Spotlight on…

Doorway to the Stars by Marly Mathews

Futuristic Novella
By Marly Mathews
New Concepts Publishing

Aries D’Halen is an Outlander from the far reaches of Space, Freya Kirkland is a defeated war-hero—together their passion will ignite a new hope for the future 

Doorway to the Stars, tour guide, Freya Kirkland is a veteran of the last great war that was waged across Earth and its many planets that it has colonized. The new government has been in power for ten years now, and Freya is still struggling to come to terms with the strange new world Earth has become. Thrust back into an archaic age where slavery and other barbaric practices are now in use, she must fight just to get through another day. 

Rumors of Outlanders that have infiltrated the star traveling system starts to run rampant throughout Earth’s many media outlets. Knowing that she must continue her job as a tour guide, she knowingly places herself in danger just so she can continue to earn her much needed paycheck. Her world is turned upside down when she meets Gaian Warrior, Aries D’Halen. Will their love be able to mend a broken world, and lead her people and his people into a bright future for all?  

Read an excerpt here. 

Available now from New Concepts Publishing. 

Thank you Marly for being a guest! 

Readers, don’t forget to check Saturday’s post for Marly’s giveaway (winners will be announced Wednesday) and to check the sidebar for more contest information!


One Response to Spotlight on…

  1. fedora says:

    Thanks, Marly! I read the excerpt on your site and now I really want to read the rest of the story!

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