Interview with Tawny Weber!

Tawny Weber’s new release, Does She Dare?, is officially out in January, but it has already been spotted in stores!  
Tawny agreed to an interview to tell us more about Does She Dare?, her writing, and more.

Please tell us about your latest release.
dsd-cover.jpgDOES SHE DARE? is such a fun story about what happens when you make a really HOT birthday wish.  Isabel Santos is a goal setting list-maker with just one problem… she’s sick of her barren love life.  So, like any good goal-setter, she creates a plan –The Man Plan.  With it, she figured she’d spice things up, get lucky and have some fun (while staying in control of the situation).  Instead of staying in control, though, she gets the one guy guaranteed to make her LOSE control – Dante Luciano, bad boy extraordinaire and her long-time fantasy man.   Dante is in town just long enough to pay off a debt and be on his way.  But when he gets his hands on her Man Plan, he’s determined to make it come true.       

What inspired the story?
Actually the story inspiration came from DOUBLE DARE (my May 07 Blaze).  Isabel had a small part in that story, basically as Audra’s conscious.  That sane, practical voice of reason that kept my bad girl from going off the edge.  That got me thinking… what would it take to really make this practical, goal-setting, eye-on-the-prize type of gal crazy? 

What is your favorite part of being a writer?  Least favorite?
I love meeting my characters, watching their stories unfold.  Creating and exploring their inner conflicts, the emotional issues they have to overcome to grow as ‘people’ is always fascinating to me.  The love story, setting sparks and bringing two characters together is wonderful.  And, well, hot sexy love scenes definitely add to the fun of writing LOL.   

My least favorite thing about writing is the anxiety.  Does the editor like it, do the readers like it – that kind of thing.  Waiting and knowing so much is out of my hands is stressful, as is promotion because there is no way to gauge if I did enough until it’s too late to change.   But those drawbacks are the same in almost any career, aren’t they?    

Is there anything you would like to write, but haven’t?  For example, any other genre you’d like to try?
I love paranormal.  Light, of course, in keeping with my voice.   I actually have a light-hearted para with my agent right now.  It’s a sassy story of a Witch whose powers suddenly return as her idiot husband asks for a divorce.  She gets a little peeved ends up banished to a small town, where she has to deal with some kooky characters, a sexy handyman and…  Oh yeah, save the town from evil LOL.  This is definitely a direction I’d like to expand my writing into.   

Who has inspired you as a writer?
I’ve read romances as long as I can remember and always had a secret wish to write.  But I never tried.  One summer my husband and I were talking and I admitted my secret.  He immediately told me to get to it then, since that was my dream.  And he’s still inspiring me – he’s my real life hero.  As far as writing inspiration, I’d have to say Vicki Lewis Thompson.  She was the first author I read who brought both humor and hot sex into a story in the perfect balance.  That’s my goal as a writer, to make the reader smile and laugh, heat things up and give them a “oh yeah, I want to try that” feeling, and touch them emotionally all at the same time.   

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
I think writing is the most amazing job in the world!  I hope anyone who wants to write will give themselves the encouragement to do so – and not give up.  It’s challenging to turn writing into a career, but RWA is an amazing tool, one I think every romance author can benefit from.   

Which of your characters would you like to switch places with? For how long?  What would you do?
Oooh… good question.  Let’s see…  Audra from DOUBLE DARE would be fun because she’s so naughty (and looks great in Posh Spice style clothes LOL) and Isabel from DOES SHE DARE? is my kind of gal with her Man Plan and determination to make her dreams come true.  But I think if I had to choose, I’d pick my Delaney, who is the heroine from my Nov 08 Blaze, RISQUE BUSINESS.  She wins this incredible makeover, wardrobe and all (and catches the eye of a VERY sexy erotic suspense author).  Oh yeah…  I want that!   

Who are some of your favorite authors?
Vicki Lewis Thompson, Nora Roberts & Jennifer Crusie are my all-time favorite auto-buy authors.  Each of them brings such intense voice and power to their writing.   

