Interview with Terri Brisbin!

Please give a warm welcome to the talented author Terri Brisbin!

I first discovered Terri through her wonderful books and then “met” her online at a chat.  I was thrilled when I finally got a chance to meet her in person at a booksigning last year. 
When I learned Terri had a new release out in February, I invited her to visit the blog and tell you all more about it… 

surrenderhighlander.jpgYour latest release looks and sounds wonderful.  Please tell us more about it.
SURRENDER TO THE HIGHLANDER is about Rurik, a prodigal son who returns to his father seeking everything he’s wanted in life – a name and a family and to be wanted. He is asked to escort a woman back and discovers that she is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman…and the one woman he cannot have. Margriet carries a secret that threatens to destroy her chance for happiness as well as everything Rurik seeks. Hiding behind a nun’s habit, she thinks she can find a way out of her predicament, but it doesn’t help when she falls in love with him.  Their return home endangers their love and their lives. They must discover if that love is strong enough to protect them against all of their enemies.    

What inspired the story?
This book is a spinoff of my July 2006 book, TAMING THE HIGHLANDER. Rurik simply walked into the story and I could tell he needed his own story. This is it! 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?
MY favorite part is the writing and my least favorite part is the writing! LOL! It is a wonderful feeling to create stories and characters that touch readers. It is also the worst agony when I am trying to create them! 

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
 WRITE!! WRITE!! Learn your craft. Learn your market. Read. WRITE! 

Who has inspired you as a writer?
I am inspired by my favorite authors — both the ones I read before I wrote and the ones I read now. Julie Garwood, Jo Beverly, Judith McNaught, Jill Barnett, Penelope Williamson, Madeline Hunter, Lynn Viehl, and many more.  

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Dazed and confused and tired? LOL!  Funny, sensitive and concerned….? This is hard! 

What do you like to read?
I love to read historical romances and lately I’ve been reading a bunch more vampires than I ever had — I love the Darkyn series by Lynn Viehl that combines history and romance and vampire mythology!  

What is next for you?
I just finished my August book, POSSESSED BY THE HIGHLANDER — this is Duncan’s story and is very emotional….I cried while writing the last three chapters of the story! I’m about to write my 2008 Regency Christmas novella and then I begin a new medieval trilogy set during the Norman invasion of England. And, of course, there will be more medieval Scottish stories, too! 

Thank you so much Terri for that great interview! 

Readers, you can learn more about Terri Brisbin and her books by visiting her website: 
And be sure to look for Surrender to the Highlander in stores and online!!!


5 Responses to Interview with Terri Brisbin!

  1. Pam P says:

    Hi Terri, I’ve bee waiting to read Rurik’s story since Taming the Highlander (loved that book).

    My first book of yours I read years ago was A Love Through Time. Will you ever consider doing more with time travel like that series?

  2. Eva S says:

    Hi Terri,
    you’re one of my favorite medieval authors, I have 6 of your books in my keeper shelf but not Taming the Highlander. I see now I’ll have to get it before I can read this great new book of yours!
    And more medieval books, great! Thanks!

  3. fedora says:

    Thanks for the terrific interview, Terri (and Jennifer!)–I’ll be looking for your books now 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    Terri these books sound fantastic I will be looking for them I love learning about new authors my TBR pile is really growing. Thanks
    Have Fun

  5. Pam P —

    I loved writing time travel romances and have a couple more ideas for additional ones, but they are a hard-sell to mainstream publishers. I know that there are some wonderful new authors who are debuting with time travels for Berkley (where I started!) and there is interest.

    So, I shall never say never….maybe later? LOL!

    Thanks for your note!

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