‘Tis the Season to be Jaunty Week

This week is ‘Tis the Season to Be Jaunty Week! 

I am thrilled to welcome The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills to the blog!

They are Jenna Petersen, Anne Mallory, Robyn DeHart, Cindy Kirk, Margo Maguire, Kimberly Logan, Shirley Karr, and Shana Galen! 

I discovered them through their group blog a while back and invited them to be guests! 

To kick things off I asked the Jaunties for an interview (my first group interview…which turned out to be a lot of fun)!  And starting tomorrow I will feature two of these talented authors and their books a day so please make sure to check in often!  And yes there will be a fabulous giveaway so keep reading…. 

So here is Part 1 of the interview with some fun questions…and even more fun answers! Check back later today for Part 2! 

What is the Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills?
Jenna: Well, we are a group of authors who all write or have written for Avon books. We banded together to blog, hang out and generally have a good time. The thing I love about our blog is that we don’t talk about the craft of writing all the time. Sometimes, yes, but we also talk about books, reading, fun and silly stuff and much more. So whether you are a reader or a writer, you’ll find all kinds of fun topics at our blog, which is http://www.jauntyquills.com

What is your favorite part of being part of the Jaunty Quills?
Kim: Definitely that feeling of sisterhood. It can be a huge weight off your shoulders to know that there is someone out there who always understands what you are going through at any given time and can help you get through it. If you have a bad writing day and the muse isn’t cooperating, your JQ sisters can fully commiserate.

Jenna: I agree with Kim. We’re all friendly in *real life* as well, so that makes interacting online even more fun. Also, the cash and prizes. What?! No one else is getting cash and prizes?

Anne: Yes, to the sisterhood. But I’m totally missing out on the cash and prizes. *eyes Jenna suspiciously*  

Shana: The best thing about the blog for me is reading everyone’s posts. Whether I was part of this group or not, I’d be checking it every day. (JQs, you can pay me later, wink)

Margo: We’re a tight, little community of writers. We are all so different personally, but in many ways, we’re on the same professional path. That makes it fun and interesting.

Cindy: The fact that I can be a part of a blog group so I don’t have to carry it by myself. And I get to be part of a small tight-knit group of writers.

Robyn: I get money too, Jenna. We all are very different, Margo and Shana keep the rest of us in line which is nice. Anne and Jenna and I are the troublemakers, but so far they haven’t threatened to kick us out.

Shirley: What first drew me in was the shameless self-promotion aspect, to have something in front of readers all the time without having full responsibility for the project so I could spend more time writing. But what I’ve come to appreciate even more is the sisterhood, hanging out with people who have similar problems, er, challenges, and can commiserate or cheer depending on the situation.

Which of your fellow Jaunties is most like you?
Jenna: Anne Mallory and I are forever laughing at the same things. I’d say we’re closest in personality. Don’t get that restraining order, Anne.

Anne: Muahahahaha!!!

Shana: This is a hard question because I feel like I have things in common with all the Quills. For example, we’re all animal lovers. I guess I’d have to say I’m sort of a cross between Robyn and Kim with a little Cindy sprinkled in there.

Margo: Sheesh. I don’t think I could name only one Jaunty. Maybe Anne. She’s got a great sense of humor, and that’s what I’m known for here on the home front. But I’m organized like Shana, and logical like Robyn.  

Cindy: This is a hard one….I think I share common characteristics with all the Jaunties, but I really couldn’t name just one.

Kim: Like the others, I kind of feel like I have a bit in common with each of the JQ’s. I guess I’d have to say I’m mostly a cross between Shane and Margo.

Robyn: Hmmm…that’s a really interesting question. I think I have a lot in common with all of the Quills. Shana and I are both really organized, I feel a camaraderie with Margo when she talks about her family, and Anne and I have practically the same sense of humor. And I could go on, we’re all different, but we have some core issues that resonate with one another which makes working together quite wonderful.

Shirley: We all have a lot in common – that’s part of what drew us together in the first place. Y’know that episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk’s personality gets split in two? I think that happened to me and Shane is my other side. She’s got all the organizational skills whereas some days I’m lucky to find the keyboard and mouse. Seriously, with two cats in the house I should never have switched to a wireless mouse.

