February Reading Goals Check-In

It’s time for the February Reading Goals Check-In!
See the sidebar for more details on my reading goals for 2008 and to share yours! 

So February was better than last month (I did have the flu which kept me from reading for a while this month). 

Here is the break down of February’s reads for me: 
I read 19 books bring the total for the year to 34! 
I read
8 eBooks bringing that total for the year to 8!
I also read
13 new-to-me authors bring that total for the year to 22! 

Here is a list of my February reads!
A Man in Demand by Cheryl Anne Porter
A Purrfect Touch by Patti Fischer (ebook)
Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez (ebook)*
Born to be Wilde by Janelle Denison
Deadly Desires by April Reid (ebook)*
Forbidden Passion by Dee Dawning (ebook)*
It Must Be Magic by Jennifer Skully*
Lost Hearts, Found Souls by Devyn Quinn (ebook)*
Millionaire’s Wedding Revenge by Anna DePalo*
Perfectly Saucy by Emily McKay*
Perfectly Sexy by Emily McKay
Really Something by Shirley Jump
Rich Man’s Revenge by Tessa Radley*
Risking it All by Anna Leigh Keaton (ebook)*
Shameless by Kimberly Raye
Silverhills by Sandra Cox (ebook)*
Their Special-Care Baby by Fiona McArthur*
Twin Fantasies by Opal Carew*
by Cara Carnes (ebook)*
*New-to-me author

I read a lot of great books this month and just like last month I want to share one of those with you!

I bought an extra copy of Really Something by Shirley Jump that I would love to give to one lucky reader!
To enter to win, just comment below with
“I’d love to read Really Something”
so I know you are interested in winning!
I will randomly draw a winner from those interested and announce it on Thursday, March 6!
Please remember to read the contest rules (can be found in sidebar) before entering!
And if you don’t win, then be sure to look for the book in stores…it is a highly enjoyable read!!

So how is your reading coming this year? 
Read any good books? 
Made any new goals?


23 Responses to February Reading Goals Check-In

  1. Jolene says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”
    wow thats quite a list of books.. right now im reading A Christmas To Remember by Kay Stockham, and i picked up 2 new ones today.
    Tori Carrigtons Shameless and Naughty or Nice antho by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Carly Phillips, Patricia Ryan and Kathryn Smith..
    so many books to buy so little money..lol

  2. Crystal B. says:

    I would love to read Really Something.
    You have an impressive list. I am reading Nicole Jordan’s To Pleasure A Lady. Really great.

  3. Virginia H. says:

    Oh wow!! You do read a lot of books. I would love to read this one myself. I don’t have as much time as I want to read, but I make good use of the time I have.

  4. fedora says:

    Hi, Jennifer!

    February was a terrible month for me in terms of reading–I think I read maybe 6 books, bringing my total for the year to 36.

    And, yes, I’d love to read Really Something, too! 😉

    Thanks for checking in!

  5. ThatBrunette says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”

    Actually, I would. I love Shirley’s stuff. I didn’t expect to like her non ‘Romance with recipes’ stuff. Add, if you haven’t read it already, THE OTHER WIFE. Nothing about the blurb caught my interest but, I found myself letting the toddler watch extra TV so I could finish the book.

    Oooh! Get her for your blog and give her your finish the statement thingy! I’d love to see her answers. She gives great chat!

    I might have to join in on your reading race. I like a bit of competition! 😉

  6. Jennifer Y says:

    TB: I loved THE OTHER WIFE! I wanted to read even more after I was finished and remember asking her at a chat or something if she planned on sequels for the book. I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but was immediately caught up in the story and loved it.

  7. Amelia says:

    Great reading list.

    I’d love to read Really Something.

  8. Mary f says:

    I’d love to read Really something…

    That’s Quite a list Jenn Keep up the good work on your goal So far it looks like you’ll make it….

    Read some of the ones you mentioned but you know what my fave of that is already LOL

    If you have to guess CARA’S LMAO

    Mary f

  9. RobynL says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”; honestly, I really would love to read the book. Thanks for the contest.

  10. Minna says:

    I’d love to read Really Something!

  11. limecello says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    “I’d love to read Really Something”
    As to reading – my reviewed count hit 34 today, but I think I’m about 30 books behind in reviews :-X. I don’t even remember if I’ve reviewed books anymore, and it’s getting to be a mess. Whoops. I read a few new books (as in newly released) – Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna, Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh, did I mention The Wicked Ways of a Duke by Laura Lee Guhrke yet? A bunch of categories, and some old books too. =) It’s been a good month for books, and I’m looking forward to reading some of the books that just came out this past Tuesday. Oh! And I read “Champagne Rules” by Susan Lyons and I definitely want the other 3 books. So sad I didn’t win her contest here 😛 I could have discovered her even sooner!

  12. Eva S says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    great list with many interesting books. I’ll have to look for some of them…My goal is at hold right now, I’ve to wait for my eyes… Recently read books are “Shadow Music” by Julie Garwood, “Jacob ” by Jacquelyn Frank and “A Compromised Lady” by Elizabeth Rolls.

