Spotlight on Janette Kenny’s Books…

Today the spotlight is on the books of author Janette Kenny! 

One Real Cowboy
Available Now!!!

orc.jpgStraight From The Heart…
Cord Tanner has a very simple plan: get paid to be Beatrix Northroupe’s husband for a month so the prim, but very sexy, Englishwoman can gain rightful ownership of her family’s stud farm. Money in hand, he’s going to get as far away from Revolt, Kansas, as a fast horse can take him.
But Cord soon finds that he admires his Trixie’s reckless courage—not to mention she’s one great kisser. Maybe he’s crazy to hope for a real future with her instead of heading for the hills, but now that someone’s staking a dangerous claim to her farm, Cord’s decided to stick around as long as the lady needs protecting. That wedding ring he put on her finger means her reputation is safe—and he’s determined to win her heart. Cord Tanner may not be the most refined man on the frontier, but he sure is the lovingest… 

One Real Man
Available April 2008!!!

orm.jpgLost And Found… 
Gil Yancy is a man with a mission: claim his share of Rocky Point Ranch and build a herd of his own. What Gil doesn’t count on is the greeting he gets—in the form of a stove lid upside the head—from the mistress of the place. She’s the prettiest thing Gil’s ever laid eyes—and more—on. When last they met, the shady lady seduced him and stole his last red cent, so now it might just be time for a little sweet revenge…
Josie can’t believe Rocky Point’s new cowboy is that cowboy—the one with the strongest-yet-gentlest hands ever to mark a trail down her body. She robbed Gil blind out of sheer desperation, and years later, Josie still has something of his…but that’s not her only secret. She wants him just as much as ever—and she knows he’d do anything to please a lady…  

You can learn more about Janette and her books by visiting her website: 

Check back tomorrow for my interview with Janette! 

So, do you like western historicals?  Have you ever read one?  If not, what are you waiting for? 😉  

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25 Responses to Spotlight on Janette Kenny’s Books…

  1. JSL says:

    Hi Janette –
    You books sound really interesting, and I love the covers! But – I have to admit, I read the first one, and was like “wow- that sounds so interesting.” And I started to read the second- but I glanced to my left, and just chuckled. While trying to read blurb 2, I kept getting distracted. Everyone loves a hot cover model – but his body, haha, it’s just ridiculous. I was reminded of how I felt 300 – awe, and morbid curiosity – is that real?!Just thought I should share. 😉

  2. Minna says:

    Yes, I like western historicals. And time travel books.

  3. Amelia says:

    I haven’t read any western historicals. But I certainly want to try one.

  4. ThatBrunette says:

    If the plot catches my eye, I’ll read it; Western, historical or any other genre. ONE REAL COWBOY sounds pretty good. Also, there is a place called Rocky Point on Long Island (NY). I don’t think there are many ranches out that way. Mostly fisherman.

  5. brownone says:

    Oooh, I LOVE western historicals. Brenda Joyce’s Bragg series comes to mind…

  6. Beth R says:

    The cover of your books are fantastic.
    I’ve read a couple of Western romances

  7. First thanks to Jennifer for hosting the fabulous Zebra party! And thanks to all who’ve commented so far.

    JSL, Nathan Kamp is the cover model for One Real Man. He’s done a lot of romance covers, but I like him on my novel best. 🙂 His url is if you want to check out others he’s done.

    brownone, I loved Joyce’s Bragg series as well. Very edgy writing at the time.

    Thanks Beth! I love my covers too.

  8. Helen says:

    Yes I love western historicals and these sound fantastic I will be adding them to my to get list.
    Have Fun

  9. Cindi Hoppes says:

    I enjoy western romance. I think that is because I like rugged men! Thanks for the information…..Cindi

  10. Jane says:

    I do enjoy western historicals, especially those by Lorraine Heath. I totally agree with the comments about your covers. They’re hot.

  11. cathy M says:

    I do enjoy reading western historical romances, my latest favorites are Beth Williamson and Sarah McCarty.

  12. Janette your books sound good 🙂 and I like the covers.

    No I haven’t read any Historicals yet and I am waiting to get to the book store when it’s not so cold out that is *G*


  13. Cherie J says:

    Yes, I do enjoy reading Western historicals and have read many.

  14. Jolene says:

    I adore western historicals and will surely be checking yours out…thanks for sharing..

  15. Virginia H. says:

    Yes I really enjoy reading Western historical, I have One read Cowboy in my TBR pile. I love historicals period. It is my favorite type of read.

  16. Hey, Janette! *Big waves*
    Let’s see…Have I read a westerns….ah….yep. I recently read a great one. It was yours! 😉
    Can’t wait to get my hand on One Real Man!
    The cover is worth the money!
    These ladies are a lot of fun…enjoy!

  17. Oh, thanks everyone, especially Virginia for buying ORC. 😉 Cord Tanner is a hero of my heart, and this story is one I just couldn’t shelf.

    Hey, Kim! Thanks a mil, and yes, the gals her are uber sweet. Readers, you are all going to have a new fav author when you read Kimberly Killion’s debut. She’d good. Not saying that cause she’s a friend and cp of mine. I read her work before I’d met her and I loved it!

  18. Teresa W. says:

    Looking forward to your latest release and yes I like to read western romances.

  19. Crystal B. says:

    I love western historicals. I have read One Real Cowboy and can’t wait to read One Real Man. I love the cover. 🙂

  20. Rhonda Barnes says:

    I love western historicals! I can’t wait to read One Real Man!

    Rhonda :0)

  21. Sue A. says:

    I love the men in western historicals. There’s something special about cowboys and that era that appeals to me.

  22. Maureen says:

    I like them and have read a bunch of them. To me they are appealing because life was simpler and people appreciated the small things back then.

  23. Danny says:

    I absolutely love western romances but there are to few of them. That’s why I was so happy to discover your books

  24. fedora says:

    Hi, Janette! Lovely covers! I’m pretty new to reading western historicals, and have enjoyed the ones I’ve read so far. One Real Cowboy’s on my TBR!

  25. Nathalie says:

    I also love the cover, with a rugged hero displayed 🙂

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