Interview with Irene Peterson!

Today I would like you to give a warm welcome to the fabulous, Irene Peterson! 

Please tell us about your books.
Before being published, I had written 9 books.  The first four…well, they were BC (before children) and very fantasy oriented.  They are currently moldering in my cellar.

gdcover.gifGlory Days, the first one to make it to publication, is based on an idea my uncle gave me…how he used to be sort of “wild” and would wake up in strange hotel rooms with strange women in the bed….  Given that idea for a character, I came up with the idea of this man finding out he possibly had fathered a child and how he would react to that.  Then I tossed in plenty of Jersey attitude and Asbury Park and came up with the whole story.

k2g_cover_small.gifKisses to Go, came about after a trip to England in 2000.  I’ve always loved the idea of England and its history and people, so when I actually got to see some of the country, my imagination took over.  How would a Jersey girl who had just been dumped by her boyfriend handle a real live English earl?  Especially one who disliked Americans.  I put my heroine in a strange position, got her to go to all the places I had visited in the country and let things go crazy.

This book was written long before Glory Days, revised and finally made it to print. 

Which of your characters is most like you?
Unfortunately, all the female characters are parts of me.  I am born and bred in
New Jersey.  I talk Jersey, I think Jersey, I write Jersey.  We’re a tough bunch, resourceful, a little mouthy, ready to try new things but attached to our homes…well, at least that’s how I feel.  My ladies are all my alter-egos.  They let me do things I couldn’t do on my own any more.

Which of your characters would you like to switch places with? For how long?  What would you do?
I’d switch places with Abby Porter in a heartbeat!  Marry an earl?  Wow, that would be so cool.  And, I’d get to live in a huge old house full of antiques.  That would be heaven for me.

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?
This may sound silly, but I like the idea of people appreciating my brain. Nothing pleases me more than having someone tell me they loved this part of the story or asking me how I came up with such and such.  I also like signing books.  I get a real kick out of that.

The least favorite thing?  Worrying about the next book.  Will I be able to sell it?  Will readers like it?  I worry a great deal. 

Who has inspired you as a writer?
My sixth grade teacher told me I should be a writer.  I’ve always loved writing, seeing my words and thoughts on paper…I used to write everything longhand and thought I’d never figure out how to use the computer, but now I can’t write longhand without my hand cramping…I’m just not used to it at all.  

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
Everybody has a story inside.  Write every day.  Write journals, blogs, just thoughts every day.  Don’t stop.  A real writer can’t stop because it is what they were meant to do. 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Short, fat and blond 

If you had a time capsule to be opened 50 years in the future, what would you put in it?
I think I’d make a list of all these things I thought might happen in the future, things like…a woman president…a colony on the moon…discovery of a cure for cancer…free Cuba…universal free education…things like that.  I’d wonder if any of my guesses ever came true. 

Where can readers find you online?
I have three sites.  (I write here nearly every day) 

Is there anything you’d like to ask readers?
If I told you that dragons lived among us, would you believe it?
If I told you ghosts were real, would you believe that? 

Thank you Irene for that great interview and for taking the time to be a part of the Blog Party! 

Readers, take a shot at Irene’s interesting questions… 

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29 Responses to Interview with Irene Peterson!

  1. Danny says:

    I absolutely believe in ghosts and why shouldn’t dragons also exist. I guess they are sometimes in disguise of a human, because there good and bad ones

  2. danette says:

    I love dragons, if you told me they were real I say send one my way. Ghosts creep me out,but I know they’re around. every story has some truth, so there are too many ghost stories out there that at least some of them have to be real.

    Enoyed your post.

    Hugs, Danette

  3. bluecat says:

    I’m not sure about the dragons but the ghost thing, yes, I’m a believer. Hey hey we’re the monkees. Oops, sorry.

  4. Irene says:

    You three got up very early!

    I’m working on the dragon story and yes, he has the ability to transform into human form, he’s been doing it for hundreds of years. That’s all I can say, though. Oh, yeah, and I’m working at being “dark”. That’s hard for me. But I’ll give it a try.


  5. brownone says:

    Hmmm…don’t know about the dragons (although I know a few women who are, in fact, dragons). As for the ghosts, defiantely!

  6. Amelia says:

    Interesting post! I’m not sure about dragons, but for ghosts…I would say yes.

