Spotlight on Cadari Lover by Cara Carnes!

Cadari Lover by Cara Carnes  


One horrendous act meant to destroy her. Only one night to fulfill a lifetime of passion. Could fate be this cruel?

Rina Daniels could not believe the cruel twist of irony.  Years of secret desire for the sexy alien friend she could never have made her flee his protection, only to find herself in the hands of his enemies.  Forcefully converted to the sexual being known across the universes as tagratis, she is now doomed to spend an eternity unfulfilled.

Kandos Strabuquar hated himself for not protecting Rina.  Lust had blinded his judgment.  He never should have allowed her to remain on his planet, even if it was just for a visit.  Now she was a tagratis, and she would suffer a lifetime of ungratified sexual need.

An aquamarine necklace and an experimental drug were their only hope.  Will it be enough?

Available now at Ellora’s Cave!
Find out more about Cara and her books at:


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