Part 2 of the Interview with the Jaunties

As promised, here is Part 2 of my interview with the Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills authors!  Check out the post from earlier today for Part 1 and check back later this evening for the giveaway information!

Describe each Jaunty with one word.
Jenna: Oh Lord, okay. Anne: Hysterical (like in a funny way, not an *institutionalized* way). Robyn: Tenacious. Shana: Deceptively Quiet (but get a couple mojitos in her). Cindy: Sweet. Margo: Honest. Shirley: Mother. Kim: Busy

Anne: This is hard, because each Jaunty has multiple sides (I could very easily make Jenna’s into goofy, for instance!). Robyn – warm, Jenna – driven, Kim – idealistic, Margo – dedicated, Shirley – pirate, Cindy – merry, Shana – strong.

Shana: You’re asking a writer to give a one-word description? Okay, here goes…Anne– -Creative, Cindy–Caring, Jenna–Reliable, Kim–Family, Margo–Smart, Robyn–Empathetic, Shirley–Passionate

Margo: Shirley – wry. Shana – organized. Robyn – level-headed (is that one word?) Kim – industrious. Jenna – vivacious. Cindy – professional. Anne – girl-next-door. See how well those hyphens work to create one word from two or three?

Cindy: Shirley-motherly, Anne-techno- wizard, Robyn– soft-spoken, Margo– determined, Jenna-funny, Kim– hard-working

Robyn: Cindy, really soft-spoken? We need to get together more often, I’ve been deceptively shy around you. <g>Let’s see…Jenna – Ambitious, Anne – whimsical, Shane – dedicated, Margo – maternal, Kim – fastidious, Cindy – dog-lover, Shirley – traditional

Shirley: Animal-lover could describe most of us. I’d describe us one by one but on the amount of sleep I’ve been getting the last few months correctly matching names to faces has been hit-and-miss, and I’d hate to miss in a public forum.

You seem like you all get along well, so how is it working with each other on the blog?
It’s great. Everyone is really supportive, especially if something major is happening in one person’s life. We all try to help when real life goes a little batty.

Shana: I think the thing that has kept it working for 2 years is our flexibility and willingness to change. We’re all open to new ways of doing things.

Margo: I think Shana’s right about our flexibility. That’s what makes a group like ours work. We share the responsibility for creating a blog every day, and everybody respects that. We pitch in for each other when the necessity arises.

Cindy: We make decisions quickly without a lot of hassle. It’s great!

Kim: I love it! Writing can be a very lonely and isolated profession by nature, so it’s great to have formed such a close-knit relationship with other authors and to be able to keep in touch with readers through our blog.

Robyn: Our flexibility and common goals makes working together easy.

Shirley: We all have common goals so it’s easy to reach consensus. And someone different is always coming up with a good idea. We take turns being brilliant.

What is your favorite book of all time?
Kim: Guardian Angel by Julie Garwood and Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas, closely followed by Briar Rose by Kimberly Cates, Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros, Phantom Waltz by Catherine Anderson, and Butterfly by Sharon Sala. I love a book that can really wring the emotion from you, and these authors are masters at making me cry. Sniff-sniff.

Anne: That’s a rough question. A Wrinkle in Time, maybe, or the Odyssey. There are many books that vie for the top spot, all with a slightly different flavor – just enough to make the vying difficult! Those two books impacted me growing up though, so it is hard not to choose one of them. Lord of the Flies was another. And I can still remember the magic of reading Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood when it was first published.  

Shana: Pride and Prejudice followed closely by Gone With The Wind.

Margo: Our Mutual Friend (Dickens). But I love so many books, I don’t know how I’d ever be able to quantify a second favorite!

Cindy: Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She is a master at making the characters come alive.

I can’t pick just one. A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss is what started it for me, and I love Morning Glory by Lavyrle Spencer and The Windflower by Sharon & Tom Curtis.

