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Cry Baby, CRY!!

I have a wide variety of movies that I like to watch over and over. I call them my “feel bad” movies. Not because they make me feel bad, but because I like to watch them when I feel bad. Invariably after watching them, I feel better. So I’ve watched these DVDs dozens and dozens of times over, never tiring of their stories.

But I realized the other night, while putting one in, that they have something in common. They all make me cry. Funny about that, since I watch them to make me feel better. And yet, that is the one element they all share. I suppose there is an aspect of catharsis to it. When I feel bad, I have a good movie-induced cry and all is well.

However, I think part of it is also that I like to be emotionally touched by a story, especially one that ends well. I like for things to be so bad that when I get to the happy ending, that I can’t help but well up with tears of joy. Or during the struggle, cry with frustration and sadness for my main characters.

I hope that I put some of that same idea into my own stories. I write dark, historical and erotic historical romances. I like dialogue and emotion. There was never any better compliment for me than when I got emails after SCANDALOUS (October 2005) came out, telling me that it had made readers cry. I’ve been obsessed with doing the same ever since. I think I might accomplish it in my next book, LESSONS FROM A COURTESAN (July 2008), which returns to my darker roots after the slightly lighter stories in the Lady Spies series.

So which movies are my “feel bad” movies? The ones that make me cry and I watch them over and over?

sands.jpgSense and Sensibility (1995) – The end when Elinor realizes that Edward is not married is one of the funniest and sweetest movie moments ever. I cry EVERY time. And every time I wonder if Marianne will be okay and if Elinor will be happy and Edward will escape the clutches of Miss Lucy Steele.

return.jpgReturn to Me (2000) – In this wonderful movie, David Duchovny’s wife dies in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Fifteen minutes to show what a lovely person she was and how much he loved her. And by the time her heart stops (and is given to Minnie Driver, who later meets and falls in love with Duchovny without either of them knowing the truth), I was bawling like a little girl. The rest of the movie is sweet, light and utterly romantic. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

finding.jpgFinding Nemo (2003) – Seems funny that a woman over 30 would cry over a Disney movie and watch it regularly, but I think this is the last real Disney masterpiece. I love how Marlin grows as he looks for his boy and that Nemo starts to understand his abilities once he’s on his own. The parts where I cry? When Marlin thinks Nemo is dead and when Dorie says that he is home to her. It’s actually kind of… romantic in a fishy sort of way.

while.jpgWhile You Were Sleeping (1995) – Okay, who doesn’t love this one. When Sandra Bullock saves her secret crush and he goes into a coma, it really isn’t her fault that there’s a misunderstanding about the fact that she’s his fiancé. And when his family all but adopts her lonely character, she just can’t find a way to tell the truth. Besides, she’s falling in love with his brother, Bill Pullman. I cry at the end starting from the point where she finally tells the truth until the credits roll. I love the idea of a woman who got caught up in a lie that wasn’t one she told on purpose and ends up having it all. I actually based my short story “A Woman Scorned” that is available for free at my website, on that same premise.

So those are my top four “Feel Bad” movies. What are yours? Do you have any movies or books you read to comfort yourself? Do you like ones that make you cry or laugh?

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19 Responses to Jenna blogs about movies and tears…

  1. fedora says:

    I’m not much of a movie watcher–I like them occasionally, but I always go back to books for real comfort 🙂 For comfort, I tend to prefer books that make me laugh, but I also don’t mind ones that start out a little sad as long as everything works out well in the end. I’ve mostly read contemporaries, so a couple of Jennifer Crusie’s books (Welcome to Temptation and Bet Me) are good re-reads. And a couple of SEPs never fail to cheer me up (Ain’t She Sweet and It Had to Be You). I love the whole redemption thing in Ain’t She Sweet. I’m working on reading more historicals so that I’ll have some favorites there, too. Oh, one movie (and book) that I do enjoy repeatedly is The Princess Bride. Heh. Might have to go pull that one out soon…

  2. Helen says:

    Hi Jenna
    I love watching movies over and over just because I like them if I feel like a good cry to get over things I will watch Love Story or The Way We Were these always have me crying, for fun I love the Harry Potter movies and if I want something to just enjoy I love Sense and Sensibility.
    I love reading of course and have a massive TBR pile and am waiting for another order to be delivered so I always have something to pick up and read.

