Spotlight on…

Lizzie T. Leaf 

wakingupdead.jpgWaking Up Dead
After a night of passion Deb Stein wakes up to the scent of pine and the discovery her life has changed forever.  Now instead of the glare of paparazzi flashbulbs, she’s in the spotlight as Dovey Divine who takes it off for a roomful of lusting strangers.  Her goal now is revenge on the man who turned her into one of the living dead.

Aaron Lowell’s one night stand left him consumed with guilt in taking his partner to the dark side.  He knows she’s out for blood…his blood and he can’t blame her anymore than he can forget her.

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Also available at Fictionwise and Kindle edition


forget_the_mistletoe.jpgForget the Mistletoe
Marta’s Christmas spirit makes Scrooge’s bah humbug appear generous. How can she be dumb enough to fall for a boss who still believes in Santa?

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You can find out more about Lizzie on her website at:


3 Responses to Spotlight on…

  1. Both books sound great. I love Lizzie’s books 🙂 Love the covers as well 🙂


  2. Laura J says:

    These are two books I have been contemplating ordering for sometime. I’m just gonna have to order them and quit thinking about it.

  3. fedora says:

    These sound hilarious! Thanks for the recommendation, Jennifer!

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