Spotlight on Paula Reed’s Books…

Yesterday I interviewed Paula Reed and today here are the blurbs for her releases… 

Into His Arms
Zebra Historical Romance
June 2004
ihasmall.gifGeoffrey Hampton has little faith in his fellow man. The English privateer follows his own fearless code, taking his fortune and his pleasures as he sees fit. And as for the possibility of finding true love, well, it’s an illusion as unlikely as a beautiful woman hiding in his cabin. But Faith Cooper is no illusion–she’s a stowaway from Boston Harbor. She’s also a delectable flesh-and-blood woman and seems immune to the captain’s considerable charms. In fact, Faith is unlike any woman he has ever known–intelligent, unwavering in her beliefs, and truly innocent. Someone who challenges his heart at every turn. Now, as two unlikely lovers make passage to the warm, sultry winds of Jamaica, a deep abiding passion flares, giving Geoffrey a treasure he never dared to hope for and a woman he cannot afford to lose.  

For Her Love
Zebra Historical Romance
Oct 2004
fhl_small2.jpgGiles Courtney may be the captain of his own ship, but he’s not yet certain he’s the master of his destiny. His reckless privateering days behind him, Giles is determined to make a respectable name for himself, yet where to begin is the question at hand—especially when he must inform his first patron that his convictions forbid him to traffic in slaves. But while wealthy sugar planter Edmund Welbourne is astounded by Giles’ refusal, his beautiful daughter Grace is quite obviously intrigued—and Giles is instantly attracted. As intelligent and spirited as she is lovely, Grace is everything Giles wants in a wife—but their hasty marriage soon proves to be a challenge that will test everything both of them believe about the nature of freedom and the overwhelming power of love…

Nobody’s Saint
Zebra Historical Romance
March 2005
nssmall.jpgCaptain Diego Montoya is working toward one goal—owning his own ship. His patron saint, Mary Magdalene, has a different idea—appearing to him in visions as compelling as they are troubling, she promises that true love awaits him. With no idea where or when he will meet the demure bride he’s sure the saint has foreseen, Diego is certain of only one thing—the spirited Irish lass who winds up on his ship cannot be the woman he is fated to fall for. Bold, stubborn, and hot-tempered, Mary Kate O’Reilly is the victim of her grandfather’s cruel plan to marry her off to a shipbuilder in Port Royal. She’s not only a woman engaged to another man—she’s a temptress, determined to seduce him to escape her unwanted betrothal! Diego can’t allow the independent beauty to steal his heart. But on second thought, he’s nobody’s saint…

Paula mentioned yesterday that all of these books are set in the Caribbean in the seventeenth century, which is definitely an interesting setting. 
Do you like books with exotic or unique settings?
What are some exotic or unique locations you have read about?
What is your favorite type of setting to read in books?
What locations would you like to read about in the future?

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21 Responses to Spotlight on Paula Reed’s Books…

  1. Beth R says:

    The setting of these books sounds like a nice escape.

  2. ThatBrunette says:

    Hmm, I don’t know if I would choose a book based only on the location. Well, if I were going to the same place, I might. Any time an author asks what matters to me my answer is always the same. If it is well written, I’ll read almost anything.

  3. JSL says:

    Those are really great settings. As to which ones I like to read about – I don’t choose books based on location either. I look to the storyline, and author. However, that being said… I am quite fond of books set in the Mediterranean! 😀

  4. Pam P says:

    I have to agree, the setting isn’t important if it’s a great story that holds your interest. That said, I do tend to favor Scottish romances, or those in Irelan — men in kilts, magic, druid and the fae.

  5. Eva S says:

    Caribbean would be nice…My favorites settings are perhaps Scotland, and I have read some great books from Alaska and Russia, Italy and Greece, but I don’t choose books based on settings. For me it’s more the time, regency and medieval that is important…

  6. peggy says:

    i love the enland and scotland settings

  7. Helen says:

    Over the years I have read books from lots of different locations and loved them all I like visiting foreign lands and the authors take me there I have more books that are written around England and Scotland and I love them all but I do like going to new places. These books are being added to my must have list.
    Have Fun

  8. Teresa W. says:

    I love reading about exotic locations for books, it takes me to places that I wish I could be!

  9. fedora says:

    These sounds great, Paula (and Jennifer!)

    I don’t tend to choose books based solely on location, but it might tip me towards buying it if it’s either a place I’d love to go or a place I’m familiar with and enjoy (i.e., Paris, San Francisco, Ireland, Asia…) There are a lot of cool places out there to read about! And yes, I do enjoy variety!

  10. Jane says:

    You can’t go wrong with a tropical island as a setting. Some of my favorite settings are England, Scotland, Italy and Las Vegas.

  11. Cherie J says:

    I love to travel through books so reading books in exotic locations is always fun. I love books set in European and Mediterranean countries. I also love books set in Louisiana here in the USA, specifically the Bayous or New Orleans.

  12. Virginia H. says:

    I don’t think the setting is all that important as long as the book is well written. Although when books have different settings it makes you feel like you are traveling there. I love reading books set in the highlands of scotland. Highlander books are my favorite books to read. I also enjoy books that are set right here in the US. I have read alot of good books set in Texas, Ky, Tenn, to name a few. So I really believe its all about the story and how well it is written.

  13. Mary f says:

    I absolutely love books with unique settings. How else could I travel without leaving my easy chair or losing luggage?

  14. Danny says:

    I really love books with unique settings because it sets them apart from other books. And as Mary F said, they take you on a journey to far away places.

    I really would like to see some books with Asian or Australian/New Zealand settings, especially historicals

  15. Amelia says:

    Great books! It is always interesting to read books with unique settings. To me, it really doesn’t matter where the setting is.

  16. Laura K says:

    I like contemporary settings as well as sci-fi ones. You can get away with a lot in sci-fi and authors get very creative. The futuristic setting of JD Robb’s books is good because I feel I can be right in the midst of the action.

  17. Maureen says:

    I like all kinds of settings from big citites to tiny little towns, the USA to Australia to Regency England.

  18. Sue A. says:

    I have to say that I still get a kick out of reading a book set where I live. But other than that I’m more into the characters and their interactions than I am into the setting. With that said, I do think it is best if the author uses a setting she has personally experienced, because I’m sure someone will be reading the book who does personally know it.

  19. Ruth Chesick says:

    If the story is well-written the locale doesn’t matter.

    Of course, it is nice to read about exotic places, since I can only be an armchair traveler.

  20. Cindi Hoppes says:

    Settings in books are very important to me! Exotic locations are okay, but I prefer countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. to be the location. Cindi

  21. Nathalie says:

    The setting is not important. It is essential that I like the plot of the book first.

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