Bonnie Edwards guest blogs and encourages you to get creative

Okay, so today is going to be a fun day…here’s Bonnie Edwards to tell you more… 

Let’s play what if… 

Today, I’m pondering how I build my stories. I tend to start with a situation sort of like: what would happen if an alien landed on Earth and demanded a wife? 

My next thought would be…okaaay…this is a romance so what woman would agree to be the wife of an alien? What special circumstances or characteristics would make a normal woman sacrifice herself in this unique way to save the world?  

Then I’d have to turn my mind to the hero…is he the alien? Or is he determined to save the heroine? (What does this alien look like anyway? Grotesque or human-like – in which case he could be handsome) 

So, in the spirit of story building and brainstorming it dawned on me that we have the makings of a lot of fun today. And just for the record…this is all just for fun, so free your imagination and let’s have a blast! 

Here are some questions for you, the reader: (Adults 18 and over only, please!) 

Who is the heroine and why is she suited for this particular story? 

Does the world know about the alien’s demand for a wife? Or not? If the world knows…then why *this* woman? (Feel free to toss in anything else to help build the story…you know…like why the alien chose Earth…if there’s a connection between our Earth & his world…or whatever) 

If we build on what the previous commenters add, maybe by the end of the day we’ll have a foundation with interesting characters, motivations and goals. With a rocking plot too! 

So, in the spirit of crazy fun let’s see what we can come up through the day. 

th.jpgJennifer and I will pick TWO winners of fresh copies of THIGH HIGH, which will be released for sale January 29. Please check back on January 22 for the winning announcement.  (Bonnie kindly offered another copy for a winner!)

I know this is outlandish, but it could also be fun. Putting ordinary characters in extraordinary situations provides a lot of opportunity for a writer’s good time. (G) 

Finding the right characters for a strong story with a wild premise is vital. Without strong people, (who’re easily understood and clearly written), a wild, out-there story can be flat and uninteresting. There’s no spark for the writer, either.  

It’s easy to see that the more outlandish the plot, the stronger the characters have to be.  

Characters in less outlandish stories, the quietly engaging reunion story about high school sweeties for example, need to be just as clearly written, just as compelling as characters who are literally out to save the world. 

And that can be tough. If the story’s gentle and flows along without a lot of ‘outside’ excitement it’s tempting to write characters who blend into the background.  

Thanks, Bonnie!
So there you go readers!  You could win a copy of THIGH HIGH if you participate in the fun! 
18 and over please though!  By entering you are stating that you are 18 or over!
Winner will be announced tomorrow evening! 
And don’t forget to check back later tonight for the winners of all the other Aphrodisia giveaways! 
In the meantime, get creative, let your imaginations run free, and tell us your ideas… 
Bonnie should be around if you have questions!

40 Responses to Bonnie Edwards guest blogs and encourages you to get creative

  1. Maureen says:

    I would say the heroine is a reporter who wants a big story so that is why she would first be interested in the alien.

  2. Melissa K. says:

    And the alien is traveling to earth because that’s where the reporter is and he has been instructed to (heehee) poke and prod her for information….

  3. lnjen says:

    The heroine is in a bar. The alien (definately one very hot looking guy) and his sidekick/assistant (aka goofy, there for comic relief) comes in after landing his craft. He immediately notices this human woman and is intrigued. The heroine (I think her name should be Laura *g* and she’s short unlike the woman on his planet who are all very tall) is being hit on by some biker dude. So the hero decides that he will “rescue” her much to the chargrin of the sidekick who reminds the hero he is here to find a wife suitable to his (hero) standing (and it’s not her) and the woman who is undercover trying to get a story for the newspaper she works for because even though she likes his chivilous (sp?) behavior it is seriously not helping her get the information she needs to give to her boss to get the go ahead for the story. After the alien hero rescues her he demands the heroine repay his heroic efforts by becoming his wife. Now he just has to convince her.

  4. amysmith98 says:

    Since they couldn’t convince her to go with them, they kidnapp her and her friend. On their planet women are scarce and they need to bring back all the women they can for their King to choose a wife. They hope the friend will be a good match for the King. Now if only the sidekick can let her go.

  5. Hey all! This is good stuff here. So, we’ve got a short (g) journalist heroine who wants the story of a lifetime, in a bar trying to get close to some biker gang members.