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Empowering, neurotic, determined  

What is next for you?
I have some fun appearances tied in with DOES SHE DARE? coming up in January.  On the 7th I kick off The Man Plan discussion on  Since Isabel in DOES SHE DARE? used her own Man Plan to snag her hottie hero, I think it’ll be a lot of fun – and would love it if you all stopped by!  I’m also am teaching a Dreams to Reality workshop online at with my CP, Beth Andrews.  In November of 08 my next Blaze will be out – it’s a fabulously sexy makeover story called RISQUÉ BUSINESS.     

You can find out more about Tawny by visiting her website 

To celebrate the release of DOES SHE DARE?, Tawny is offering one lucky commenter a “Man Plan Package” full of goodies…to enter you just have to leave a comment answering the questions below. 
I will randomly choose a winner and announce it here on the blog January 1.

I asked Tawny if there were anything she’d like to ask readers and here is what she said:
If you could make a plan for anything you wanted… what would it be?  A man, a job, a size 5 pair of jeans that fits “just right”?  We’re heading into the New Year… what dream would YOU like to see come true?


62 Responses to Interview with Tawny Weber!

  1. Hello, my Bandita Buddy! Great interview, Tawny and Jennifer. Tawny, I love the sound of the paranormal. I think you have a deliciously wicked sense of humor and I can really see it shining in lighter paranormals. Can’t wait to get my hands on Does She Dare? More of your wicked sense of humor, I can see! Hmm, at the moment my dreams revolve around a cleaner. Yes, I know it’s boring but honestly, trying to write full time and do everything else is just getting on top of me. The idea of a fairy godmother with a vacuum cleaner coming in every week or so is just SOOO appealing. Yeah, you can see why I don’t write Blazes, can’t you? That wasn’t very sexy at all 😉

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  2. Caren Crane says:

    Jennifer, this was a great interview! Tawny is, of course, a buddy of mine from Romance Bandits, so I already adore her. *g* But for anyone who hasn’t read Tawny, she absolutely delivers on her sexy/saucy/light-hearted promise! I can’t wait for Does She Dare?, Tawny.

    And what’s with being so mum about the paranormal? I haven’t heard a peep about that, you naughty thing! I do love a light-hearted paranormal, like MaryJanice Davidson. I hope your agent sells it fast so I can get my hands on it!

    Hm. Dreams. The big one is one I actually dreamed the other night. I was composing a memo to my coworkers to tell them I was quitting to concentrate on my writing, since I had just gotten a three-book contract. Now that dream I really want to come true!

  3. Cheryl S. says:

    Wonderful interview. Thanks.
    Well, I should be making a plan to lose some weight. It’s not that I don’t know how to eat healthy, I just love the taste of food.

  4. Laura J says:

    Hi Tawny! I have Does She Dare on the shelves, but I have removed one copy from the shelves and brought it home.

    I really need to make a list of things to get rid of. I’m a pack rat and would really like to get rid of some of the clutter I have. We made some progress right before Christmas getting rid of Christmas stuff we haven’t used or haven’t used in years. We are going through old toys and will get rid of or donate those after the New Year. I have a craft work area that as soon as my husband makes room for his junk (at least that is what I call it) in our basement then I will get a whole closet to keep some of my supplies and get my craft area more organized. The closet will also give me more room for more books (but don’t tell my husband that).

  5. Laura J says:

    oops that should say I have SEEN Does She Dare on the shelves. Add to my list I need to learn to proof read better!

  6. Lisa says:

    Great interview girlfriend! I loved Double Dare and will now be stopping on my way home from work to pick up Does She Dare? since it’s out now. If Dante is the antithesis of planner Isabel, that gives to meaning to the word “pantser,” does it?

  7. Betty Hanawa says:

    Great interview. I’m haunting the stores for Does She Dare and hope the paranormal finds a home fast.

    Dreams… hmmm… to sell to Harlequin so I can play with Tawny and Co at RWA National.

