Interview with Jeanne Adams!

Today’s guest is the lovely Jeanne Adams! 
Jeanne’s upcoming release, Dark and Dangerous, will be available this June from Zebra books! 

darkanddangerous100.jpgThe upcoming book looks wonderful. Can you please tell us about the book?
My book, Dark and Dangerous is a fast-paced story of love and adventure.  The heroine, Dana Markham turned her ex-husband into the FBI when she realized he was using his business as a front for running drugs.  Now, since her ex-husband wants her dead, she’s gone underground with their son.  Her Ex wants her dead and the son back in the family business.  The hero, Caine Bradley, has been sent undercover into the Ex-Husband’s organization in hopes of bringing him to justice.  Instead, he’s ordered to kill Dana and retrieve Xavier, the mobster’s son.  What no one counted on was Dana’s skill at protecting herself and her son!  On the run from her Ex, with Caine in tow, she must keep herself and her son safe, and fight her growing attraction for Caine.  Can she do it?  Can she survive?  Well…you know I’m going to say read the book!  Ha! 

What inspired the story?
There were several things that influenced and inspired the story.  One was a news article about a “gangster” type killing his wife and son when he managed to find them, even though they had been relocated by the government.  Another thing which inspired it was yet another news item about the sale of military hardware on the black market and how the “bad guys” were easily buying seriously potent weapons basically on sale from the government.  Scary, huh? 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?   Least favorite?
Wow, I have LOTS of favorite parts.  I love creating stories.  I love being able to make a story come out “My Way.” (Even though I sometimes have to do it the character’s way!)  I enjoy putting people in logical and real kinds of danger and figuring out inventive ways to get them out of it.  I love figuring out ways to tangle things up, then happily untangle them – kind of like mixing up all the pieces of a puzzle before you start putting it together, then having the delicious fun of discovering the picture at the end.  I love learning about things, getting to research on obscure or generally irrelevant things so I can use them in a book.  Ha!  It’s so fun to have a “reason” for pointless reading of odd or obscure stuff.  I always end up using it.  I also love reading the News of the Weird.  SO much material… Ha!  I like the act of writing, I like editing and revising, I like making it sharper, better, and clearer.  I really enjoy the kind of editing that improves pacing. 

My least favorite part?  Hmmmm.  That’s harder.  I’m getting to live my dream, so there’s very little that’s least favorite. 🙂  I guess I don’t like changing titles that I’ve grown to love.  Or having to really plot stuff when a book gets so convoluted that even I get lost…that’s happened recently and it wasn’t very fun in the process.  The end result’s good, but the process wasn’t.  Other than that, I’m loving every minute of it. 🙂

Who has inspired you as a writer?
Gosh, how much space do you have?  Ha!  There are so many.  Daphne du Maurier, Mary Johnston (an early 20th century novelist who was among the first women to hit the NYT List), Nora Roberts for her sheer creativity and productivity, Lisa Gardner, Anna Campbell, Donna McMeans, Tawny Weber, Christie Kelly, Christine Wells and all my fellow Romance Bandits for their creativity, determination and support.  Hmmm, On the paranormal side, I love Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings…again, so many!  I know I’ve forgotten a TON of people who inspire me, but that’s a few.  🙂 

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
Always be willing to learn, but remember to stay true to your process.  Be willing to try out new ways to improve your working skills, but if it doesn’t work for you don’t hesitate to discard it.  Listen first to your gut about your work, second to your critique partners.  If you enter a contest and get feedback, look for themes in the feedback, rather than taking every word of the criticism to heart.  Remember, that judge may be a beginner too, or may be having a bad critique day. 🙂 Don’t change something you love about your manuscript because of a contest judge, but do consider changing something if you “hear” a theme in the critique – i.e. if every judge says your hero’s a jerk, or your heroine’s mother is more interested in the hero than she is.  Grins.  Otherwise, it’s the same advice that I’ve heard from the writers I admire: Write.  The only way to succeed as a writer is to write.  🙂 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Oooh, a challenge.  Three words, huh?   Happy.  Curious. Adaptable.   

If you could save one book from destruction, what would it be?
WHAT?  Someone’s destroying books?  Down with them, I say! 🙂 Ha!
Interesting question…I know I’ll probably get roasted for not saying The Bible or The Koran or something, but I’d probably save Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles because in it, Canfield incorporates the main themes of the best Holy books – love thy neighbor, care for each other, take responsibility for your life and actions – without the awful parts (like stoning people in the street) and it is a great manual for taking charge of your life in a positive, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of way.  The other book, if I couldn’t save Jack’s would be the Oxford English Dictionary.  The universe would just stop if the OED ceased to exist. 🙂

Who do you like to read?
Pretty much everything.  I’ll pick up Lisa Gardner, Dan Brown, Mercedes Lackey, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Oprah, Thurber, Judi McCoy, Leanne Banks, and Lisa Jackson one month, and dive into Elizabeth Peters, John La Carre or Ludlum the next.  And, of course, any of the Romance Bandits!  

