Spotlight on…

Clementine by Isabel L. Martens 


Clementine Pennington accepts a position as housekeeper in Lord Denby’s Highland home. She’s unaware that the devastatingly attractive, Ambrose Silverton, who hires her, actually intends her to be Denby’s next wife. 

Silverton neglects to mention Denby’s five children or the monk, Appington, who cares for him. Thus begins a lively, but highly improper, correspondence that turns Clementine’s attraction to love. When she discovers Appington is physically abusing Denby, Clementine takes the family to London and Silverton’s protection. There she undertakes the daunting task of teaching Denby how to cope with his blindness, a success he mistakes for love. Silverton refuses to acknowledge the emotions drawing them together and, desperate, she seduces him. He continues to insist she must wed Denby. With no hoping of winning him, should she accept Denby’s proposal? Is there any way to win Silverton over? 

Available now from Awe-Struck! 

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5 Responses to Spotlight on…

  1. Helen says:

    This book sounds really good a bit of a twist in it must look out for this one.
    Have Fun

  2. Virginia H. says:

    I agree with Helen. This book does sound like a good read.

  3. fedora says:

    This sounds really good, Jennifer–thanks for the recommendation! (As if I needed any more, really! ;))

  4. Caffey says:

    Oh wow, this does sound good. I always find those reads with a disabled hero or heroine to be a read that I always want to know how they addressed during that time. ( I think I read that the hero is blind). At first I thought it was a teen read because of the cover but the blurb sounds fab! Should be on fictionwise soon on sale!

  5. Caffey says:

    Its up already on fictionwise! I’m so tempted! All your faults,LOL

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