What are you Reading?

So what is everyone reading?

I have been trying to catch up on some backlists of some authors whose books I recently discovered (Jaci Burton, Sydney Croft, and others) and reading quite a few ebooks.  I am slowly making a dent in the TBR Mountain Range.

How about you?

E.T.A  I still haven’t heard from one of Devyn Quinn’s winners…Valerie…if I don’t hear from her by Friday I will choose another winner.


10 Responses to What are you Reading?

  1. Wendy says:

    I’m rereading Fangs for the Memories by Kathy Love and an ARC of Through The Veil by Shiloh Walker. 😀

  2. cathy m says:

    I am almost finished with Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost, and I am lovin it. She has the second book coming out next month, so I was curious about the series. So glad I did. Strong characters, lots of action, good romance and a story that definitely has me wanting more.

  3. lnjen says:

    I think you may have read this one (I think I remember you posting about it) but I just finished Sophia Rae’s A Stranger’s Bed and right before that Anne Rainey’s Touching Lace. AWESOME books! I’m not sure what is next yet. It’s really gonna be hard to top my last two, but even so I’m not worried because just about every book I’ve read so far this year has been outstanding.

  4. limecello says:

    I got Shifter – the new anthology earlier this week, and “Man of the Hour” by Diana Palmer today. [Could those books be any more different? :P] I recently finished “Hot in Here” by Susan Lyons and LOVED it. I’ve also read some random categories.
    I still haven’t found Unleasing the Storm in stores (I know I can get it on line -but right now it’s the principle of the thing), and yes, I check both romance, fiction, and the “new” sections. But right now, I’m wading my way through a research edit of “EXAMINING DISTINCTIVE JURISPRUDENCE IN THE FEDERAL CIRCUIT: CONSEQUENCES OF A SPECIALIZED COURT ” for a law journal. Blech.

  5. fedora says:

    Reading some of Leslie Kelly’s backlist–just finished Make Me Over, and going to move onto her Santoris… Every time I think I might be starting to make a dent in the mountain, it magically grows a ton and I’m pretty sure I’m never catching up… 😉

  6. Helen says:

    I have just finished My Wicked Fantasy by Karen Ranney loved it and am now reading How To Propose To A Prince by Kathryn Caskie and loving it. I recently read Kimberly Logans debut book A Kiss In The Dark it was fantastic but I don’t seem to making any headway in the TBR pile it keeps growing LOL.

    Have Fun

  7. Danny says:

    I finally got Amy Knupp’s Doctor in the house yesterday and I liked the book. At the moment I am reading Lauren Dane’s Standoff, no idea what I will read next as print book. Have to see what jumps from my tbr pile.

  8. Eva S says:

    I’ve reread Lara Adrian’s “The Midnight Breed” books while I’m waiting for her next. After that it will be Wolf Tales IV by Kate Douglas.
    My historical tbr pile keeps growing, perhaps it will soon be time for some Regency…

  9. Lois says:

    For me, that would be Jane Eyre. 🙂 I caught the movie (whatever version it was) on PBS before they started the Jane Austen ones, so I decided to get the book. Finally reading it now. 😉


  10. Greta says:

    I’m currently reading Her Majesty, My Love by Sharon Long. I’m really not into historicals, but this one may change my mind.
    I also have Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts and Naked in death by J.D. Robb going as well.

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