    This is called having a strong goal: she’s also motivated by ambition – which is a good thing…it’s strong and people can relate to that. That she’s in the bar working her way toward a story, shows she’s resourceful, too. (which may come in handing in our next instalment)

    And the hero: We’re a little fuzzy here…is he looking for a wife for himself or the King? (love the idea of the goofy sidekick – always fun)

    I’ll leave that to you readers…you decide…

  6. I’m so excited! I’ve just now registered for the RWA National Conference in San Francisco. I’ll be at the literacy bookfair with THIGH HIGH (and maybe more titles).

    Hope to meet some of you there! If you see me (sorry, Injen, I’m a tall one) just step up and say howdy! (hey, I’ve been known to hug total strangers b/c they were carrying one of my books – no kiddin’ – I asked permission first — honest)

    Ok, back to work,

  7. I like the idea that he’s looking for his king. When he falls in love then there’s an issue, plus he has to convince the journalist to go with him. One way to get her to go is to tease her with the ultimate story and to be queen.

    Fun way to do a story.

    Michelle LIbby

  8. Jennifer Y says:

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! I am loving the responses!

    My internet has been down all day or I would have gotten here sooner!

    Bonnie, I wish I could go to SF! I wouldn’t mind meeting you in person.

  9. JSL says:

    The heroine is tempted by the story being kidnapped by aliens offers – but, heck – they’re aliens. No reputable paper would take the story or believe her. She’s a career driven intelligent woman. How would an intergalactic story help her here on *earth*? Even though it all seems happily paired off – the journalist and the hero, and her friend with the sidekick – both are sassy, strong women who want to know why they have to just agree to becoming wives.
    At the same time, the aliens need wives, but its no fun for anyone to have unwilling women. The hero and heroine start to fall for each other during the journey back to his home planet, but the looming specter of her potential marriage to the future king looms, casting a shadow over their relationship. But wait – there’s more – he’s actually the kings brother, so there’s the extra layer of loyalty and angst. He has to fulfill his mission, he loves his brother and cares about the future of the planet- but what about him? What about true love? How will will the men convince the women to stay? 😉

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Oh this is great. Love the ideas everyone came up with. I am sorry but right now my brain is blank *G* I been doing laundry all day and I am still doing more now. I am very sleepy and I just want to crawl back to bed but I can’t I need to finish my laundry that I have been slacking to do that is why I got so much to do now grr. Also I am leaving tonight to baby sit my nephew at my SIL’s for a week 🙂 I will have my pc though. I will stop back again and also see who the lucky winners are.

    Jennifer Thank You so much for this wonderful week with all these wonderful authors who I love chatting with and of course reading their *HOT* books.


  11. lnjen says:

    Hi Bonnie- in my dreams I’m 5’8″.

    okay–more ideas:

    I’m thinking that the King needing a wife is a ruse. He’s really got someone he’s going to marry, but his brother (our hero) really needs someone special so he(King) comes up with this plan to send his brother to pick out a woman he (hero) deems worthy. Of course our hero is oblivious to this plan. Our sidekick knows of this plan and is reporting the progress back to the king, of course the sidekick has his doubts that our hero will ever find his true love.

    Our heroine is discussing this whole “new” story angle (the aliens) with her best friend. Her friend tells her to go for it (she thinks the guy is hot and she read in some tabloid that sex with aliens is the absolute best!) Plus the friend tells her that she will go with her because the hero’s friend is kinda cute. The friend also tells her that the heroine needs to live a little. Apparently the heroine’s ex fiance didn’t believe that until they were actually married that he had to be faithful (the heroine caught him with an “aspiring” lingerie model). The friend tells her that she should look at men as a buffet and she should just take sample of all of everything.

  12. OK…I’m LMAO at the idea of reading- in a tabloid no less (a journal held in the highest esteem) – that sex with aliens is the best.

    So, now we have the hero as the King’s brother sent on a secret mission to Earth to find the ‘right’ wife for the King.

    Unbeknownst to Our Hero, the King’s already got a woman lined up and is so concerned about his brother finding true love that the whole mission’s a set up to get Our Hero off his duff and find a good woman.

    But how do we handle the smart career driven women? (good point JSL) Good sex is a given.(yes I write for Aphrodisia).

