We interrupt this program…

Okay…sorry to interrupt the party (and PLEASE read today’s post below), but today I was interviewed over at the Fallen Angels Review blog if you want to take a look…I am a very boring person so I won’t blame you for not caring…LOL. 
I am still not sure why they interviewed me…apparently someone thought I was interesting…LOL.


8 Responses to We interrupt this program…

  1. Eva S says:

    Hi Jennifer, with so many great interviews and reviews you’re NOT a boring person!
    Love your blog, I’ll miss it when I’ll be away for some weeks, but I know yuo’ll have lots of new authors and books for my TBB list when I”ll be back.
    Take care, Eva

  2. Virginia H. says:

    I didn’t think your interview was boring at all. Why do you think you are a boring person. I really enjoyed it.

  3. ThatBrunette says:

    You should start making up exciting facts about yourself. “At night, I moonlight as a bouncer at a Vampire club”.

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    TB, that’s a great idea!!! I should totally make up stuff about myself…LOL. It would definitely make me more interesting.

  5. JSL says:

    Hi Jennifer-
    You did a great interview! No worries- and as to the blogging v. yahoo groups and dogging inboxes – *yes!* Most of mine are “special notice” only – but I had to “downgrade” a few groups to “no email.” Unfortunately, they felt “special notice” was everything they posted, about 5 times a day. Ack.
    Also ack, I missed all the prizes yesterday. *sniffle* I saw this, but somehow didn’t click over. That’ll teach me.

  6. Amelia says:

    Same here. I missed your interview and all the great prizes. Jennifer, you were great.

  7. fedora says:

    That was a lovely interview, Jennifer! You’re hardly boring! But it would be hilarious to make up stuff and see whether that catches people’s attention 😉

  8. Cindi Hoppes says:

    No one is truly boring. We are all unique and have interesting qualities. I suppose making up a couple of white lies wouldn’t be too bad…..LOL Cindi

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