Interview with Kate Douglas…

Please give a warm welcome to Kate Douglas! 

Please tell us about your books and what inspired the stories.
The original Wolf Tales was a 1000 word freebie for a readers’ list. When Margaret Riley started Changeling Press and wanted something “hot, kinky and over the top,” I took the original short and lengthened it. Shapeshifters were popular then and I liked the idea of wolves that weren’t traditional werewolves. After a bit of research into wolf species, I found canis lupus laniger, the Tibetan Wolf, known by the common name “Chanku.” My story evolved from that, but since I was writing a 12,000 word novella as a serial every six weeks or so, I originally had no idea where it was going. The relationship between Stefan and Anton was a huge surprise to me when I first wrote it! 

Can you tell us more about the series?  Do these stories need to be read in order?
The series follows various Chanku shapeshifters as they learn about their previously unknown heritage. Their history is that of a small group of shapeshifters who eventually migrated out of their birthplace on the Tibetan steppe millennia ago. As they moved away from the area, they lost the ability to shift because their diet lacked certain necessary nutrients. Now that hidden past has been discovered by a wizard named Anton Cheval and he and the other Chanku he has found are searching for more of their kind. The ability to shift is not tied to phases of the moon or anything beyond their desire to choose their form–the only drawback, if you consider it such, is that the Chanku are a very sensual species. They are driven by their powerful libidoes, and while they bond for life with a chosen mate, they remain sexually active with other Chanku. An ongoing plot has a secret group within the government trying to capture female Chanku for breeding–the genes are carried in the female line and can only be passed on from mother to child. 

I try to write each story so it will stand alone, but now that I’m writing number thirteen, I can honestly say it would be better for a reader to start at the beginning and read them in order. Each novel and even the novellas in the anthologies adds another layer to the series, and while an individual story will be entertaining, the characters’ backgrounds make the plot more interesting. I’ve reached the point now, with so many characters and ongoing issues, that it’s become like a TV series where you have more fun if you know each character involved. For instance, I’m writing Wolf Tales VII, a story that brings all twenty-one adult Chanku (and the two babies that have been born during the series) together at one time. If I were to include each character’s backstory, there’s be no room for the new plot!  

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?
Most favorite? Starting a new story. Least favorite? Starting a new story…and yes, that really does make sense. I love the surprises when I sit down to start a new book or novella. I write with my characters in mind, but very little idea of the plot. I let that evolve through my character’s actions and that means I’m as surprised by what happens as my readers. There’s also that moment of panic when I wonder if my characters will be forthcoming–what if they decide NOT to let me in on what’s happening? That worry is always in the back of my mind, but so far it hasn’t happened. For instance, the story I’m writing now took a totally different track than I originally expected. As always, I tried to herd my characters back into line, but there are so many now that they easily overpowered me and the story is happening they way they want it to. I sometimes feel as if I’m merely the typist, but that’s probably a good thing, as the characters are much more interesting than I could ever hope to be! 

What would you like to tell aspiring writers? 
Never, ever give up. Not if you believe you are meant to write. I’ve been a writer all my life, but I didn’t start writing fiction until the mid 1980s. I fully intended to be published right away, but obviously that didn’t happen. Instead I started collecting rejection letters. I took a circuitious route, writing for ebook publishers when that industry was first beginning in 1998 with my first sale to Hard Shell Word Factory. I discovered Ellora’s Cave and realized then that I loved writing the hot and sexy romances–my StarQuest series with EC continues to do well after more than five years. I always believed in myself and knew that I was meant to write, mainly because I don’t think I had a choice. Writng literally consumes me–it’s what I choose to do in my free time as well as when I’m on deadline, and I know there are a lot of others out there just like me. If you believe you are meant to write, stick with it. Keep honing your craft and keep your goal in sight. My fantastic Kensington contract came almost exactly twenty years after I wrote my first (really AWFUL) category romance, but that contract has led to more, and they have literally changed my life. You can do it, but only if you keep at it.

Which of your characters is most like you?
Actually, none of them. I think they all have parts of me–they’re outspoken and loyal and love their mates. Some are klutzy, others are really athletic and they’re all very caring, traits I either have or wish I had! I think my heroes are actually stronger characters than many of my heroines, mainly because I just love to write those hot men! Anton Cheval is obviously my favorite–he’s older and definitely the “uber alpha” of all the Chanku because of his knowledge and the fact he’s a powerful wizard as well as a shapeshifter. What I love is the fact he hasn’t got a humble bone in his body, except when it comes to his mate. He will always defer to her becuase he loves her so much. It’s fun to write a man who is inherently good, and yet has an ego the size of Neptune. 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
funny, smart and stubborn…and I probably should have put stubborn first! 