    PLUS, I think maybe the people of Earth should know about this other planet. Maybe contact was made before and now here’s a chance for a daily news report about the journey.

    That would take care of the career aspirations.

    So, they land on the planet only to find…what?

    Linda…best of luck with the laundry…me? I do mine every other day…never builds up that way. But then, I find the wonderful clean scent seems to release my brain when it cramps from being creative all day. I get some of my best ideas in the laundry room or handwashing dishes or in the shower. Maybe it’s all about water…


  13. URKKKK…I just read the “aspiring” lingerie model comment and the “men are a buffet” line from Injen…LOL…

    I turn into a prude at the idea of menage for my heroines…I think it’s my deep roots in romance.

    But the friend? and the goofy sidekick (who’s becoming more attractive the closer he gets to his home planet) now maybe *they’re* into buffets. But that’s another story. (g)


  14. Patti Fischer says:

    Bonnie a prude? Nah, not possible. *G*

    I’ll see you in SF, Bonnie! I registered and have the hotel room and airfare all booked.

  15. Jennifer Y says:

    ROFL…this is fun! Loving everyone’s take on things!

    lnjen, yours is cracking me up!

  16. Patti! YAY!!! I was hoping you’d show up here. I’ll be at the literacy signing…come find me and then we’ll be sure to have a gab. It’ll be great to see a friendly face.

    Patti, if you look closely at my stories…you’ll see some of the ah…more exuberant…scenes do not have my heroines in them. Sometimes…they’re just moving murals….carvings on fireplace mantels or …well, you get the idea.

    There I confessed…I’m boring…

    Oh, and THIGH HIGH has been spotted on the shelves in some B&N stores now, too. Last week, in fact.

    I just emailed my editor and told her what we were up to here and said, “If you ask for this story…I’ll do the splits naked on Main Street”…so let’s make this good, okay people?

    By good I mean…urg…I’ve never written sci-fi…don’t make me start now.


  17. lnjen says:

    I don’t care for menage myself, even though I’ll read them! I do like secondary romances especially if the heroine or hero is so against any kind of romance and they are repulsed by their friends “I”m in luuuvvvvvvvv” attitude.

    One other thing I thought of : since it doesn’t look like the King’s plan is progressing as quickly as he thought it would (his research involved watching the movie “Earth Girls are Easy *g* Really,how hard could this be.) He instructs the sidekick to find out how our heroine is in bed. The king also instructs that the sidekick help in finding ways to help our hero get her into bed and to accomplish this the sidekick needs to get info from the heroine’s friend by any means necessary. Basically he needs to find out “what a girl wants”. The sidekick tells the king that he has a great source for getting information and that is should be a piece of cake. Of course he’s puffing up his chest like a rooster, but our heroine’s friend, will be playing hard to get (got to have some humor/tension in there a little—can’t let the sidekick get to cocky).

  18. Jennifer Y says:

    I can’t win (and my brain is kind of not functioning well today so this will probably stink…LOL)….but maybe they land on the planet to find that a rival planet (not Earth) has declared war. Soon after they land all space travel is suspended and that throws a kink in the heroine’s plan to return once she has her story.

    Plus, the hero still believes she is there for his brother so he is conflicted as he finds himself with growing feelings toward her…plus he has to deal with the threat of war since he is in charge of the alien military.

    The heroine now has an even bigger story…an exclusive look at the war between the other worlds…something no one else on Earth will have….but she still hasn’t revealed her career to the hero.

    As for what this planet looks like…anyone have ideas?

  19. Jennifer Y says:

    And a secondary romance between the two “sidekicks” could totally work.

  20. Cara Carnes says:

    Oooh so they land on the planet, anxious to unveil the mysteries of this planet that Earth knows about but has been unable to learn anything about. But upon arriving, they must get their alien passport. And like every good facility, the line is miserably long:)

    While in line, they happen to overhear a secret plot to assassinate the King! Now they are torn between getting a HUGE scoop on the disasterous plot to kill the leader or telling his brother so that they can prevent it. Doing that would mean losing any chance of covering it. What to do? And how is he to be killed? Hmm…

    LOL… oh this is just too fun. Love your books, Bonnie!

