‘Tis the Season to be Jaunty Spotlight…

Margo Maguire 

Margo’s latest book, A Warrior’s Taking, was released in July 2007. It’s a fantasy-historical, featuring Brogan MacLochlainn (a warrior-sorcerer on a mission from the year 981 AD) who meets up with an English miss in Lancastershire in the year 1813. 

wt.jpg981 A.D. Brogan MacLochlainn knows of  a magical stone that can bestow great powers. With the slaying of his father, the high chieftain of the Druzai people, the clan’s protection is in Brogan’s hands. He will brave any danger to possess the stone and defeat the evil sorceress who would destroy his people and enslave the non-magical humans of the earth. But only the strongest sorcery will carry the fearless warrior to the talisman – for it is hidden in Ravenfield, an English estate … 900 years in the future … 

1813 A.D. Sarah Granger is wary, yet shamelessly intrigued by the near-naked stranger she discovers washed upon the beach near her home, Ravenfield. His tale is one the beautiful governess can scarcely fathom – yet never have her passions been stirred by any man. Sarah knows in her heart and soul her destiny lies with this strange, seductive barbarian. Together they must defeat the unrelenting evil that has followed him from ancient times, and he must battle it to the death to save Sarah, the woman who has become more precious to him than the magic he crossed the centuries to claim.

The follow-up book, Temptation of the Warrior, will be released in April 2008. It’s also a fantasy-historical, the story of Merrick MacLochlainn, who must travel to England in 1826 to deal with a grave evil that threatens his people 1000 years in the past. He meets up with Jenny Keating, who has a mission of her own. 

temptation-mm-c.jpgA new land, a new time …
To protect his people from a great evil, Merrick MacLochlainn, newly crowned high chieftain of his clan, must travel forward in time, nearly 1,000 years. But when he awakes in nineteenth-century England, he has no memory of his mission to save his race, nor can he recognize Jenny Keating, the spirited young beauty who calls herself his wife. 

A new love …
Orphaned and on the run from a cruel headmaster, vulnerable and alone, Jenny never dreamed of being rescued by any man, much less a chivalrous and handsome warrior like Merrick. Drawn to his powerful physique and mysterious ways, she begins a dangerous deception and poses as his beloved. But her feelings of desire are all too real. Together they will battle a dark threat that jeopardizes their very lives, all the while tempting each other with a passion too powerful to resist.


You can find out more about Margo by visiting her website at http://www.margomaguire.com/ 

You can also visit her HarperCollins page here. 

Remember to check back tomorrow for more spotlights and check out yesterday’s post for contest info!


8 Responses to ‘Tis the Season to be Jaunty Spotlight…

  1. Helen says:

    I have read a Warriors Taking and loved it I am so looking forward to the next one. My birthday is in April so this is going to be on my list can’t wait.
    Have Fun

  2. fedora says:

    Margo, your books are new to me, and I’m loving the introduction! Congrats on your latest and upcoming releases! 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    How does the pressure and stress of working as a nurse compare to being a writer?

  4. Eva S says:

    I have loved your books since I read The Bride Hunt and will be looking for your new books!

  5. Melissa K. says:

    Happy Holidays, Margo!
    I can’t wait for “Temptation of the Warrior” !!
    Is that cover scratch and sniff? *g*

  6. Kimmy L says:

    Hope you have a great holiday. Just wanted you to know how much
    I enjoy reading your books.

  7. Maureen says:

    Historical fantasy sounds interesting.

  8. Cathie says:

    Oh wow on Margo’s cover, the second one! Yum!! I love historical fantasy. So unique what you create Margo. I must go back and find out the release day!! I’m excited after reading about this one and them all here! Great blog Jennifer!

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