Party Still Going Strong!

Just wanted to remind everyone that the party will be going on all month!
So keep on visiting and commenting! 

And I wanted to let you know that some prizes have been added to the prize list thanks to the generosity of authors if you want to check it out! 
I am even putting together a surprise prize pack or two with books and promo items from my own stash of goodies. 

Remember, every comment left this month counts as an entry! 
There is no limit to the number of times you can comment or enter for this giveaway so comment as often as you would like!

More details (including the updated prize list) can be found here!

Don’t forget to check out today’s post below…


10 Responses to Party Still Going Strong!

  1. JSL says:

    Wow – those are some pretty hefty prizes- you rock Jennifer! Thanks to you and all the generous authors!

  2. ThatBrunette says:

    I can hear you grin through your post! I think you are enjoying this as much as we are.

  3. Jennifer Y says:

    TB: You know me so well…LOL…either that or the exclamation marks gave me away…LOL

  4. Jen H says:

    Great prize packages!! Jen 🙂

  5. Danny says:

    Jennifer, thanks for doing this blog party, it’s so much fun! And thanks to the authors for donating all the stuff.

  6. Amelia says:

    WOW!!! Great prizes! Thanks Jennifer.

  7. Jane says:

    Awesome prizes.

  8. Cindi Hoppes says:

    What a fun party! Thanks for the contest and fantastic prizes. Cindi

  9. Cindi Hoppes says:

    What wonderful prize packages! You are definitely hosting a whirlwind of a party!
    Thanks very much…..Cindi : )

  10. Nathalie says:

    Jennifer… Great Party!

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