    And yes, I’d love to read Really Something!

  13. Helen says:

    Good on you Jennifer I have read 19 books so far this year and I thought that was a lot most of them have been historical and 1 paranormal. A few have been new to me authors that I have really enjoyed.
    I am reading Celeste Bradley’s The Charmer at the moment and I am loving it, it is part of The Liars Club series and it is no 4 I have just orderd no 5 and also her new one from her new series.
    A good recomendation if anyone has not read it yet is The Stolen Princess by Anne Gracie such a wonderful voice and fantastic read.
    I also read Debra Mullins’s Three Nights an older one of hers and the first one that I read by Debra and really loved it as well.
    Not sure what I will read next I have a lot to choose from (can never have too many books LOL) but will have to decide tonight as I am nearly finished The Charmer.
    BTW I would love to read Really Something.
    Have Fun

  14. brownone says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”

    Hi Jennifer,
    Just wanted to say I enjoyed last months blogs. Thank you for doing that and I’ve added a bunch of new writers to my list!

  15. Teresa W. says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something” I’m currently reading an ARC When He Was Bad by Cynthia Eden and Shelly Laurenston (This one is Hot) I just finished reading News Blues by Marianne Mancusi this one was fun and cute.

  16. Cindi Hoppes says:

    Hi, “I’d love to read “Really Something!” Thanks for the chance to win a book. Cindi

  17. Jane says:

    I’d love to read “Really Something.” I’m currently reading Toni Blake’s “Tempt Me Tonight.” Some great books I’ve recently read include “Pandora’s Daughter” by Iris Johansen and “Confessions At Midnight” by Jacquie D’Alessandro.

  18. Lois says:

    Hiya! 🙂 Oh, and. . . I’d love to read Really Something 🙂

    I just finished reading all of Lauren Willig’s books. . . the first three rereading before hitting the newest one. . . and once again, I’m so disappointed I have to wait for the next one!!! Pooh.

    I started 101 things You Didn’t Know About Jane Austen today. . . 🙂

    And for the year. . . I’m back (from counting LOL) 43 books. 🙂

    Up next will be To Catch a Highlander by Karen Hawkins of course. 🙂


  19. bluecat says:

    Yes! I would love to read Really Something.

    I’m re-reading Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series.

  20. Beth R says:

    I feel like I’ve read more this year so far that I did last year.

  21. Cherie J says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”

    I am impressed with how much reading I have gotten done. So far this year I have been averaging about 14 books a month which is an improvement over last year. Hope I can keep it up but it is tough when you have two kids under the age of 5.

  22. Caffey says:

    “I’d love to read Really Something”
    Hi Jennifer! I love to read what others have read. Reading new to me authors are exciting! I put my reads of e books and prints together, I just note they are in ebook in case someone needs to find and will realized they might not be available in print as well. I’m making a list of those authors I haven’t read and checking them out!

    I haven’t finished writing up what I read yet, but I just started a journal to log what I read because I’m awful with forgetting titles! Some of the reads that really stuck with me this month, have been Romance Suspense. I really don’t read much of that genre unless its a intense romance within it. I think because I got burned out with some I read that were romance suspense and more I read of the author, the less and less romance was in it until it was straight suspense. I love my romances in the books!
    Some books that t I can recall at the top of my head:
    RIDING WILD by Jaci Burton (print)
    TO THE LIMIT by Cindy Gerard (print)
    ebook by Roxanne Springer (Whiskey Creek Press Torrd)
    Charlotte Featherstone (ebook from Spice Briefs)
    ONCE HE LOVES by Sara Bennett (print)
    TANGLED WEB by Alexi (from eXtasy books, erotic historical)

    I told you I was not good in remembering titles, LOL. So I thought I did pretty good, LOL. But this month I know without checking has been a much better month of reading for me! I had a blast! I just try not to get disappointed in myself if I don’t read as much as the month before, etc. I t ry not to compare myself to others. I just have some tough months, and other months I feel great and just read one after another. I’m so proud of many of you that get so much read. The more I read the more I want to read. LOL

  23. Caffey says:

    I wanted to say too I loved reading all your lists here!
    Helen, I too put Celeste Bradley’s books on my wishlist. I see her and others put out their books 3 in a row. Sounds like you had a great month of historical reads. I sometimes just want to read historicals like I did once reading the six Governess books of Christina Dodd in a row. I never read so many by the same author together. It worked out great. Other times I must have a variety. I think t hat was the only time I did that. But have gone reading historicals all month, those are comfort reads! And they do me so much good!
    Crystal, Same with Nicole Jordan putting three books out in a row. I have her PLEASURE A LADY coming in the mail soon. I’ve loved reading her books as well.

    Now I’m off to check out more of all these books from you all and Jennifer listed. LOL
    PS how come ‘historicals’ is not a word! I hate that its always highlighted red as a typo, ROFL

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