The Writeminded Fun Continues with Maya Banks

Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Today’s guest is Maya Banks (who also writes under the name Sharon Long)!


Maya’s book, Sweet Surrender is available now!



Sometimes the first step in taking control is surrendering.

Under Faith Malone’s deceptively soft exterior lies a woman who knows exactly what she wants.  A strong man who’ll take without asking—because she’s willing to give him everything…

Dallas cop Gray Montgomery is on a mission: find the guy who killed his partner—and bring him to justice. So far, he’s found a link between the killer and Faith—and if Gray has to get close to her to catch the killer, so be it.

Faith is sweet and feminine, everything Gray wants and desires in a woman, but he suspects she’s playing games. No way she would allow a man to call the shots in their relationship. Or would she?

Faith sees in Gray the strong, dominant man she needs, but he seems determined to keep her at a distance. So she takes matters into her own hands to prove to him it’s no game she’s playing. She’s willing to surrender to the right man. Gray would like to be that man. But catching his partner’s killer has to be his first priority. Until Faith is threatened and Gray realizes he will do anything to protect her.


You can learn more about Maya and her books at her website:

And you can learn about her books written as Sharon Long here:


Let’s see what Maya had to say…


I am: happy

I like: orange

I love: my children

I dream: of falling off bridges…

I wish: vacation was here

I pretend: that I’m sane

I know: I’m not sane.

I fear: death

I appreciate: bluntness

I hope: that my children are happy and healthy

I look: around me and realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family

I read: romances.  Lots and lots of romances.

I want: to be successful

I need: my husband’s hugs.

I will: finish this &*^$%@ book!

I can: feel joy

I dance to: uhm I never dance.  Ever. (scary)

I cannot live without: my family and friends

I am happy when: my daughter crawls into my lap for hugs and snuggles.

I am annoyed by: mean people, stupid people and judgmental twerps.

I have always wanted: to travel on a whim
I encourage people to: Dream big and just do it.

I think it would be cool if: I got to travel on a whim *g*

I love to _____ when no one is looking.  I’m always paranoid someone is looking.

I write romance because: the thought of a job outside the home gave me hives 🙂
I would love to know what readers think of: their favorite authors, their favorite books and favorite characters.


Thanks, Maya, for taking the time to complete the sentences!

So, readers who are some of your favorite authors?

Favorite books?

Favorite characters?

What makes them favorites for you?


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