What is next for you?
More Wolf Tales, for now. I’m currently contracted for eighteen in the series, nine have released and I’m writing #13 (counting novellas) and I have yet to grow tired of my Chanku. I’m still as excited about the series and the characters as I was when I first started. While I have a lot of ideas percolating in my head, I’ve not actually got anything else going right now. 

Is there anything you’d like to ask readers?
I would love to know what my readers want to see in future stories. I’ve gotten some great suggestions, mainly in the form of questions, and those questions have led me to plot twists I never expected. Sometimes I think my readers know my characters as well as, if not better than, I do! 

Thank you Kate for a fabulous interview!
You can learn more about Kate and her books at her website:

Readers, how about answering Kate’s question… 

Kate has donated a lovely prize for one lucky winner!
One lucky winner drawn randomly from those that comment will win their choice of Wolf Tales IV or Sexy Beast III and a stuffed wolf. 
Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on January 21! 
It is up to you to return to see if you won and to contact me if you see your name!
By entering you are stating you are over 18! 


35 Responses to Interview with Kate Douglas…

  1. Stefanie D says:

    Great interview Kate!!
    I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they sound very good. Shapeshifters, yummie!

  2. Jolene says:

    What a great interview Kate. I adore your books, so what would i like to see? just more… more more more…lol… ooh i dont have sexy beast III yet… … im glad that there are some great books coming our way .. and i recommend them highly to everyone…thanks for sharing with us..

  3. Melissa K. says:

    Kateness! I’m stalking you again. lol! Glad I wasn’t listed in “Least favorite?” Heehee.
    Seriously, folks, if you haven’t read a Wolf Tales book what’s wrong with you!? *g* Kate is a brillant writer and a wonderful woman. I keep trying to get her to adopt me. 🙂
    Can’t go in a bookstore without looking for your books, Love! Glad to see you and thanks for the writing advice. I just might put your name in a dedication some day. HUGS! xo Mel

  4. Laura J says:

    Morning Kate! Thanks for sharing the background of your Chanku wolves. I love hearing how stories come about. I’m looking forward to meeting you in June at Lori and Dianne’s meetup!

  5. Eva S says:

    Great interview Kate ( and thanks Jennifer!) ! I’ve been in love with your characters since I read the first book and it will be wonderful to meet them all again. I just want more Wolf Tales and I trust you to come up with new and exciting twists… But no sad stories without happy endings…

  6. brownone says:

    Great interview Kate! I must say I haven’t read any of them but am interested!!

  7. jenna says:

    I was fascinated with your wonderful interview. Your characters are unique and your books enthralling.

  8. Kate Douglas says:

    Thank you so much, guys! Mel, I wondered where you’ve been hiding–must be the marriage thing, eh? For those of you who haven’t read my books but might be curious about them, I have excerpts of all my Wolf Tales (and everything else) posted at You have to click on the covers on the front page to get in, as it’s for over 18 only. The excerpts are VERY graphic, but they’ll give you an excellent idea of the storyline. I post entire first chapters, and a lot happens in them.

    Jolene…you haven’t read SBIII yet? That’s a fun one–Chanku Journey brings everyone together for Tia and Luc’s wedding in San Francisco, and introduces the first baby in the series, but it’s touch and go that everyone will arrive at the wedding in one piece!

    Eva, I can guarantee that my books will all have a happy ending–even Camille’s Dawn in the Wild Nights anthology, a story about a woman who has been dead for twenty years, has a happy ending, though I can almost guarantee a few tears before you get to it! I hate books that end badly–they leaved me depressed for days and I will never read anything by the author again. (Yes, Kate DOES hold grudges!)

    Thanks for stopping by–it’s my birthday today and I’m spending the day writing, with a book due next week that is NOT finished! Knowing I’ve got someone to chat with off and on through the day makes it very cool.

    Kate, old broad 🙂

  9. Jennifer Y says:

    Thank you Kate for stopping by! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  10. fedora says:

    Happy Birthday, Kate, and thank you for a terrific interview!! I’ve read a couple of your Wolf Tales and though I don’t consider myself a paranormal aficianado (sp?), I really enjoyed your stories, and now I’ll have to go collect them all 🙂 I love when authors create a series that develops and fleshes out an entire world, so I’m glad you’re still writing away!

    Hope you’ll enjoy some celebrating, and thanks again for writing and believing in yourself!

