Interview with Lizzie T. Leaf…

Please give a warm welcome to Lizzie T. Leaf… 

nightnurse.jpgPlease tell us about your books.
Most of my books have humor.  Some are strictly contemporary with heat, such as Night Nurse (a Brown Paper Wrapper at
Aspen Mountain Press) and Call Me (about a girl in the phone sex industry) which the revised version will be re-released at Aspen Mountain Press sometime in wakingupdead.jpgMarch/April.  The others have paranormal elements in addition to the humor and heat.  Waking Up Dead is my first vampire novella and I’m currently working on the next in that series.  My full length print novel, Struck by Lightning, is also a Beacon winner, but the bankruptcy of the publisher now has me looking for a new home for it since I now have the rights back. On the non-humor side is the Again and Again series which is more historical.  My hero and heroine meet in contemporary times and relive their past lives together through their dreams. 

What inspired the stories?
Call Me was inspired by a tv news show that I saw on the phone sex industry, along with a dare from my critique partners. 

Night Nurse was an idea that popped into my head when the publisher asked me for a ‘hot’ short. 

Waking Up Dead came about when the same publisher who asked me to write Struck by Lightning, asked me for a novella with a Halloween theme to go into an anthology. 

amongstones.jpgThe Again and Again came to me after a trip to Stonehenge when I almost passed out walking between two stones.  That led to the idea for Among the Stones, the first in the series. 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?
Sharing the ideas that are always bouncing in my head and hopefully improving in my ability to do so.   

Least favorite? 
The isolation.  There are times when I have to pack up my laptop and head for a coffee shop to have the connection with people.

Who has inspired you as a writer? 
As far as authors, anyone who has had the courage to put their ideas on paper.  In my personal life, my husband who wanted to know why I wasn’t focusing on something I loved to do.

What would you like to tell aspiring writers? 
Keep trying.  Practice does help one become better.  Go back an read your earlier work…you’ll probably be amazed at the difference in how it compares to what you’re doing now.  Also, join a writers group for the friendships of people who understand how you think and feel on a subject that can put your non-writing friends and family to sleep after awhile.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 
A passionate, loving dreamer.  Does that work?

What do you like to read? 
I’m guilty of reading the back of cereal boxes while eating.  Otherwise, romance of course, but I try to read cross genre.  Last book I bought…Highland Guardian by Melissa Mayhue.

What is next for you? 
I’m currently working on a sequel to Waking Up Dead.  In addition, I’ve started to work on a mainstream/women’s fiction novel.  Plus, I have to do the revisions for Call Me before the end of the month.

Is there anything you’d like to ask readers? 
I’d be interested to know how important book covers are to readers and what type appeals to them most?

Lizzie loves to hear from readers and has formed some great friendships by one on one contact.  You can e-mail her 

Thank you, Lizzie, for that great interview! 

Readers, you can learn more about Lizzie and her books at 

So, how about answering her question…


11 Responses to Interview with Lizzie T. Leaf…

  1. brownone says:

    I really don’t take the cover into account when choosing what to buy. That being said, I do prefer the ones without faces, like body shots. Sometimes the hero is described as dark haired and then on the cover they’ll have a model with blonde hair and it just throws me off a little. But other than that, it doesn’t stop me from reading it.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Hi brownone,
    I agree with you about people on covers looking different than the book description. I just went through that yestereday with my editor on the May release. The cover artist had a picture of the heroine which wasn’t EVEN close to the description. I nixed it and the editor has taken it back to the drawing board, so to speak. Thank you for your input on the subject.

    And a big thank you to Jennifer on the interview she posted today.

    (who has a sick husband at home today)
    2007 Beacon Winner, Erotic Romance/First Novel

  3. limecello says:

    Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for the interview. I like covers, and sometimes they’re eye catching, but they really don’t make the decision as to whether I’m going to buy the book or not. Sometimes the cover/title combo will get me to pick up the book, but if I don’t know what it’s about, I’ll immediately flip it over to read the back blurb (although sometimes/recently those have been pretty off too.) Like brownone, it is a little distracting if the cover model looks NOTHING like the hero/heroine/has nothing to do with the book, but I also know sometimes covers are done well in advance to the book being finished – or… just don’t really take into account what the book says. I love monochrome covers, and body shots, but I also really like picturesque scenes too.

  4. Helen says:

    Great interview Jennifer and Lizzy
    Covers don’t make me buy a book but I agree with everyone about the models not being like the characters in the book but there are some really nice covers out there and they will make me pick a book up but I read the back first.
    Have Fun

  5. Angie-la says:

    Enjoyed the interview very much, Lizzie and Jennifer.
    I guess I’m a “don’t judge a book by the cover” buyer! While I enjoy looking at a really nice cover it doesn’t influence my decision to try the book.
    Although a really eye catching cover may make me pick up a book by a new to me author. 🙂

  6. fedora says:

    Hi, Lizzy! Thanks for the interview today, and so sorry about your sick husband–that’s not fun for either of you!

    As for covers, I like eye-catching ones, but I do agree that it annoys me when the descriptions inside don’t match what’s presented. The cover won’t compel me to buy if the blurb isn’t good or the first couple pages…

  7. Laura J says:


    Your books are on my wishlist. My husband (with some very strong hinting from me) got me an eReader for Valentine’s day. I’ll be getting Waking Up Dead very soon!!!!

    Now for your question: I will admit I have bought (or atleast picked up a book) because of its cover. But really as long as the cover fits the story, I really don’t care what they look like.

  8. Virginia H. says:

    I really don’t go by the cover of the book. I go more by reveiws, word of mouth, and the story line of the book. Only thing I can say about the cover is it might catch your eye and make you pick that book up and look at it, that’s about all. You know the old saying is you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  9. ThatBrunette says:

    Thanks for the interview. At the moment, I am into the cartoon-y covers. The one for WAKING UP DEAD would grab my interest. If I am reading a series, I hope the covers are similar so they are easy to find. It is a rareity that I have time to browse for books in a B&M store. I go by recommendation or by reading the blurbs in a genre I like. I’m the mother of a three-year-old, I’m happy when books don’t rhyme.

  10. Cindi says:

    As with a person, I will notice something about them right away! They may have lovely eyes, great teeth, beautiful hair, etc. Of course, there are some things that aren’t so pleasant. Whether I perceive someone as attractive or not is what I notice first, but I do go behind “the book’s cover!” I suppose the title is what I notice first and then the cover illustration. If in reading the back cover and I think it sounds promising, the cover is secondary. Thanks,Cindi

  11. Laura K says:

    I am a very visual person. When I’m in a bookstore, covers will catch my eye. I then look to the back blurb to see if I want it. When on the internet, I also am a sucker for a cover. I like to see real people for romance, it can be more stylized if it’s a mystery.
    While a cover may CATCH my eye…the blurb and excerpt (if on internet) had better satisfy my curiousity to pick it up.

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