If you had a time capsule to be opened 50 years in the future, what would you put in it?
Wow, great question.  How big is it?  Grins.  Photos of my family, copies of my book, my favorite books, pictures of my dogs, my friends, a copy of that day’s Washington Post, handprints from my kids.  I guess the usual sorts of things one would put in. 🙂

Where can readers find you online?
Readers can find me online in two cool places – at my website, – and at the wonderful blog I share with The Romance Bandits, 

Is there anything you’d like to ask readers?
Absolutely!  I’d love to ask readers what they want to see in a hero, what they consider to be an adventure, and how they like to see a heroine develop from the beginning of the book to the end. 

Thanks Jeanne! 

I appreciate you being a guest! 

Readers, remember to look for Jeanne’s upcoming release, Dark and Dangerous, this June! 
And you can visit Jeanne’s website at:! 

How about answering Jeanne’s questions for readers above! 

Remember, leave a comment below to enter this month’s giveaway!  Details here!


45 Responses to Interview with Jeanne Adams!

  1. Cindy says:

    I really enjoy the interviews, Jennifer!

    Jeanne’s book sounds VERY interesting and I love that cover.

    *adding to my TBB list and thinking about Jeanne’s questions*

  2. Helen says:

    Waving Hi Jeanne loved the interview and am really looking forward to reading the book
    I like a Hero who is strong and caring tall and handsome don’t mind what colour hair he has but I do like blue eyes and as for the Heroine I like them to be strong as well and to know what they want.
    Have Fun

  3. Beth R says:

    the book sounds great!
    I like to see hero’s strong enough to show emotion and heroine who are also strong but not so strong they loss their femine side. I like green eyes and men (my husband has them) brown eyes for the heroine; but, eye color doesn’t keep me from reading a book.

  4. Good morning, ladies! *Waving at Helen* Great to see you all!
    Cindy, I agree with you, Jennifer’s a great interviewer. She asks such interesting questions. :> Helen, I like strong heroines as well. Wimpy women annoy me. Ha! And Beth, you hit it on the head – strong enough to make it, but not so strong they lose that essential quality that makes them women. Yep. I strive for that in my heroines. I’m always so inspired by women who make it on their own, but know how to allow others in. Its sometimes a great transition for a story. :>

  5. Shouting hello from across the state to you, Jeanne. I can’t wait to read your book. It sounds great!

    As far as a hero, I like a strong hero who knows what he wants and goes after it. Hopefully it turns out to be the heroine. 🙂

  6. Hey, Jeanne and Jennifer. Fun interview. Jeanne, your book sounds great — just the time of adventure I’d expect you to write. 🙂 Are you getting nervous counting down until your debut release date?

    Heroes — wow, I guess I like the talk, dark, handsome but kind type. But I’ve also really enjoyed stories with non-alpha heroes. I guess if he’s not a complete toad, I’ll enjoy them all. 🙂

  7. Joan says:

    Jeanne! Over here Jeanne!

    Hi 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your book (and I love your cover btw). I’m already sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for to find out what happens!

    Heroes? Well I like the strong ones who discover it’s ok to feel. And I love a heroine who is able to see past this facade and bring it out of him…without him even realizing what’s happening. Sneak attack so to speak 🙂

  8. Beth Andrews says:

    Great interview, Jeanne and Jennifer!

    Jeanne, I love your cover and can’t wait for your book to come out *g* And I totally agree with you about The Success Principles! I love that book 🙂

    As far as heroes, I’m with Trish – I enjoy em all 😉

    To me, pretty much every day is an adventure. Buying food for 6 sixteen year-old boys and having them over for the Superbowl was an adventure *g* Going on a road trip this weekend with my own son driving is going to be an adventure. And of course, writing my current WIP and discovering new things about my characters is an adventure – one of the best kinds *g*

  9. Eliza Knight says:

    Great interview, your book sounds great!

    I’ve never read a hero I didn’t like, so I’ll go with Trish and Beth on that one too 🙂

    Anything can be an adventure if the tension and suspense are high enough.

    I like to see a change in the heroine from the beginning of the book to the end. I like her to have changed her opinion about something or grow as a person.