  8. amysmith98 says:

    Great interview! Does She Dare sounds great! Have you ever modeled a character from a friend or family member?

  9. fedora says:

    Hi, Tawny! What a fun interview! Thanks to you and Jennifer for letting us know more about you and your books! What an awesomely supportive husband you have! It’s good to have someone who believes in your dreams and nudges you towards achieving them!

    I’m with Laura in the plan/goal/dream department–another terrible packrat here, and lots to clear out in the new year… ugh!

  10. Kay says:

    Great interview, Tawny! And thanks to Jennifer for hosting it. Does She Dare made its way into my stocking this year and it was such a fun story. Gotta love a heroine who can make a list for anything. 😉

    And I’ll second (third? fifth?) the cheers on the para. I’ll bet it’s dynamite with your snappy voice!

  11. Hi Tawny! Great interview, Jennifer! And no question, I’ll take that size 5 pair of jeans, thank you!! Oh, wait. Anna’s mentioned a housekeeper and now I’m re-thinking my dream plan…nope, gotta go for the size 5. Who needs a clean house? LOL

    Tawny, your Nov. Blaze makeover story sounds like so much fun. I can’t believe we have to wait almost a year to read it! That’s okay, I’ll be picking up DOES SHE DARE today and I’m looking forward to reading all about the Man Plan!

    Hope everyone’s dreams come true in 2008! 🙂

  12. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow!!! A great interview. Geez, and here I thought I knew you. lol I’m sure Does She Dare will be just as great and humerous as Double Dare. What you said about your husband is so true with mine, too. I told him I wanted to write, and he told me to shut my business, and start writing. (Okay, so major health issues played a part in it too) You gotta love a supportive man. Shoot, even now if he asks whether I wrote and I tell him yes or no, he’s either congratulating me or pushing me down in front of my computer telling me to get my butt in gear.

    Once again, a great interview and you’re an awesome writer who I want to grow up and write like. Smooches.

  13. Jo Robertson says:

    Tawny, what a great interview. I admire your spunk! Now, now, don’t go down that road, my dear Bandida! Tee, hee.

    You are a wonderful writer with a delightful, light-hearted voice. Amazon is shipping DOES SHE DARE? even as we speak and I can’t wait for it to arrive, hopefully any day. A Man Plan intercepted by the hero sounds hilarious!

    Duh, I didn’t know you also wrote paranormal. The premise is intriguing . . . and too funny! I hope it finds a home.

    Of course, any plan I’d make would involve SELLING! RIGHT NOW, PLEASE!! LOL But, puleeeze, size 5’s are a distant dream. I’d settle for a size 10 jeans, you know, the kind that lift the sagging butt and hold in the poochy tummy.

  14. Tawny – I have to admit, the accountant in me is crying out to read this book. I love the idea of a man plan and the use of different colored inks analyzing the possiblities. I’m playing a trip to the bookstore tonight to cash in those Christmas gift cards. DOES SHE DARE? will be in my basket.

    Hmmm… even size 10 jeans are a distant dream for me *g*. This holiday was unmerciful in packing on the pounds. I guess DOES SHE DARE will be viewing the world from the ledge on the treadmill.

  15. Jennifer Y says:

    It is great to see the Banditas here! Welcome to my humble abode! LOL

  16. pearl says:

    Loved your interview. Definitely will be reading Does She Dare. Sounds wonderful. A major plan that would be like a dream come true would be to travel. I have a dream destination which has been a wish for many years and next year will be the year for me to experience this fascinating trip.
    Beat of luck and success in 2008.

  17. Mona Risk says:

    Great interview, Tawny. I like the way your heroines pop into your mind and the way you can identify with their characters. My inspiration for setting comes from my many travels that I like to share with others. And my heroines are young women I personally know that I throw into the arms of my dream heroes. I enjoyed Double Dare and can’t wait to read its sequel, Does She Dare?

  18. Marlene Urso says:

    Great interview, Tawny. I can’t wait to read this story.

