Review of Make Me Scream by P.J. Mellor

Make Me Scream by P.J. Mellor 

mms.jpgHot Sun
In the sultry Texas sun, passions run high, bikinis run low, and the sex always sizzles…
Hot Desire
On the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend, Jamie Cartwright needs a cheap place to hide, and the apartment complex right on the beach looks perfect. When Jamie lays eyes on sexy apartment manager Devon McCloud she knows exactly what she wants—serious mind-blowing sex…
Hot Sex
Now Jamie can’t wait to get it on. She’s ready to strip down and let Devon tease and touch, lick and suck every inch of her body. And when she can’t take it anymore, she’ll climb on top of Devon and ride him hard, begging him to take her beyond the limits of pleasure…
This is a REALLY HOT book.  (Sexually explicit)


With Make Me Scream, P.J. Mellor has written a fabulous erotic romantic comedy that will have readers laughing out loud and leave them wanting more. 

On the run from her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Cartwright is definitely not looking for another relationship when she rents an apartment from Devon McCloud.  Frustrated with his current work-in-progress, aspiring writer Devon is instantly attracted to…and inspired by…his new resident.  And while Jamie shares his attraction, she is still not sure she can trust him…or any man.  

Devon isn’t the only resident to notice Jamie though.  The colorful Francyne hopes to play matchmaker with Jamie and Devon.  While the other residents, all male, have also noticed the appeal of the lovely Jamie, much to Devon’s dismay. 

But as Devon and Jamie’s relationship starts to bloom and heat up, it appears fate has a humorous streak as there are several comical moments that will leave the reader laughing and smiling.   

Make Me Scream is a hot and wonderful story with a nice blend of humor and sensuality.  Ms. Mellor has created wonderful characters in Jamie and Devon as well as in the colorful secondary characters who “scream” (sorry, bad pun) for stories of their own.  Devon is a loveable and fun hero whose slightly goofy nature holds a lot of appeal, while Jamie is the type of heroine you root for and wish to see happy.  From the moment the two meet, the reader can sense their chemistry.  The book seems to have it all…humor, suspense, romance, sensuality, etc.   

My only issue with the book has to do with a secondary storyline involving some of the secondary characters.  I don’t wish to spoil anything for those who haven’t read it, but I will say that I wish the secondary storyline had been a bit more developed.  Perhaps in a future book, we will seem more of these characters and learn more (*hint hint* Ms. Mellor… 😉 ). 

All-in-all, Make Me Scream was a great book that I would definitely recommend.  It is an entertaining erotic romance that will make you laugh and leave you breathless with its heat.  

I have already gathered my other P.J. Mellor books and hope to read more soon!  So look for more reviews in the future! 

You can find out more about P.J. Mellor by visiting her site here: 

And be sure to look for Make Me Scream in stores and online. 
You can find out more about it by visiting Kensington Books!


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