If they were to hand out awards for Most Likely to ___, which award would you most likely get?
Kim: Me? Probably “Most Likely to Procrastinate.” I have a tendency to put things off and then I end up forgetting about it, especially whenever I am in the midst of trying to finish a book and my brain turns to mush. My fellow Jaunties have had to flog me with a wet noodle for that flaw more than once, LOL.

Anne: Most Likely to Smile Innocently.

Shana: I’m sure I’d get Most Likely to Make Everyone Get Back on Task.

Margo: Probably *Most Likely to Consider The Other Point of View.*

Cindy: Most Likely to Be At A Conference Near You. I’m a conference and travel junkie.

Shirley: Probably “Most Likely to Procrastinate or Dither” but I’m not sure. I’ll have to get back to you on that.  

Robyn: I totally laughed at all of these because they’re so spot on. I guess for me I’m mostly likely to be the smart ass. I always have a snarky quip waiting in the wings.

Which of your fellow Jaunties would you like to have as a roommate?
Shana: If I wanted to relax and get some sleep, Shirley. If I wanted to be up all night laughing, Anne.

Margo: Hmmm… I haven’t had a roommate in years, other than my husband. I don’t have any idea who I’d choose. Or even how to choose!

Cindy: None of them…but not because I don’t like them, I do!! But when I’m away from home I love to have a hotel room all to myself.

Kim: Probably Anne, just because I think it would be like a flashback to junior high slumber parties. No toothpaste on the nose while I’m sleeping though, Anne…

Robyn: I think Jenna because she’d so totally exhaust me with all her amazing energy I’d sleep really well at night.

Shirley: Probably Margo, who was a nurse in her former life, so I could pester her for free medical advice about babies. New moms tend to be a bit paranoid and I’m no exception, and the writer/researcher in me needs to know absolutely everything.

Anne: I’d try to get all of them to stay in the same room with me and then randomly whap each one with a pillow when they weren’t looking.

 That will do it for Part 1 of the interview…check back later today for Part 2 and info on how to win a fabulous prize donated by The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills Authors!


12 Responses to ‘Tis the Season to be Jaunty Week

  1. Hi again everyone! See, I didn’t stay away for long! 🙂

  2. I’m thinking about revising my answer to “Most Likely To …”
    Because right now, I’m most likely to be shoveling the 12 inches of snow on my front walk! Although I did have quite a bit of help with my kids, who are home from college.

    Or I’m most likely to be at my computer, working on my next book instead of Christmas shopping, and stressing over how everything’s going to get done while I meet my page count goal.

    Or I’m most likely to be sitting contentedly by the fire, enjoying having my whole family at home for the holidays!

    Happy holidays to you, too!

  3. Robyn DeHart says:

    Thanks for having us today! It’s a great way to start the holidays by spending a day with some readers.

  4. Jennifer Y says:

    Hello and welcome!!!!

    Hmmm…maybe I should have asked Jaunty to be a guest as well…he probably knows even more of your secrets. He can always come here later.

  5. Anne Mallory says:

    Thanks for having us, Jennifer!!! 😀

    Margo, you poor snow plowed woman! I sent a wince your way when I heard about all the white stuff. 🙂

  6. Helen says:

    I loved all your answers and the questions are great Jennifer I have been visiting the Jaunty Quills for a long time now and love the site you girls are cool
    Have Fun

  7. Shirley Karr says:

    Oh no! We left Jaunty all alone on our site! Who knows what mischief he’ll get into…

  8. We also got a ton of snow, Margo! Like 8 inches, I guess. ARG! But it surely looks beautiful. I hope it sticks around to Christmas (though it doesn’t look like that’s likely).

  9. Cara Carnes says:

    Oh this is so much fun to read! I’m going to enjoy perusing all of those websites and reading the blog.

    I love the questions, Jennifer!

  10. Kimberly Logan says:

    Yes, thanks for having us, Jennifer. And just between you and me, we’re better off if a certain quilled critter stays farrrrrrrrrr away. That Jaunty. You know we can’t take him anywhere. 🙂

  11. fedora says:

    Jennifer, thanks for another week of exciting guests! Hi, Jaunties! Thanks for taking the time to do the interviews and everything–I’ve read books by a couple of you and am really looking forward to learning more about all of you and your work! 🙂

  12. Maureen says:

    Thanks, Jennifer, for the interviews. I enjoyed taking a few minutes to read it. You get a nice sense of friendship from it.

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