  7. Eva S says:

    Hi Irene,
    I’d love a dragon of my own! I hope you soon get your dragon story published..
    I’m not sure about ghosts, are they creepy ones or gorgeous males?

  8. Irene says:

    My ghosts are a couple who died in 1926 in England. They just haven’t gotten over themselves and thus haven’t left earth. She’s a genuine flapper, he’s dashing and quite incredible. Throw in a scientist with ADHD and a psychic….

    Oh, did I mention the scientist has invented a way to make himself invisible???

  9. Jennifer Y says:

    You have definitely intrigued me, Irene, with both the dragon and the ghost story!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Minna says:

    I wouldn’t mind a few dragons and ghosts.

  11. Jane says:

    Dragons and ghosts are common themes in folk lore, but we don’t know if it’s based on actual sightings or if they made these creatures up to frighten people. I do believe that dragons exist, but it’s possible that they’re extinct like the dinosaurs. As for the ghosts, I’ve never encountered one but I believe they exist also.

  12. ThatBrunette says:

    A ghost question? Does that mean you might write a ghost story? I like a good ghost story. Creepier the better.

    Well, the theory behind dragons are dinosaur bones so, not too unbelievable.

  13. Fedora says:

    Thank you for the fun interview, Irene and Jennifer! Hmm… as for your questions, it would depend–if you can convince me in a story, then definitely, I’d love to be a believer. But everything has to hang together–I’m a bit of a skeptic, so I like the evidence to be pretty water-tight 🙂

  14. Beth R says:

    I think that its is fascinating the almost every culture on Earth has dragons in their mythology

  15. Pshaw on the dragons. (always wanted to use that word!) TDragons are messy and can’t be housebroken. Too big, for ohe thing. Can you see the litter box?

    Wowzer! I want a dashing and incredibly handsome ghost!. To heck with the woman who’se still clingingon to him. Get rid of her for me, please, then send him to haunt my house?

    Great interview, Irene. Get those books out there!

  16. Virginia H. says:

    I really don’t think there are dragons, but ghost I am not sure about. I can say that I have never seen one and don’t care to.

    By the way I do enjoy read about ghost and dragons. It kind of gives you something to think about.

  17. Jeanette Jackson says:

    The ghosts I would believe but maybe not the Dragons. I say maybe because there are still unexplored places and I would like to think anything could be hiding there…dinosaurs, giants maybe even Dragons. Well I can wish can’t I?

  18. Jennifer Y says:

    I bought my nephew some of those Dragonology books for his birthday and they are very neat…definitely made me want to believe in dragons…and a shapeshifter dragon sounds cool!

  19. Cherie J says:

    Dragons are so cool. It would be interesting if they were real. Ghosts creep me out since we have all heard the stories.

  20. JSL says:

    Haha – I agree with Brownone. I do like reading about dragons – but I’m a little more skeptical as to them being real. Your books sound great -and I love the covers!

  21. Hey Irene!

    YOu know I believe in ghosts! I see now reason why there shouldn’t be dragons either.

    Studly says Hi!

  22. peggy says:

    ghosts yes. but no to the dragons

  23. Teresa W. says:

    I also say yes to ghosts but no to dragons. (But it would be cool)

  24. Maureen says:

    I don’t think I’d believe dragons but ghosts are a possibility.

  25. Pam P says:

    Though I’ve never encountered one, ghosts I can believe in, dragons I don’t think so, though I love reading stories about them.

  26. Sue A. says:

    Ghosts – yes, not that I’ve ever had a personal experience. And dragons, no!

  27. Ruth Chesick says:

    I believe in ghosts.

    When we lived in the house that we just left a year and a half ago, I heard footsteps coming down the attic stairs.

    I thught one of our sons had gone up there and was coming down. Now this was about 2 in the morning. But since our youngest son was a sleepwalker I didn’t think too much about it at first.

    Then the footsteps went through the boys’ bedroom, down to the first floor, and then down to the cellar.

    At that point I got up out of bed. Went into the boys’ bedroom and they were all asleep in their beds. Went downstairs and no one was there.

    I know I wasn’t asleep or dreaming sooooooooooo was it a ghost??

    I think so.

    Ruth C.

  28. Cindi Hoppes says:

    I am not sure what I think about dragons, but I would definitely say their are spirits in this realm! Cindi

  29. Nathalie says:

    I don’t believe in anything supernatural… I am too realistic and have a scientific mind.

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