  10. Hi Jeanne!

    Interesting interview, Jennifer. Glad Jeanne got the saving one book from destruction question 🙂 That must be one of the outer rings of hell, book destruction and you can only save one.

    Heros? Hmmm… I like the ones that seduce me as well as the heroine. Have to have broad shoulders and a voice that vibrates within my soul as meant just for me. i like a heroine who turns his world upside down and makes him look at life and himself a bit differently.

    I like the adrenaline rush of a fast paced adventure as well. Can’t wait to read yours, Jeanne.

  11. Eva S says:

    Hi Jeanne and Jennifer ,great interview! The cover is so dark and delicious, I’ll got to get the book!
    I want a dark, tall,gorgeous, alpha hero ( have got enough of the betas in real life!) with feelings and a heroine who can see behind the mask..
    As for adventures, nowaday most everything outside our house is an adventure to me…

  12. Teresa W. says:

    Love the cover for your latest and in a hero I’m looking for someone who is strong and not to bad on the eyes!

  13. Cassondra says:

    Hey Jeanne!

    Okay everybody, (sing-song voice here) Iiiiiiiive reeeeaaaaad the bOOOOOOOooook, Ha! And it’s every bit as great as it looks and sounds. OH YEAH. Caine is SO hot.

    And Dana is a kick-butt heroine. Talk about your mama bear protecting her cub. Yup.

    You all HAVE to read it. I didn’t see it in its last incarnation and that’s driving me crazy. ;0) I think you can actually pre-order on Amazon already, right Jeanne?

    Heroes, lessee…..I like them a little rough around the edges–not too pretty. Tend to like the dark ones(like Caine, pant pant) And you know, I don’t like heroes who are real spoiled rotten jerks. A lot of sports heroes are like that. Okay lightning will strike me dead now I know, but I don’t like SEP’s sports heroes. I LOVE her books. I love what she does in them. I read them all. She’s one of my idols. If she’s doing a workshop, speaking anywhere, I’M THERE. (And Ain’t She Sweet is among my top three favorite books of all time.) But…… I have to endure the sports hero’s spoiled behavior to get through the book, ya know? I know, I know. It’s me on this side and the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD on the other side, loving her spoiled rotten jerks…..ah well…her brilliance is plain startling, evidenced by the fact that I read all of her books anyway!

    I like a man who may behave badly for his own reasons, but inside, he’s actually a good man, and a caring man. So I guess that’s somewhere between an alpha and a beta???? I dunno. He’s more real to me that way, and I can believe that he really can grow and change. Someone who has been spoiled rotten all his life may have an “aha” moment, but I guess I think when the moment is over, he’s going back to acting spoiled.

    I guess I like a hero who’s had his bumps in life, and has learned from them, and is STILL learning from them.

    Hmmm. Looking like Viggo in LOTR or DD Lewis in LOTM won’t hurt him much either.

    Jennifer, what a great site! I had no idea you’d been hiding such a treasure chest ;0)

  14. Jo Robertson says:

    Hi, Jeanne, loved the interview. I think I learned more about Dark and Dangerous here than I’d known before. Sounds like a wonderful adventure and I can’t wait until it makes its debut!

    Hmmm, I have to say I love smart and sexy heroes, what the kids are calling smexy. There’s something about a man who wears glasses and uses his brain to solve a problem first, then backs it up with physical strength if he has to. LOL, I think my husband’s like that. Or used to be back in the day (grin).

  15. Suzanne Welsh says:

    Hi Jennifer and Jeanne! Great interview and like everyone else I can’t wait to read this book!!

    Jeanne you and I have a lot of the same taste in non-romance writers, Ludlum and LaCarre! I’ve got a new one for you. Steve Berry. I’ve read three of his books. He’s like Ludlum with more history thrown in.

    Heroes, hmm? Tall! Uh…I can go blond or brunette, I even like a redhead like Horatio Caine on CSI Miami! Smart, strong, hard when the time calls for tough decisions, but able to be tender when he needs to.

  16. Jennifer Y says:

    Waving Hello to everyone!

    Thanks everyone for visiting! And I agree I can’t wait to read Jeanne’s book!!!

  17. Aunty Cindy says:

    Hi Jeanne and Jennifer!

    Looks like this is turning into a Bandit Invasion! And THANK YOU Jeanne for plugging our great blog and all the wonderful Bandita books. Dark and Dangerous will be the next one up, now that Christie’s Every Night I’m Yours has hit the bookstores.

    Well, everyone who has met me knows I go for the tall lanky guys. My DH is 6’5″, imagine that! Like Joanie, I like the ones who hate showing emotions but then find themselves vulnerable to the heroine. Just like the hero in my first release, imagine that!

