Interview with Bonnie Edwards…

Please welcome the fabulous Bonnie Edwards! 

Please tell us about your books.
Thanks Jennifer! For hosting all of us on your blog. These days have been fascinating! I so appreciate the chance to come and talk about my books with you.

thehardstuff.jpgMy first title with Aphrodisia, a novella (Bodywork) in THE HARD STUFF anthology was one of the launch titles. The Hard Stuff is now in its fourth printing!  Which is fabulous for an anthology, considering the three different authors have different voices and different styles. (Yes this is going back two years…but if you keep reading you’ll see why – LOL)

puresex.jpgIn my next novella Slow Hand in PURE SEX I added a little woo-woo in that I explored the idea of love at first touch. It’s the curse of the McKay men. They kind of spark when they first touch the love of their lives…Jared denies the whole thing, which made Slow Hand a lot of fun to write!

midnightconfessions.jpgHaving enjoyed the touch of paranormal whimsy in Slow Hand, I took it further and created Perdition House…a haunted brothel, still inhabited by the long-dead madam, Belle Grantham. Her great (4 times) grand niece inherits the house and discovers there’s a lot of rocking fun going on in the mansion. That was my March ’07 release MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS.  In July ’07 I followed up with more ghost stories in MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II. midnightconfessionsii.jpg

I had such a fun time with Jared from Slow Hand that I realized his brother needed a story. And I really wanted to revisit some characters from my MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS books, so I combined the ideas and brought built.jpgJared’s brother, Jake McKay to the haunted mansion in the August ’07 release BUILT. My novella in that anthology was called Rock Solid.

Which brings me to my next release THIGH HIGH (Jan 29), an anthology of 3 novellas linked by underwear.  Yes, sigh, underwear. Not the same piece of underwear you understand. One story’s got some fish net thigh high stockings, another has a diamond studded thong (oooh, ouch!) And then there’s a hunk in a pair of red silk boxers (in Perdition House…my haunted mansion again…go figure!) th.jpg

What inspired THIGH HIGH?
Well, for one thing, I used to sell lingerie by party plan, and had a LOT of fun. The items were high quality, beautifully sewn. No toys, no lotions or potions or battery operated gizmos. Just lovely romantic lingerie. In sizes from petite to 3X. The money was good and paid for my obsession to write! 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?
I absolutely love it when a piece of the story unfolds perfectly, like smooth, yummy Belgian chocolate…you just *know* in your soul it’s working for you…the words flow…the brain’s firing on all cylinders and the creativity is electric. It’s also really nice to have all this while dressed in my pjs. (Which are NOT romantic in the least)  

Least favorite?
I would say waiting to hear on projects, wondering what the sales figures are like, how the public is receiving the work. That kind of thing. Writers have no idea whether their work is appreciated, or even understood by readers until/unless we get a message or see a good review. I’m in that waiting stage right now, wondering if readers will see the fun in the stories I worked so hard on in THIGH HIGH. 

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
Never give up. I got to within 30 seconds of walking away (literally leaving a conference room – dejected and tired of trying) when my editor saw me and said she had a wonderful novella from me. Oh! JOY! Oh! BLISS!  That story ended up in THE HARD STUFF and helped launch the whole Aphrodisia line. Two years later and here I am! (The Hard Stuff is into its 4th printing!) 

Which of your characters is most like you?
Oh, tough one. Truly, I think each one has a bit of me. People are so complex that it’s easy for me to find a small part of myself to put on the page. Sometimes, I’m earthy, sometimes irreverent, sometimes I’m even a prude! (I’ve even written a hooker heroine with a moral dilemma in Midnight Confessions II). 

What do you like to read?
I enjoy romantic suspense immensely. Hot, sexy romances. I’m really into Alexis Morgan’s Paladins right now and looking forward to the next JR Ward.     

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Sincere, smart and funny. Funny, mostly because other people tell me I am. It never takes much to make people laugh, though, so who knows?

Is there anything you’d like to ask readers?
How many people go to only one review site or source? And which one is it? Or do people go to several review sites to read different opinions on a book? 

Thank you Bonnie for that great interview! 

You can learn more about Bonnie and her books by visiting her website at:  

And remember to check back tomorrow for a fun and creative contest that Bonnie has planned! 
And don’t forget to check all of the Aphrodisia guest posts for giveaways…I will be announcing those winners tomorrow night so time is running out to get entered!

In the meantime, how about answering Bonnie’s questions she mentioned above?


