Patti Fischer Guest Blogs…

Earlier this week I spotlighted Patti Fischer’s latest release, A Purrfect Touch, and today she is here to guest blog… 

The Art of Promoting Yourself by Patti Fischer 

As a newly published author, one of the most daunting aspects was the fact that I had to go out and … um…promote my book and me. As someone who has never done this before, I found myself feeling like I was at the bottom of a long staircase and if I made a wrong step, I would fall back down and land on my rear. Well, A Purrfect Love for the most part sold on its own. I relied heavily on my friends and word of mouth to sell it and I’ve received positive feedback.

             They liked my story. 

Even now as my second story, A Purrfect Touch, is released, I’m still climbing those stairs and checking my progress to make sure I don’t fall. Can I expect the ones who bought A Purrfect Love to now also snap up A Purrfect Touch? I would hope so, but to make sure I get the sale, and some more, I’ve been taking thinking of ways to market myself. Not easy when it’s a short story in e-book format!

What drives the sales on a book from a new author? I’ve thought about this even before my first one and here on my thoughts:

  • Friends and relatives who are eager to see if you really are indeed publishable. Okay, maybe I’m not Nora Roberts, but I can dream big, can’t I?

  • Getting your name out there on blogs, chats, email lists such as Yahoo. Just the fact that they know you from somewhere and are curious about what you’ve written has to account for something.

  • Getting your friends to promote you. Okay, this is a way of relying on my friends, but just like a chain letter, the more you send out, the wider the chain gets. If they can talk you up to their friends and groups, won’t that sell a few books?

  • Promotional materials (bookmarks, magnets, postcards, etc). I used this to a certain extent, but with no income from my story yet, I had to dig into my pockets. Plus, you don’t ultimately know how much you’ll get from royalties, so this is an iffy venture.

Now that I have A Purrfect Touch, I have two books to promote, which gives me to what amounts to a backlist. (Hey, I’m not a one book author!) Since both are tied in together, I can use that as a marketing tool. Buy A Purrfect Love and A Purrfect Touch and you get two connected stories.

What works for you in marketing?

 Thanks Patti for that great blog! apurrfecttouch_w1752_300.jpg

You can learn more about Patti and her books at her website: 

So, readers what does work for you in marketing?  How do you learn about new books? 
Any authors out there want to share what has worked for them?


10 Responses to Patti Fischer Guest Blogs…

  1. lainey says:

    …I told two friends, and she told two friends, and so on, and…

    The majority of people who have purchased my books are friends/family and blog or forum connections. More importantly, EVERY single book I’ve bought in the last year is someone I ‘know’ from these blogs and forums.

    I agree Patti, particularly for ebooks. The best sales tool is the author. If you can make a connection to readers and other authors and basically hand sell your first releases, that’s your best chance at getting your stuff out there and hopefully having readers enjoy it enough to put you on their auto-buy list.

    My 2nd Wild Rose release brought me two reader and one reviewer emails eager to know ‘the rest of the story’ and it immediately sparked 2 sequels (Ready to Reel, March 12 and ‘Waiting to Waltz’ April 9, Last Rose of Summer) So of course I’m hoping the original readers buy the sequels and tell two friends…and so on! =)

    Best of luck with Purrfect Touch. Adorable cover!

  2. Kathy A says:

    Hi Patti – Loved the books. And what you say is so true – I learned about you from the loop we’re both on.

  3. Virginia H. says:

    I learn about new authors through blogs, newsletters, reveiws and friends.

  4. Virginia H. says:

    I learn about new authors through blogs, newsletters, reveiws and friends.

  5. Helen says:

    I hear about new authors and their books from blogs like this one I have added lots of books to my must get list just from places like this. Living in Australia we don’t get the books as they are released in bookstores like in The States but we can order them in thru bookstores. I get mine from Rendezvous the Romance Bookstore and they are great with getting them in.
    Have Fun

  6. Holly says:

    Great post. Promotion is such a hard concept to grasp. How exactly does one promote? I’m facing that now. The anthology I’m a part of hasn’t released yet, but I have begun brainstorming and creating so that hopefully by the time it’s released I’ll have some tangible promoting ideas.

    Other promo idea I’ve heard are newsletters. These seem to be popular among readers from their favorite authors. As well contest. Who doesn’t like a free book or two? Live chats and blog parties seem to be the wave of the future as well. 🙂

    Good luck with your puurfect books!

  7. fedora says:

    Hi, Patti (and Jennifer!) Thanks for the post today! Patti, how neat to hear about your two books! I’m a bit allergic to cats in real life, but I think I’d enjoy reading about them 🙂 And blogs like yours are one major way I’ve learned about new books recently. The TBR just keeps getting bigger!

  8. Molly the cat says:

    ok Patti’s good friend Mo let me use her puter because we all know WHY Patti’s books are selling…ME! 😉

    Now dahlings….what a better draw for human readers is there but MY picture on the book hee hee. ok ok…so I let that rascal Chewie be on the cover of the second book. I mean he was sooooo demanding! Typical French male 😉 But if I hadnt gotten Brock up on that roof there wouldnt BE a story..and we all KNOW Humans love reading about cats 😉

    I just soooo love bringing silly humans together. Besides….I get more treats that way 😉
    So keep watching! I am bound to be doing more matchmaking soon!

  9. Great post!

    I don’t like to promote, either, but I know it’s necessary to get the word about your books out there, so I plan to use my website, blog, group blog and email loops to promote.

    I have a short story, Eternity Waits, coming out on April 23rd from The Wild Rose Press and a full-length time travel, Erin’s Rebel, also coming out with them, although I don’t have a release date for that yet.

    But I’ve already started promoting both stories. I have a guest blog scheduled this month where I’ll talk about the full-length book and plan to run contests for the short story on both my blog and website starting the end of this month.

  10. Promoting is so hard. I like your tips and wish all my friends had more money. I’m finding that chat groups go a long way to get your name out there as well. Good litttle article.

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