  11. Loretta W says:

    This was a fantastic interview with Kate and I enjoyed reading it. I had bidded on Kates books for an auction and won them and since then I have been hooked. I have read Wolf Tales, Sexy Beast-Chanku Rising, Wolf Tales II, Wild Nights- Camille’s Dawn, Wolf Tales III, Sexy Beast II, Chanku Fallen, and Wolf Tales IV. Now I need to get Sexy Beast III and Wolf Tales V so I can get caught on the characters that I love to read about. Kate is a wonderful author and everyone should read her books. They draw you in and your living through all the things the characters go through.

  12. cathy M says:

    Happy Birthday Kate. I have all the Wolf Tales books on my keeper shelf. I hope everyone gets a chance to start this series. Once you get into the Chanku world, you will get totally hooked. Can’t wait to read WT5!

  13. Jolene says:

    Happy Birthday Kate.. i wont sing i promise…lol.. hope you are having a wonderful day..

  14. JSL says:

    Happy birthday, Kate! I really enjoyed reading your interview – it was nice to learn more about the Chaku world. (Thanks for doing all this Jennifer!) I hope you have a fabulous day and your deadline doesn’t stress you out! 😉

  15. Jane says:

    Happy Birthday, Kate. I’ve haven’t read any of your “Wolf Tales” yet, but I will definitely be picking them up soon.

  16. Gail H says:

    Great interview Kate, I would love to read the Wolf Tales series. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but plan to. It sounds like a wonderful series, I love reading about shape shifters, so this sounds like a searies for me.

  17. Eva S says:

    Happy birthday, Kate, and thanks for spending it with us!

  18. Loretta W says:

    Happy Birthday Kate. What a great way to spend it, with the readers who love to read your books. So glad that you got your computer fixed.

  19. Kimberley C says:

    Happy Birthday Kate! I love your books. If you hadn’t asked for ideas or questions, I would problably have had quite a few. Right now I have had a major brain fart and am utterly empty on comment/ideas. I just know that your books have broght me untold hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Thank you for all your hard work…It is truly appreciated by your loyal readers. God Bless

  20. Hello Jennifer & Kate,

    Another great interview very well asked & answered 🙂

    Me I would like to see more romance & also learning more about the characters. A few erotic books I have read end up going right to sex not saying it’s bad or anything but I like to know about the characters first then sex could come next LoL.

    Love your books Kate. Please keep writing. WoW! I didn’t know there was that many in the Wolf series I need to catch up I see. That is amazing though YaY! More Wolf books woohoo.


  21. Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You,
    Happy Birthday Dear Kate, Happy Birthday To You.
    Now make a wish. May all your wishes come true.

    Kate when you get a chance come by my blog 😉


  22. Teresa W. says:

    Enjoyed your interview and glad to have you here today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  23. janedoe2006 says:

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!
    my daughter complains, having bday the month after xmas, really bites

  24. Ayreann says:

    Great interview, Kate. You’ve an awesome talent for telling a story. I’m sure prospective writers greatly appreciate your advice not to ever give up on their writing. I think too many do and that’s ashame. Since I’m a reader and always on the lookout for new authors, I’d add my voice to yours that they never give up, because there are readers like myself that are just waiting for the chance to read their work and we won’t ever get the chance if they don’t persevere. 🙂

  25. Sue A. says:

    Happy Birthday Kate! Wishing you all the best on your special day! Thank you for sharing part of your special day with us. I have enjoyed the interviews and I’ve enjoyed reading your books.

  26. bluecat says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday Kate! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book or two.

  27. Amelia says:

    Happy Birthday Kate! My birthday was Friday. Wishing the best and hope you get alot of goodies. 🙂

    Great interview! Thanks for coming by.

  28. Mischa says:

    Happy Birthday Kate!!..

    Loved the interview. Just bought WT5.. loved it. (Hello my name is Mischa and I am a WT addict) 🙂

    Maybe Anton finds more about the first shapeshifters…..and the real origin. Maybe a new pack is discovered (it’s own community)? So many possibilities.

    Can’t wait for more and more and more.

  29. Crystal B. says:

    Great interview Kate. Love your books. 🙂

  30. Melissa K. says:

    smooches and hugs!!

  31. annalisa says:

    Hope you had a very Happy Birthday!

    I have read some Wolf Tales and hope to read more. I found them very enjoyable! 🙂

  32. Cherie J says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Kate! Enjoyed the interview, especially the information on the Chanku which was especially fascinating,

  33. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I would love to add a little wolf to my stuffed menagerie..please include me

  34. amysmith98 says:

    Happy birthday Kate! Great interview! I love your Wolf series, it is so good. I can’t wait to read the new one!

  35. tina brunelle says:

    ohhh I am not too late to enter.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wolf series!!!! did i say love!!!!! i so wanna read the new one. thank you for all the previous ones, your extremely talented. love your work

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