23 Responses to Interview with Bonnie Edwards…

  1. Hello Jennifer & Bonnie,

    Great interview. Bonnie I loved how you talked about each of your books. Pure Sex was the first book I have read by you & the other authors and it wasn’t my last. After reading Pure Sex anthology I got hooked and had to read more by each of yous.

    WoW! Great inspiration for Thigh High. I love that cover and I can not wait to get my hands on that one. All your covers are wonderful & hot.

    Ok now to answer your question. I go to several review sites. Even if the books have a few bad reviews it don’t bother me because we all have our own opinion. I have read books that had bad reviews end I ended up loving the book I didn’t agree with the review at all. I go to Amazon, Fresh Fiction, Romance Reviews Today, Joyfully Reviewed, Night Owl Romance and a few more. I even read reviews on authors sites when they have them up. I am not sure what it is but I like reading reviews to see what others think.


  2. Maureen says:

    Love at first touch, what a great idea. For years, I said that our daughter learned so much from touching things since any new thing introduced she had to touch. Bringing her into someone’s home with breakable items was always a challenge.

    I do read reviews sometimes. I like Romance Reviews Today and Romance Reader at Heart. I don’t usually read the bad reviews but look for the books they liked to see what they liked about them.

  3. amysmith98 says:

    Hi Bonnie! Love your books! Great interview!

  4. lnjen says:

    Jennifer–you are going to have a busy day tomorrow! Thanks for having all these wonderful authors. This has been so much fun!!

    Bonnie–Great interview! My favorite review site is The Good, The Bad and The Unread. I also like Fallen Angel Reviews and Joyfully Reviewed. I don’t really go to Amazon or Borders for reviews very often. One thing I do want to do is start writing reviews myself.

    Laura J.

  5. JSL says:

    Hello Jennifer and Bonnie –
    Bonnie, I love you books, especially the “spark” the McKay men experience – so cute! As to reviews, I go to a lot of the sites mentioned above, but don’t really pay attention to them other than amazon, for some reason. What influences me more is whether or not I’ve read something by the author, and generally if the book is mentioned at the end of another one. (That’s what really introduced me to a lot of authors at the beginning.) I find the generally amazon reviews are the most accurate, or at least, the ones I agree with most.

  6. Melissa K. says:

    Hi Bonnie!
    I go to review sites and read reviews but they don’t sway my decision to purchase a certain book. A couple of sites I like to vist are:
    I also read RT magazine. I have a lot of author friends and if one gets a bad review I buy the book anyway. What one person likes I might dislike or vice versa.
    Btw, PURE SEX was AWESOME! (the book *g*)

  7. Jane says:

    I check out reviews everywhere, but the first place I go to is usually Amazon. At Amazon, I can see the reasons why a person was either satisfied or disatisfied with the book and their purchase.

  8. Amelia says:

    Great interview! I haven’t read any of your books, but now I will look for your books because they sound great. The covers looks great! The first place I go to is to get a review. Then if I want to find more reviews from other places, I check the author’s sites.

  9. brownone says:

    Hey Bonnie and Jennifer! Great interview! I’d say I check out alot of blogs and forums (Avon Authors Forum, Jaunty Quills, TGTBTR, etc.). Much to my poor husband’s detriment!

  10. Hi everyone! I posted a nice long juicy comment earlier, but it disappeared…Even Jennifer can’t find it.

    So here I am again. (g) I’m glad you enjoyed Pure Sex Melissa. thanks so much for mentioning it.

    I’ll try to reconstruct this morning’s comment while I’m here. Firstly, I’m really impressed with the way jennifer set up all my book covers with my comments. Very creative…I never would’ve come up with that idea.

    As far as review sites go, my fave has to be The Good, The Bad & The Unread too. I think the reviews are balanced well.

    I sure hope they like THIGH HIGH b/c someone there is reading it now. Gulp! Now I’ll be a wreck all day.

  11. Hell, I think I lost another comment. Must be this laptop keyboard. I’ll go to my writing pc instead….sheesh!

    I was writing such brilliant stuff. (eg)

  12. Jennifer Y says:

    Glad you liked how I did the covers, Bonnie! I debated about doing them all or not, but I thought that the post might need some visuals…and those are some great visuals…LOL.

    Sorry you are losing comments…I promise I am not deleting them…LOL.

    As for your questions, I don’t really go to just one review site and I don’t read reviews that often. Most of the time I read them is to find out more about the plot (especially on Amazon when blurbs aren’t posted). I don’t let reviews sway me though because I understand that everyone has a different opinion…what they hate, I might love and vice versa.

    I get most of my book information from author websites, chats, blogs, online groups, and newsletters.