  21. Jennifer Y says:

    And Bonnie, I think you could totally write this story…LOL. Just make the alien world identical to Earths…with a few minor changes in technology or something.

  22. lnjen says:

    and Bonnie — it wouldn’t have to be set in the future either. And yes definately you have to write this story!!!

    I keep forgetting to sign my posts. I signed up for a WordPress Blog page and lnjen is what I have currently for the title. So when you see lnjen, it just little ol me—-

    Laura J.

  23. Oh Jeeze! I go for a leetle walk with the pitbull and the dh and come back to War of the Worlds! LOL!!!

    You guys are rockin!

    I’m trying to pull threads together in here b ut it’s tough…I’m thinking for the sake of clarity that the hero know about her career …after all, she’s been filing her story in daily reports while flying thru space (anyone ever see Flesh Gordon? – the giant penis-shaped ship is hysterical)

    I love the war thing though….and that the hero will be in charge of the military…but then, we miss out on those very long passport lines. (sigh- bureaucracy rears it ugly head)

    Laura, since you were using Injen here, I just continued.

    Cara…my goodness, you’ve READ me? Wow…

    I think the sidekicks definitely need to be making like bunnies.

    The King will be pleased by the return of his brother with such a smart, sassy woman and will tell them about his plan to marry the woman he’s already picked out.

    Ahem, now…how to tell the people of his planet? They won’t LIKE his choice…why? Because she comes from the planet they’re at war with.

    How cool is that? Heh heh heh

    There’s going to have to be some kind of public declaration of LOVE though, doncha think?

    You know…the King…his beloved….their hidden romance…

    Our hero and heroine….struggling to be together in spite of the war and her need to return home…

    (I’m feeling an ending coming on…but I’ll leave it for a bit and come back to see if anyone’s come up with an ending)
    Remember, we’ll have two winners…


  24. fedora says:

    Wow!! Look at everything I’ve missed today! Just finally able to check in and read what everyone’s come up with!

    This story does sound exciting! Plus I love short heroines 😉 And I do love plots that involve close friends/family as well–secondary characters can really help move the story along in a good way! And agree with Laura, I do some conflict between those characters–that can really be entertaining!

  25. Cara Carnes says:

    Oh this is such a fun idea, Bonnie. I think Jenn and I must have been posting at the same time because I so did not see that spin on things. Love it!!!!

    I can’t wait to read how this is wrapped up… and you know we fully expect to see this in print one day Bonnie…LOL.

  26. brownone says:

    The alien looks like whatever the heroine imagines it looks like. Whoever she fancies, that’s that shape it takes (Ahh…the possibilites…Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler…).

  27. fedora says:

    I think maybe somehow the brother’s true love forces his hand so that he publicly declares his commitment to her (even being willing to forfeit the crown for her), and then the hero’s free to act on his attraction–well, once this whole war thing is resolved. Can the heroine do more research to discover that the war’s been declared over a horrible misunderstanding and act as an impromptu ambassador to the hostile planet where she smooths things over, giving both governments the chance to save face and coming back to the hero’s planet being lauded as a goddess (of sorts) and still having the first-hand story to the scoop of the century?

    Sorry for all the plot holes and missed connections–I’m definitely not a writer! 😉

  28. janedoe2006 says:

    in one way, i think aliens, ack little grey guys with big eyes, so i really like having a good descpritoion of a alien

  29. brownone…I really like the idea of his being a shapeshifter…esp the Brad Pitt one day…Johnny the next…maybe a little George one afternoon. (g)

    fedora…great sense of story with the King’s bride forcing his hand (she was kind of a forgotten player in all this wasn’t she?).

    And Janedoe’s right…kind of icky to think of ugly aliens. So, they’re definitely humanlike – very compatible DNA etc. Feel better about them, now?

    So, here’s what I came up with for THE END:

    Our Hero wins the war with the help of his politically savvy new sister-in-law. No blood is shed and each planet is able to withdraw from the conflict with their pride intact.

    Our Heroine’s shocked to find that they’ve been followed by a starship full of CNN news correspondents and they’re planning on embedding themselves with the planet’s population. (g)

    Her intergalactic news story has been stolen! But she’s offered the job of Plant ZerKon’s News-4-Today Bureau Chief.