    Have Fun

  3. Sue A. says:

    I cry easy watching sad movies, but some movies really move me like, The Way We Were, Romeo and Juliet (1968), The Joy Luck Club, Sweet November and from childhood, The Yearling, Old Yeller, Bambi and even Dumbo. And I’m the same with books. Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard, The Promise by Danielle Steele and Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale are particularly moving books for me. I’m not into reading books for comedy, I look for that in movies.

  4. Rhonda Barnes says:

    I don’t watch a lot of movies, but The Titanic is one that always makes me cry.

    Rhonda 🙂

  5. Lois says:

    Oh, seen those first two. . . but I can’t say I’ve ever cried from them. LOL Alas, the only one I can think of, at least immediately is ET. And I don’t cry when he dies, but when he comes back to life. Get me everytime. . . which is why I haven’t watched it since the DVD first came out. LOL 🙂


  6. Eva S says:

    I cry a lot, so it’s hard for me to pick some! I cry if it’s a sad movie, even more if there’s a happy ending. Many of your books move me to tears.. My kids (and my hubby) have finally understood that, when my children were younger they used to ask:”Didn’t you see there was a happy end!?” Nowadays they only shake their heads and look at each other… My hubby hugs me and smile..

    I like more books that make me cry, I’ve never been much for the funny books… Historical and/or paranormal, that’s my kind of favorites.

    I even cried a lot in the end of LOTR…

  7. I cried so hard at ET, I threw up as a kid. So I’ve never seen it again. And I bawled at the end of LOTR!

    I’m feeling quite excited today. I just finished my pages for today and tomorrow I’m entering this scene I’ve been soooo excited about writing. So I’m just about bouncing knowing I get to write it tomorrow. 🙂 Woohoo!

  8. Helen says:

    I am getting excited thinking about reading what you are writing always love reading your books.
    Have Fun

  9. LOL, thanks Helen! I wish we all didn’t have to wait so long for this one. It will be out sometime in 2009. Hopefully early in the year, but it’s not on the schedule yet so I don’t know when exactly. But luckily there are two books coming out in 2008.

  10. Jennifer Y says:

    I have been thinking about this post all day and I realize that I don’t really cry that often at movies….however, I BAWLED MY EYES OUT when I saw the movie “My Girl” for the first time…I was just a kid too…that movie still makes me tear up.

    The most recent movie I cried watching though was “We Are Marshall” but I think that had more to do with what it reminded me of rather than the movie itself…the movie is about the Marshall football team that died when thier team plane crashed. We happened to go see it on the one year anniversary of my grandfather’s unexpected death in car accident.

  11. Teresa W. says:

    A couple of my favorite movies that always make me cry are The Notebook and A Star is Born (the one with Barbara Streisand). They make me cry but they are two of my favorites.

  12. Jane says:

    I don’t want to embarrass my brother, but he loves “While You Were Sleeping.” “Beaches” and “Steel Magnolias” are some of my cry movies.

  13. Lily says:

    I totally agree with Sense and Sensibilities… I cried so much while watching it, and Titanic… though I only watched it once!

  14. Oh I’d forgotten Steel Magnolias! Although that one isn’t a “Happy Cry” like the ones I listed. Wow, that one is a good one, too. “The Color Purple” is also a crier. I cried so hard watching that one that I got a sinus infection.

  15. brownone says:

    Finding Neverland…ALWAYS makes me cry. I’ve seen it dozens of times but for some reason, I can’t help watching it. Oh, and “I am Sam”….uuuhhhh, I tear up just thinking about it!

  16. Dev says:

    You’ve listed two of my favorites ~~ While You Were Sleeping and Return to Me. Others are Hope Floats, Sleepless in Seattle, and Steel Magnolias. I still sometimes cry during Mystic Pizza and Practical Magic also.

  17. Laura K says:

    I have a few of Iris Johansen’s Loveswepts that I pull out time to time. I also love Joey Hill. Susan Elizabeth Phillips will do it to me all the time. Can’t watch Beauty and the Beast, Pride and Prejudice, Lonesome Dove, or Thorn Birds without a klenex box at hand. I’m a crier and not ashamed to admit it.

  18. Melissa K. says:

    I watch chick-flicks when I’m feeling down. Most of my comfort movies have Sandra Bullock in them. My favorite is PRACTICAL MAGIC.

  19. Tina says:

    I am converting all my VHS to DVD and I totally forgot about Return to Me. I love that movie. Thanks for the heads up!!

    Then there is Hope Floats and Family Stone, and Just Like Heaven. But if you have the chance read the book, Just Like Heaven was based on, If Only It Were True by Marc Levy.

    I hope to get through P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahearn before I see the movie.

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