, I re-write stories as well, sometimes I write stories for secondary characters. I love Harlequin Intrigues, but I’m branching out into other romance genre’s and lines now.


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