    As for heroines, I like them smart and sassy. No further comment there!

    anxiously awaiting the release date for Dark and Dangerous

  18. Tawny Weber says:

    GREAT interview, Jeanne 🙂

    I’m so with you on the Success Principles, I LOVE that book!

    Lessee… Heroes. My favorites are the yummy ones LOL. You know, the ones that just make you melt? Doesn’t matter if they are Alpha or Beta, CEO or construction worker, drive a Mercedes or a Harley… its that melt factor that gets me. The leap off the pages, so sexy he just makes you go “mmmmm” kind of guy.

  19. Maureen says:

    Thanks for the interview. I enjoy a hero who is strong, smart, tough but is a pushover for the heroine. I like to see the heroine take her situation in the story and work hard to make it right.

  20. Crystal G says:

    Great interview! I can’t wait to read Dark and Dangerous

    I like the hero strong, mysterious, handsome and full of adventure.

  21. Jeanne and Jennifer, fab interview. Had to laugh – there’s been another Bandita invasion!

    Jeanne, I love the sound of your book. The strong heroine, the conflicted hero, the danger they find themselves in. As many of you would know, today we’ve got Allison Brennan in the lair and I was quite sincere when I said to her that a good romantic suspense would have be one of the hardest genres to pull off because it’s so hard to get the balance right between suspense/romance. Jeanne, did you have trouble with that aspect or did it all come naturally? Can’t wait to read the book!

    Oh, and wonderful to meet another fan of the OED!

    And Cassondra, I’ve told you before, smug is so NOT a good look 😉

  22. JSL says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    Wow – those are a lot of hard questions -and the answer could be a book. Well, I’m most interested in the growth of the hero and the heroine. Its no fun to read about a static character- either something about them is flawed and has to be “fixed” – or they’re perfect and you hate them. Generally something in their character, but maybe its a task or duty the character must complete. As to adventures – I think I’m much more tame than you! Maybe because I don’t read the papers much -just BBC news – but I think anything can be an adventure. Of course blazing guns, running from the mafia and whodunnits with dead bodies are exciting, but sometimes I enjoy watching a couple’s relationship develop with a focus solely on them – that’s oftentimes enough of an adventure, even though it is “just” an emotional one.

  23. Stefanie D says:

    Great interview Jeanne!!

    I like manly heroes: tall, dark, stubborn, …
    And I absolutely like a hero with a past. Something has happened in his past that turned him from a boy into a man. A man who is afrais to trust, afraid to love or afraid to be loved. Then the heroine has to do everything within her power to show her hero that love isn’t something to be afraid of, but something to look forward to.

  24. Nancy N. says:

    Jeanne and Jennifer, what a fun interview! Jeanne, your book sounds wonderful–full of danger and conflict. Yes, it’s very scary to think that the bad guys can buy their tools from the government and, thus, from us. Your heroine sounds especially cool, sort of Sarah Connor-ish without the robots. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading this book!

  25. Jeanne, what’s next after D&D?

  26. Jane says:

    Hi Jeanne and Jennifer,
    I like a hero who is trustworthy and honorable. I like to read how the relationship between the hero and heroine progresses, from when they meet to when they become intimate. An adventure would include car chases and blazing guns.

  27. fedora says:

    Woo! Hi, Jeanne (& Jennifer, and all you Banditas!)–great interview, Jeanne! And congrats on the book!!!

    Hmmm… I like a variety of heroes, but mainly I like them to be confident and have a strength of character. If they do things I don’t agree with, I want to be able to understand why. Adventures can be just about anything–I do enjoy books where one or the other of the leads is doing something out of the box for them, whether it’s traveling solo or being a super spy or agreeing to take care of three nieces for the weekend. And I like to see a heroine grow confident, or become confident in an area she isn’t used to seeing herself as good in.

    And Cassondra, Ain’t She Sweet is probably my favorite SEP, too. I only have one of her books I couldn’t finish, and it was actually because I couldn’t get the heroine.

  28. Cherie J says:

    I want a hero who is tough but with a tender side for those he loves. I want a woman who is strong and not at all whiny but not so strong that she thinks she know it all and will not listen to common sense advice. I love an adventure where the main characters band together to fight a common foe.

  29. Anna Sugden says:

    Great interview, Jennifer and Jeanne!!

    I can’t wait for your book to come out – I know it’s going to be fab!!

    Heroes? I like them to be strong in character and have strong values. I’m not a huge fan of the alpha male – but any hero who is well-written appeals to me.

    Heroines? I like them to have inner strength – even if they don’t recognise it themselves.

    Can’t stand them when they are stupidly insistent on doing silly things!