    What would I like – to have inspiration to write my own stories. But as you’ve pointed out before, dreams do come true. I’ve been lucky enough to see so many of my friends realize that dream…and they’ve let me tag along for the ride. Marlene

  19. Angie-la says:

    First, can I say how much I really like that cover for ‘Does She Dare’?? 😛
    Very cool interview. I really enjoy Tawny’s work.

    As far as wishes go, mine would be for good health and happiness to all who are
    striving for it. I especially wish the ‘good health’ part for my DH. He is struggling with
    some major health issues right now.
    And if the by-product of better health means I can get into those size 10 jeans, then
    I’m all for it!

  20. Maureen says:

    Thanks for the great interview.

    I think my plan would be for overall better health and fitness. This year I have been walking on the treadmill regularly so I want to add more exercise and some healthier recipes.

  21. tawny says:

    ::waving:: Hi everyone, wow, thanks for coming by 🙂

    Hi Mona 🙂 I envy all the places you’ve seen (not the travelling part, that give me the willies) and how you weave them into your stories! thats so cool.

    Pearl, thank you so much! I hope you get to travel this year 🙂 I’m not a happy traveller, I’m too impatient, I think. I’m so excited that you get to take your dream trip!!

    LOL Donna, did you know my mom’s a bookkeeper? And I took a semester of accounting (it made my head spin though, lifo, fifo, ack!). I have to say, I’m honored that DSD will grace your treadmill I hope the good parts make you run faster!

    Hmm, Jo likes my spunks. Oh, spunk. 😉 gotcha. You’re so sweet, thank you! I will add my wishes to yours that you sell this year!!! And thanks on the para – After talking to my agent we’re doing a major rework of certain aspects of the plot, but I do hope it finds a home!

    Awww, Anne-Marie, you’re such a sweetie! So is your hubby!!! Lets hear it for our awesome, supportive guys!!

  22. tawny says:

    Hmm, Kate, I’m with you – I’d take the tiny tushie over a clean house too! Although I do admit I love the idea of someone coming in and cleaning so I don’t have to worry about it! And I am so loving Risque Business (doing revisions now) so I hope you think its worth the wait when it hits the shelves 😉

    Thanks, Kay. I am so tickled at the idea of my book being a stocking stuffer!!!

    Fedora 🙂 You’re right, my hubby rocks (most of the time). He’s definitely a blessing. Better yet, he goes to conference with me LOL – he loves being a part of my dream… well, that and my editor feeds him.

    Amy, great question. Nope, though. My characters tend to be their own ‘individual’. I’ve tried once or twice to incorporate a person I knew into a character, but I’d find myself unable to write with them – too much “oh, they wouldn’t really do that” kind of thing. Real people have their own personalities and just don’t mind like my characters do (hahahaha, well, sort of do ;))

    YES, Betty! Come play with us 🙂

  23. tawny says:

    ROFL Lisa… he’s definitely doing some pantsing in this book!

    🙂 Laura, I was thinking you had a bookstore LOL. I hear you on the packrat tendencies. I don’t have them (clutter makes me crosseyed) but my husband SO does! He saves EVERYTHING, ‘just in case’. I wonder if I can convince him its a good New Years goal to cut that clutter in half???

    Cheryl, why is it that fattening food just tastes BETTER than healthier food? It definitely does make it harder to lose, doesn’t it?

    Oooh, Caren, I LOVE your dream!!! Sending good dream mojo your way, hoping it comes true soon 🙂 As for the para, I wasn’t keeping it a secret so much as I’d forgot about it LOL. Seriously! So much “light para is dead” and “contemporary is dead” talk and I just figured I was better off not thinking about it (less pouting that way). But hopefully with a little reworking, I can join Mary Janice Davidson on the shelves!!

    Anna, I’m so loving the image of a teensy little pixie pushing around a vacuum! Wouldn’t that be fun?! And you know, as appealing as all the other dreams, there is something just so wonderful about a clean house. It would definitely make it easier for you to keep writing your awesome stories 😉 So – I’m adding my wishes to yours!!! Cause, the world needs more of your books!!