    Plus she’s thinking she might be pregnant with the alien’s children. (They have litters)

    And in a moment of unabashed romance-loving fervor, they marry in front of the planet’s entire population.

    The tabloids run the story…but nobody believes it.

    So,…here’s the title: NEWS AT 11

    And really, folks this has been an absolute blast…what a great way to spend time…with readers who love storytelling as much as I do.

    I’ll check in again in the morning…just in case someone comes up with another ending.

    Hope you see THIGH HIGH in a bookstore near you,

    Thanks again, Jennifer…SO much!


  30. lnjen says:

    Gee, I go away for a couple of margaritas and the story comes to an end.

    I like the title! But what happens to the sidekicks? Something funny has to happen to them.

    Maybe the sidekick guy decides that he really likes earth and wants to stay with heroine’s friend there. The have better food (and this drink called beer) and they have this great little thing called ESPN.

    I gotta say Bonnie, these are my favorite type of contest/blogs. They are so much fun to see where everyone’s mind wanders to.

    Have a great night!

  31. lnjen says:

    Oops, meant that sidekick/friend part could be the epilouge of the story.

  32. Jennifer Y says:

    LOVE it Bonnie! Thank you and thanks everyone for making today fun!

  33. Amelia says:

    I would say that the heroine is in the shopping mall…maybe in one of those photo booths, and the alien comes through the light while she takes a photo and the alien somehow takes the heroine.

    That is all I can think of. 😦

  34. amysmith98 says:

    Bonnie, this was a very fun idea. I love alien stories.

  35. PJ Mellor says:

    Hi, Bonnie–
    How about a slightly different slant(sorry I’m late posting, but I’m on digest). What if the heroine thinks she has nothing left to live for and decides what the heck–may as well go out with a bang(yes, pun intended). One last great adventure, “the final frontier”. Of course, the alien is gorgeous–maybe even a shpe shifter who can live among earlthlings with no problem, which he does because he falls for the heroine and doesn’t want to take her away from life as she knows it. this would also work b/c then you wouldn’t have to tax your brain to create an alternate universe. 🙂

  36. JSL says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Hm – PJ, that would make for the ultimate happy ending- the hero and the heroine – on earth, after all the problems have been resolved, so there won’t be any tension between the hero and his kingly brother – after all, he did steal the king’s potential wife. There is a happy ending for both sidekicks… *and* it leaves the floor open for the king’s story and romance in a sequel! 😉

  37. Hey everyone! Good Morning…yesterday was such fun!

    Definitely like the idea of the sidekicks ending up back Earth. ESPN & all. (g) maybe they steal the CNN starship (by mistake, of course) they’re making out…her foot slips and the control board lights up & the ship starts moving. LOL

    So, I’ve got a couple other interviews and things lined up (these are different from the interview I did here – all I’m sayin’)

    Please check out my website for more info on when/where. I can’t promise as much fun, but I think you’ll enjoy them.

    And do check it out again. I’ve got more dates to list and confirm.

    Again, what a great time…I’m glad you all enjoyed it along with me.


  38. lnjen says:

    Bonnie–can I talk you into showing up at Lori Foster and Dianne Castell’s event in June? I would really like to meet you!! This has really been fun–so I have one more question—when can we expect this book? *g*

  39. So, Lori Foster’s event in June…this isn’t a cyber thing, is it? Because if it’s ‘real’ world, I’ve busted the bank to book in for the RWA National in San Francisco.

    I’m looking forward to it SO much. Last time I went it was the RWA national in 1990.

    Heh heh heh on the book request…

    As far as I’m concerned everyone here contributed fabulous stuff to the glimmer of an idea I had. So this story belongs in everyone’s imagination to play with as you all will.

    And sometimes, that’s the best place for a story to be.

    Ok, I’m off to have a quiet gab with Jennifer so we can pick our winners.

    Check back on the evening of Jan 22 for our announcement.

    Oh, and I’m adding a date to my events page for this week!


  40. lnjen says:

    Okay Bonnie—but Lori’s event is only $35 (pretty cheap, eh) so if not this year…….
    (oh and the hotel is only $99 per night Fri/Sat) and just for reference it is cheaper to fly into Louisville than Cincy–just let me know and I’ll swing by the airport to get ya and then it a short 2 hour drive!

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