Shirley: Ooh, trying to pick just one is agonizing. If I must, one of my all-time favorites and the book that had the most influence on my development as a writer is Mary Jo Putney’s The Rake and the Reformer. Books I’ve loved for a few decades include Midnight Is A Place, and The Pirate of Hitchfield Manor. (See, I’ve been enamored of pirates since high school – it’s not just because of Johnny.)

What would readers be surprised to learn about you?
Shana: After my blog about my first kiss, probably nothing! Actually, there are quite a few things people would be surprised to learn about me, but I’m not telling!

Margo: That I used to backpack in bear country with my husband.

Cindy: That even though I write contemporary romance, I read mostly historical romance.

Kim: Like Shane, I doubt that our blog readers would be surprised by anything I admit to anymore! They already know about my sad addictions to soap operas, Square-Enix RPG’s, and Disney. Hmmmm. Okay, how about this. I can recite all fifty states aloud in alphabetical order from memory. 🙂

Robyn: That I cry as easily as I do. I’m a total crybaby about everything. I swear I process every emotion with my tear ducts.

Shirley: After two years of blogging, probably not much other than my new shoe size.Anne: I like dogs too. 🙂 

If you had a time capsule to be opened 50 years in the future, what would you put in it?
Jenna: Pictures since I look back on pictures just from five years ago and smile. Maybe a manuscript with my editor’s comments since I think it would be fun to see those, a letter to myself at 50.

Anne: Yes, I think I have to go with pictures too. An honest to goodness photo album – since all of my pictures these days are digital.

Margo: A page from my journal (if I had one). Just to see what was important to me 50 years before.

Cindy: If I knew I’d be putting something in this capsule a year in advance, I’d keep a diary that year and make note of my reaction to all that year’s important events. I’d also include my feelings about life and other issues, so that if I wasn’t around when the capsule was open, my family would get to know me though my entries.

Robyn: The love-letters from my husband and some specific pictures that I’d hate to lose.

Shirley: I have to go with photographs, too. Actual prints, since most of my pics from the last few years are digital and exist only on my hard drive. Must remedy that soon, especially with a son who’s growing so fast and is so photogenic. Not that I’m biased or anything…

Anything you’d like to ask readers?
Shana: What do you like to read in a blog?

Margo: Not really — But I’d like to thank them for visiting our site and reading our books! Our readers are wonderful!

Cindy: How do you pick what blogs to read and comment on?

Robyn: Which Quill do you think you’re most alike?

Kim: Like Margo, I’d just like to thank them for reading our books and taking the time to stop by our blog. Oh, and for putting up with Jaunty. (Wink)

Shirley: Ditto all of the above.

Anne: W00T!

 Thank you, ladies, so much for that fun interview!  I really appreciate it! 

Readers, don’t forget to check back all week as I spotlight the authors and their books.  Just like with today, two posts will go up a day so make sure to check them all out! 

Info on this week’s giveaway will be posted later today!


12 Responses to Part 2 of the Interview with the Jaunties

  1. Jennifer Y says:

    So I thought I’d answer the questions that the authors had for readers:
    -What do you like to read in a blog?
    I am not really picky…I like reading all kinds of things…y’all’s blog is one of my favorite because of the variety y’all offer.

    -How do you pick what blogs to read and comment on?
    I am not sure…I have several I visit each day and if I have something to offer to the conversation or if they ask a question, I comment.

    – Which Quill do you think you’re most alike?
    Well, that is a hard question…but I guess I’d say Robyn…she once did a post on the Jaunty Quills blog where she revealed random facts about herself and asked us to do the same and we had quite a few in common.

    I love y’all’s blog and appreciate you taking the time to be here with me and my blog readers!

  2. Eva S says:

    Thanks Jennifer for having all these wonderful authors here!
    Most of you are my favorites and it feels almost like Christmas every time I get a new book from one of you! The Sisterhood is a great blog and here it was even better to get to know you all a little bit more. You all seem to have a great time together!

  3. Clarisse says:

    I met most of the Jaunty Quills in person at this year’s RWA Conference in Dallas and they are all as friendly, fabulous and funny as you might imagine. As for which of them I am most like, it would have to be Jenna (LOL) but Anne and I have a really similar sense of humor, too.