  24. tawny says:

    Marlene, you’re so going to see that dream come true!! I know you will 🙂

    Angie-la – sending you hugs and my own wishes for good health for you and your hubby!!!! I hope you both see success in 2008!! And yeah… DSD cover is major hot! I loooooove the, um, motorcycle. Yeah, thats my favorite part. Uh huh.

    Go you, Maureen!!! I had to give up my treadmill for the elliptical when I broke my foot (couldn’t take the impact) but I really liked it. It sounds like you’re already kicking butt and just need to take it up a notch 🙂 YAY!

  25. Helen says:

    Loved the interview Tawny
    I would love to retire so as I had more time to read that is what my plan would be how I wish.
    Have Fun

  26. Hi Tawny, Jennifer and Posters!

    What a great, fun interview, and what super comments! I’m so excited about getting DOES SHE DARE?

  27. Hi Tawny, Jennifer and Posters!

    What a great, fun interview, and what super comments! I’m so excited about getting DOES SHE DARE? — you’re an awesome writer, Tawny!

    My plan would revolve around Tahiti, the perfect hut (with power for the computer, of course), and maybe a super hot surfing buddy!

    Happy New Year, everyone! And may you all enjoy perfect health!


  28. tawny says:

    Hi Helen! Retirement would be great! My hubby keeps promising that as soon as he can retire, he’ll be my man-slave. I’m a big supporter of the idea.

    HEY Nancy 🙂 Thank you so much! Tahiti, a hut and electricity — what a fabulous image!! The hot surfing buddy sounds like icing on top LOL.

  29. Helen says:

    Man slave sounds really good Tawny my hubby does not work because of medical reasons and in some ways it is good but others not so good but I love him.
    Have Fun

  30. Nancy says:

    Tawny and Jennifer, what a fun interview! My plan is to get back in shape. Two years ago, I was in the best shape of my life. I let a combination of injuries and life complications break my gym routine, and I “grew” out of my favorite clothes. So that’s what I want my back.

    Plus the usual dreams, writing success, fabulous wealth and, of course, world peace. The last one seems like a really distant dream sometimes.

  31. ThatBrunette says:

    I think it’s the plan part of your question that has me stumped. I make lots of plans, all the time. I also like making lists. I’m not over-organized like your heroine. I could use a little more order in my life. An ordered mind? Can I wish for an ordered mind?

    I like the sound of your paranormal. The ‘fun’ ones are what I need to lighten up my day. If it is a well-written one, the toddler gets more TV time!

  32. tawny says:

    Hmmm, you know, Helen, there’s actually a good chance my hubby could end up with a medical condition if he was my man slave for too long LOL. Or at least a mental condition! I hope your hubby is doing well, though!

    Nancy – ME TOO! Well, it was 4 years ago, but writing is so hard on the size of my tushie *g* I love your dreams, though!

    That Brunette (LOVE that moniker!) LOL on the planning going nowhere. I think minds can be trained to be ordered… mine was. Believe me, organization, planning and all that are NOT natural to me. But obsessive control-freakness is, and its the only way I could put it to good use 😉

    YAY on more TV time for toddlers! hehehehee

  33. Beth Andrews says:

    Great interview, Tawny and Jennifer! I adore Does She Dare (and yes, I’m lucky cuz I’ve read Tawny’s light paranormal – it ROCKS!) Isabel and Dante are a great couple and the story is not only sassy and sexy, but it’s emotional as well *g*

  34. Laura J says:

    Tawny–How I wish I had a bookstore!!!! Actually I do have what would amount to a very small bookstore (around 850 books so far) in various locations in the house. I have a very good friend that has over 14,000 books in her 2 bedroom apartment.

    I’m looking forward to your paranormal!!!! (power of positive thinking here!) Keep us posted as to when it will be out!

  35. tawny says:

    🙂 I think Beth’s a smidge biased, but thats what great Critique Partners are for, huh?