  13. Ok, I’m back and at my desktop…whizzing around the screen on my laptop made me lose a lot of comments. sigh…

    So, to recap: Linda! Thanks for stopping by…always a pleasure.

    Maureen: Children learn so much thru touch, don’t they? In the hand…into the mouth..keys…toys…dog food…whatever! I remember it well.

    JSL – thanks for reading me…you have NO idea what it means to me.

    I also remember vividly the thrill that wriggled in my belly when my dh and I held hands for the first time. So, in truth, I believe that the first touch and the feelings around it is very important. It was easy to put that belief into Slow Hand…and then later in Rock Solid.

    What I’d love to do is a second time around story for the McKay’s father, Jed….

    As for reviews on Amazon…I don’t get many…I guess the stories don’t pull at people enough to drive them to their keyboard. But then, I don’t get complaints, either. Which is a good thing.

    But there’s one comment on Midnight Confessions that blew me away, b/c the reader suggested something that NEVER CROSSED MY MIND!

    She said she figured the brothel would be turned into a B&B. I pondered that idea for days after I read the comment. Why didn’t I think of that? I wondered….well, it’s b/c the idea of privacy at Perdition House is vital. Without privacy, without extremely select clientele, the place would cease to exist. Even today, in the contemporary storylines the privacy is the biggest part of the place.

    A B&B would be too public. See? people never know what the author’s thinking…and we sure as heck need to know our own characters and have them motivated correctly or the story gets out of control.

    I’m sure looking forward to our contest tomorrow…wait’ll you see what we’ve got in store … it’ll be a blast.

    I’ll be back later!

    I’m going to have to check out long and short reviews….

    am I on there? Uh oh…more worry…


  14. You’re Welcome Bonnie. It’s a pleasure to chat with you 🙂


  15. lnjen says:


    I just got back from an afternoon of book shopping with a friend. I just thought I would let you know that Thigh High was on the shelf at Borders!!!!

    I didn’t grab it today (I had to be good), but I will be picking it up in the next week.

  16. Injen!!!!! It’s early…wow! Thanks so much for letting me know.

    My agent’s never happy to hear about early releases…but I’m really excited by them.

    Tell me…please…how many copies did you see?


  17. Eva S says:

    Great interview and so hot covers!!
    Mostly when I find a great author I buy every book, no matters what the reviews say (and that’s why my TBR mountain is growing too high!) but sometimes I read reviews, mostly to find new authors and one of my favorite is The Good, The Bad & The Unread.
    Sometimes I go to Amazon but even if the reviews are bad they don’t stop me from buying books, I have to find out for myself…

  18. Jolene says:

    HI Bonnie.. i loved Pure Sex and Midnight Confessions.. cant wait to read more of your books soon.. I dont really go to or pay much mind to reviews, i tend to buy what i hear is good, and what i thing is sounding good to me..

  19. Hi Jolene, thanks for the comments. In Midnight Con 2…Faye finally decides between Mark and Liam.

    All I’ll say is, even *I* didn’t know which one it would be until I woke up the day before the book was due! ayup…I loved ’em both!

    OK, now, with so many people who love Sybil’s blog at TGTBTU I’m really nervous about their review.


  20. fedora says:

    Hi, Bonnie! Thanks to you and Jennifer for a great interview! I’ve only read Jared’s story in Pure Sex, but am totally looking forward to getting more of your writing–hot!!

    As for where I go for reviews, I used to rely heavily on Amazon, and do definitely still start there, but in the last six months or so I’ve finally stumbled onto some review sites that focus on romance (in all its variants–erotic, etc.) so now I check those (Romance Reviews Today, and some others). Also, I belong to a bookswapping site, and often check with others there whether they’ve read the book I’m curious about. 🙂 And if it’s a new book, I love hearing about it on blogs (like this one) and then I’m easily convinced to go get it 😉

  21. Gail H says:

    Hello Bonnie, most of the time I use Amazon but I also check other review sites. I use Fresh Fiction, The Romance Studio, and several others. I do enjoy reading book reviews.

  22. fedora…thanks SO much! And Injen, thanks for the info on the books on the shelves.

    it’s getting late so I’m signing off for the evening.

    I’m really looking forward to our contest tomorrow!

    And just b/c I’ve had such a great time today…I’m going to pick two winners tomorrow.

    that’s right…I’ll give away two copies of THIGH HIGH to people who join in our contest.

    Boy! Is it going to be fun!


  23. Beth R says:

    I don’t really let review site influence. I read Romance Reviews Today

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