    I can’t believe you ladies left Jaunty the Porcupine alone over at the JQ clubhouse. I just stopped by there and he has already polished off all the peppermint bark and is starting in on the fruitcake. It’s not a pretty sight!

  4. Helen says:

    You Ladies are always so much fun I love reading the blogs at Jaunty Quills daily always fun and interesting. I read a lot of books historical mostly and have read the majority of the books you have all written and have loved them all.
    As to what I like to read in a blog anything I love them all I love hearing about the books you are all writing and your family and of course the pets I love animals as well.
    I visit a lot of blogs and comment on most of them sometimes I only have the time to read them and I aim to go back and write something but time gets away sometimes
    I am really enjoying the post
    Thanks Jennifer and The Jaunty Quills
    Have Fun

  5. You all are so sweet! We love all of you coming by and visiting and especially commenting! Thank you!!!

  6. Amy says:

    JENNIFER…Brilliant idea!!!!! Thank you Thank You What a wonderful way to spend the day! Jaunty Quills, Your blogs give me such a giggle most of the time. So I guess I”ll answer Shane’s question about what I like in a blog… Down to earth personal everyday stuff I guess. The kind of thing that makes me talk about you all like your my girlfriend from work that said this really great thing today and made me about fall off my chair laughing. Your blogs do that alot, amke me feel like I am visiting a friend apge rather than a site, and I’d like to thank all the Jaunty Quills for that. My sissy and I a big readers and so I share with her all the time from your blogs. She thinks the cat pictures are GREAT!!!
    For Robyn… sorry, but I think that I am most like Anne, although I may lean a bit more toward the *institutionalized* way…LOL
    For Cindy… I pick which every blog I like. I get that from my 3 year old. *G* Not being a writer makes it easier to pick as I am not always putting a thought process into my answer so much as just putting a ramble on paper.
    For ALL of you no need to Thank us just keep up the amazing work that you do. We enjoy it to our toes. Espically our very cold toes right now!!!
    Thanks Again…

  7. fedora says:

    Great interview! I’m excited to be introduced to the group of you and your blog (must hop over there and check it out right after this!)

    To answer:
    What do you like to read in a blog? I like all kinds of things–interesting thoughts that occur to you as you’re going about your business; fun/not fun stuff happening in your life; recommendations for books, chocolate, whatever…; stuff that makes me laugh… It’s neat when I find things that resonate with me or that somehow make me want to comment, and that somehow create a little community with the other readers.

    How do you pick what blogs to read and comment on? I’ll continue to visit blogs that consistently cover things that are interesting/entertaining, and will comment when the spirit leads me 😉

    Which Quill do you think you’re most alike? I’ll have to get to know you all better and reserve judgment until then… 😉

  8. Robyn DeHart says:

    Amy, no need to apologize, I certainly wouldn’t wish anyone my neuroses. 🙂 So I guess I should apologize to Jennifer. Thanks for joining us today.

  9. Jennifer Y says:

    LOL Robyn…no need to apologize…I have my own neuroses.

  10. Pam P says:

    Ladies, this was such a fun interview – I can see how different you all are, yet fit well together. I enjoy your books, and see we have some favorite alltime books in common – Dreaming of You, Honor’s Splendor, A Rose In Winter (The Wolf and the Dove is another, the one that got me into historicals first), The Rake and the Reformer.

    I do tend to lurk more at blogs for authors I like to read and that are entertaining and fun. What’s of interest is really going to be specific to the individual, never know what will grab my interest aside from learning more about books I like to read. I stop by JQ often, may even get to comment more now that I’ve discovered Google Reader which helps keep up I’ve found.

    Hmm, who do I think I’m most like? I think I’m closest to Margo, perhaps, but might like to be a bit more like Anne, lol.

  11. Kimberly Logan says:

    Ah, Pam, we ALL want to be a bit more like Anne. *G*

  12. Cindy says:

    I really enjoyed the interviews. Great job, Jennifer!

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