    Laura, I hear you on the vast number of books!! I dont’ have nearly the number as your friend, but my aunt does! She has two rooms dedicated to them — all romances!! Don’t you love that? I spend the night there and feel like I’ve gone to heaven LOL.

  36. JSL says:

    Hi Tawny and Jennifer-
    Tawny – I think it’s great your husband is so supportive, and I love that he goes to conferences with you. (I can’t think of one guy who would).
    As to a plan… everything I can think of seems too serious… so I guess my plan would be how to own a [tropical] island within 20 years. =) Then I could retire there (because hey – if I’m rich enough to own an island, I can definitely retire!) and live out my days in luxury. =)

  37. tawny says:

    LOL JSL – my husband loves conferences. It probably helps that he’s a big flirt and all my friends love to flirt with him! Well, that and my editor feeds him (she figures it keeps him on her side when it comes to deadlines, revisisions, etc…and she’s right. I broke my foot last year and he stood over me, refusing to give me my pain meds till I finished the proposal I had due). I know a few hubbies who go, although they do keep themselves scarce except at the bar.

    I love your retirement plan!!! A tropical island would be heavenly… especially if it comes with cabana boys in skimpy bathing suits to fan you with palm fronds and keep your margarita glass filled 😉

  38. Kimmy Lane says:

    Great interview Tawny. I would love to go down 2 pant sizes and to have my own beauty shop.

  39. tawny says:

    Oooh, Kimmy, I love that goal! I’ve always wanted my own beauty shop – not to run but to go to daily so they can make me purty 😀 I have a huge admiration for stylists.

  40. Mary f says:

    Tawny and Jenn Great interview really entertaining~

    I’d wish for a total brain revamp…. I’d keep the reading genres I like but I’d change my eating habits. I change the way I stack things *as I buy them* try finding what you want to read that way. I have books everywhere~

    the unreachable dream >>>>> turn into Samantha from bewitched then I can change what I want in the blink of an eye! (oops please insert wiggle of the nose)

  41. tawny says:

    ROFL Mary. Brain revamp? Really? I hear you on the crazy stacks of things. Whats really roughis when you have guests and have to move the stacks… I promise, you’ll NEVER find that book you just have to read and know is there SOMEWHERE once youv’e moved the stack.

    I adore Samantha btw 🙂 She so rocks, althoughas much as I enjoy Nicole Kidman, I wasn’t crazy about the remake. She did a mean nose twitch, though.

  42. acdaisy77 says:

    Hi Tawny, I have to agree with everyone that this is a great interview. 🙂 And “Does She Dare” sounds great. My dream plan is to be fit and healthy for 2008. 😉

  43. tawny says:

    Thanks, acDaisy (can I just call you Daisy? ;-)) Jennifer had such fun questions to answer, it was easy! I love your dream plan – healthy and fit are most excellent goals and really, with those you can make so many other things happen, right?

  44. Stefanie D says:

    What I dream about is my own private library, *sigh*.
    A big room with comfortable chairs, bookshelfs with a lot of books that I want to read,…
    But I guess it will be impossible to create, won’t it?

    What I also dream about is a boyfriend. Someone can realy trust. Someone who loves me just the way I am. Yeah, I would like that too. I would like that even more than my own library.

  45. Jennifer Y. says:

    You and me both, Stefanie….I like your dreams!

  46. cathy M says:

    Those size 10 jeans are always on the list, winning the lotto would be hecka fun and let us do more traveling, have everything fall into place so my dh can retire next year, and some major frequent flyer miles so my son in the Navy can fly home whenever he needs some family time and some home cooked meals.

  47. tawny says:

    Oooh, thats the perfect guy -the ones who love us just the way we are 🙂 (the ones who see us through rose colored glasses are good too LOL) Fingers crossed for you and Jennifer, Stefanie!! I love the private library too – although I’d want a big deep bathtub in the middle of mine! There is something so wonderful about sinking into the perfect bubble bath with a book.

