Review of Rogue by Kayla Gray

I read Rogue last month and thought I’d post a review for it today…remember to check the post below for my interview with author Kayla Gray! 
From the back cover…
roguefinalart.jpgONCE YOU HAVE FOUND HER…
Waking up on a ship in the middle of the high seas, Bailey Spencer is shocked to discover she’s being held prisoner by Captain Cole Leighton—a handsome rogue who plans to use her as a pawn in his pursuit of vengeance. In all her life, Bailey has never met a man so seductive. She must escape, but his smoldering gaze and caressing touch are irresistible…
Now that he’s found the missing piece in his plot for revenge, Cole has no intention of setting Bailey free, though he is intrigued by her unassuming beauty and courageous spirit. But, torn between his searing passion for Bailey and his vow for vengeance, Cole may not be capable of putting his precious jewel in danger—or of ever letting her go…


Kayla Gray’s Rogue is a fabulous romance filled with passion, drama, and adventure that I highly recommend! 

The lone survivor of a pirate attack, Bailey Spencer is surprised to find herself on board the ship of Captain Cole Leighton.  Bailey knows there is more behind the intriguing captain’s reasons for keeping her on board.  Unsure of who to trust and suddenly alone in the world, Bailey is determined to find her way home with or without the permission of the Captain. 

Cole sees Bailey as the key to getting his ultimate revenge against the pirate who ruined his family and cannot let her return home until his mission is complete.   For years, Cole has hunted the pirate known as Dragon, a vicious man who has never left any survivors…until Bailey.  With Bailey on his ship, Cole finally has something to lure the pirate into exposing himself.  And Cole believes he will finally get his revenge. 

But as Cole and Bailey spend more time together, they form a bond that is tested by Cole’s need for vengeance and he begins to wonder if he will be able to risk losing her. 

The characters and plot of Rogue immediately captured my attention and would not let it go.  Bailey is a wonderfully spirited heroine determined to survive.  She has definitely met her match in Cole.  He is just as strong and spirited and is determined to get revenge against the one who has wronged him.  His past makes him mistrustful of the female gender, but as he gets to know Bailey he feels his defenses crumbling.  Yet Bailey fears what his need for vengeance will do to them both as individuals and as a couple.  The passion and chemistry between Bailey and Cole was palpable and it was interesting to watch their relationship grow and change as they grew as individuals.  They were a wonderful heroine and hero and I enjoyed their journey.

I also enjoyed watching the intriguing story unfold and could hardly wait to find out what would happen next in Cole’s quest for revenge as well as with his relationship with Bailey.  Rogue features a great blend of action, romance, emotion, and adventure that makes for a highly satisfying read. 

The action and drama of the high seas is alive and well in Ms. Gray’s novel and I enjoyed every word of it!  With Rogue, Ms. Gray shows a talent and passion that I hope to see in future books!  If you are looking for a well-written historical romance full of suspense, adventure, emotion, and romance, I recommend that you try Rogue.


10 Responses to Review of Rogue by Kayla Gray

  1. Eva S says:

    Thanks Jennifer,
    I can’t wait for the book! How is it that now suddenly all my books are historicals and the paranormals are on hold…? Perhaps I should read some romantic suspense or comedy for a while… My TBR mountain is full of them and then, maybe, I’ll be able to resist buying more of all these wonderful books… And you have so many more great authors to come!
    But I have to get me many great books to take with me when I’m going to the hospital the 20.2 and will be away for some weeks. I don’t think they have internet there… I will miss you!

  2. Jennifer Y says:

    I hope everything is okay Eva!

  3. Eva S says:

    I hope everything will be okay! I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon and although I’m not so keen on letting him into my brain I’m hoping my 3 years of pain will go away…

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    Sending big hugs and good thoughts your way!

  5. JSL says:

    I hope everything goes well for you, Eva.
    Jennifer – great review – I’m definitely interested in this book!

  6. Amelia says:

    Great review!

    I hope everything is good, Eva. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  7. peggy says:

    nice review .the book looks wonderful.

  8. Danny says:

    Great review Jennifer. The book really looks good not only because of the nice cover *wink*

  9. Nathalie says:

    Nice Review!

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