    Adventures? I like all kinds of adventures – whether they are just getting through the traumas of life or fighting the evil foe. A story which gets the adrenaline pumping or which tugs on the hreat-strings – bring it on!

  30. Virginia H. says:

    I like to see a strong sensitive type. You know kind of like a highlander. I just love highlanders. I would want him to be the type of hero that when he’s in love it is a very strong love. Know one but you will do. The heroine needs to be strong to but not to the point that she is bossy.

  31. Oh, this is wonderful! Hello everyone! Hi Banditas! Cassondra…you’ll love the “new” version even more. Bwah-ha-ha! :>

    Eva and Beth, I was so laughing about your definition of adventure. I kind of dread the whole driving thing and my kids are little yet. Ha! Eva, w/ a 3 year old, I know what you mean about leaving the house being an adventure. Grins.

    I love reading everyone’s delightful hero ideas.

  32. JSL, well said! Sometimes the best adventures are the breathless, just about to fall in love with the guy next door kind. :> Sometimes the “quiet” adventures are the ones which most steal the heart. I do love the adrenaline rush as well, but appreciate both.

  33. Nancy, what a great description. Dana, my heroine, is sort of Sarah Connor-ish, with out so much despair, however. :> Anna, I had to LOL about the heroines who do stupid things. Everytime I think about that I think about horror movies – I mean if you just ran into the house to get something you forgot and come out and the car windows are fogged up, why the HECK would you get in the darn car???? Uh, can you say too stupid TO live? Ha! Probably why I don’t like horror movies because I end up sympathizing with the villain. (Probably shouldn’t admit that….)

    As to what’s next, the working title is Left at the Altar, a story of a woman who has to pick up the pieces of her life after being abandoned by her fiance, and who finds love only after the ex-fiance is murdered and she’s a suspect. The hero helps her solve the riddle of who murdered the ex-fiance, and falls (albeit reluctantly) head over heels in love with her. BTW, he’s NOT a cop or a PI… :> How’s that for a teaser?


  34. So sorry to be popping in late but I’m so glad I made it. Great interview, Jennifer and Jeanne!

    Jeanne, I read the excerpt of Dark and Dangerous on your website and cannot wait to read the real thing. Wow, talk about a fabulous opening! And just from the few sentences you teased us with, your next book sounds like another winner! 🙂

  35. Thanks Kate! And thanks everyone for coming by! Jennifer it was a pleasure to be your guest. Everyone, Jennifer has great guests all month so check back…

  36. Jennifer Y says:

    Thanks so much Jeanne for being a guest and to everyone for stopping by! So sorry I wasn’t around much today…been battling a migraine!

    HUGS! And congrats on the book…can’t wait to read it!

  37. Amelia says:

    Great interview Jeanne and Jennifer! Looking forward to hear more. I would like to see the hero to be strong, caring, financially independent, cute, smart, and knows what he wants. And the heroine to be also strong, independent and pretty.

  38. Sue A. says:

    Thanks Jennifer for bring to our attention great authors (and new to me) and their exciting books. This sounds like an action packed book with a strong heroine, which is just what I like.

  39. danette says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    Your book sounds interesting, I haven’t read action with children in a while.:)

    A good hero to me is loyal,a fighter and makes the heroine swoon.

    Hugs, Danette

  40. Pam Pellini says:

    Great interview Jeanne, sounds like a good suspense.

    I like all kinds of heros, alpha to beta, especially an otherwise beta who can be just as protective as an alpha when needs be. I do like seeing a character develop throughout, whether it be the hero or heroine.

  41. Angie-la says:

    As long as they are not chest-beating, hair-dragging, me-man-you-woman, wanna-be’s; I am good with any type of hero. I do admit to a decided weakness for military types, though!
    And I love a man with a wicked sense of humor and a really big………………….heart. What did you think i was going to say??? 😛

  42. ThatBrunette says:

    Daphne DuMaurer and Elizabeth Peters in one post! I know I like you.

    What do yo have planned for you next book? More cloak and dagger or a new genre?

  43. Jolene says:

    what do i like in a hero? well he has to be able to show emotions, i dont want him to be a wimp but dont be stone cold either.. theres a good balance in there somewhere.. he has to be able to show his love and tender side as well as be an alpha male..
    now if only such a man existed in real life…lol

  44. Cindi Hoppes says:

    A hero know who he is and doesn’t have to prove himself! A heroine has to be her own person, but be willing to be open to relationships and life. I really like happy endings, if possible…..Cindi

  45. Nathalie says:

    I like the hero from the old gothics romance novels… who was dark and mysterious

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