    Cathy, GREAT goals 🙂 Fingers crossed for you too!

  48. Carla says:

    Hi Tawny!

    What a great interview. I love the whole Man Plan idea. Can’t wait to read DSD and I hope your Para. gets a home soon. I loved it!!

    Ok, my plan would be to find a hubby like yours and Anne-Marie’s. lol

  49. Hello Jennifer & Welcome Tawny glad to see you here.

    What a wonderful interview 🙂 I always enjoy learning more about the authors and Jennifer Y does a great job with the interviews.

    Now for the question hmm let’s see I would love to buy a house in 2008 for my fiance and I. I did start on two of my New Year’s resolutions and it’s going great now 🙂 I am staying away from the junk food that has so much sugar in it and I use to be a smoker not drugs though LoL I quited about 2 wks ago YaY me 🙂 I would also love to lose weight and be able to get back into a size 5 or 6 jeans *G* or even a size 10 would be fine with me. Now even winning the lottery would be a dream come true for me.

    Happy New Years To You All!


  50. tawny says:

    LOL Carla, I can loan you mine. I know you’d be nice to him 😉 Thanks so much for the sweet words! I had fun with this interview, Jennifer is GREAT, huh?

    Linda (LOVE your moniker, btw) Thank you 🙂 YAY you on quitting smoking! Thats such a huge thing and you did it! wow 😀 I’m hoping we all get in those smaller jeans this year, it seems to be the common goal LOL.

  51. Lily says:

    Hi… great interview, I just came from The Romance Bandits 🙂

    The dream… hum, be able to read a bit more and relax this year, while getting great grades in College! This year has been quite stressing and not very successfull!!

  52. Nathalie says:

    My great plan… hope to be healthy and happy in the New Year, however winning the lottery could do no harm (unless you go and buy some deserted island!)

  53. Nathalie says:

    PS: I don’t want the size 5 Jeans… I am a size 2!! My mom says I should gain weight!! Thought I would do some bragging here… however hope all of you can stay fit, and lose a bit of weight – without starving yourselves!

  54. tawny says:

    LOL Brag away, Nathalie, I would too!

    Hi Lily 🙂 Thanks for coming over! (Bandita’s rock, huh?) GO you on the relaxation AND good grades! I think its all about balance 🙂 I keep hearing that word, maybe one of these days I’ll get it right *g*

  55. Wendy says:

    Hi, Tawny and Jennifer!

    Now to answer your question, for 2008, the thing I want the most is to graduate nursing school with fantastic grades and be able to get a job immediately. I don’t care about having a man, I’m not even dating right now! I just want to concentrate in school and kick ass, lol.

    By the way, your light-hearted paranormal sounds awesome! When is it coming out?? (I’m sorry if someone already asked you this in the comments, there’s too many for me to read! lol yeah I’m lazy) anyway, I can’t wait to read it!

    Happy New Years, everyone!

  56. Cathie says:

    Tawny this sound so good!!! (Hi too Jennifer!) Definitely putting this one on my wishlist!

    My hope might sound strange but its more of ‘doing it’ with the testing and treatments with my health. I do delay because I hate the pain/un-comfortness both physically and emotionally. So I’m going to use those positive thinkings by doing things I love during this, especially my reading! I’m going to be keeping a journal so I can look back at what I read too!

    Happy New years to you all!

  57. tawny says:

    Hi Wendy! The para is still in the agent stage 🙂 In other words, my agent has it and wants some changes – but I’m hoping hard it finds a home this year!!

    Your goals rock – go you on having suck fabulous kick-ass focus 😉

    Cahtie, HI! Thank you 🙂 YAY that you’re going to get those tests & treatments going. What a fabulous way to make an uncomfortable experience into a positive by focusing on the good parts – thats so inspiring 🙂

    Happy New Years!!!

  58. Wendy says:

    Tawny – well, I hope forward to reading it! And thank you!! 😀

  59. Wendy says:

    I meant look forward, heh I suck at multitasking lol.

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