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Sweet Cicely by Kelly McCrady  


Just in time for Christmas, Cicely Navros has been laid off. She endures a colossally awful day involving a temp agency and the horrors of chintz, a day ending in a soggy walk to the mini-mart for eggs — where she literally runs into Adonis! Whet your appetite for Greek cuisine and satisfy your craving to leave the Christmas lights up all year in this sweet tale of hope and desire. 

Available Now from The Wild Rose Press!
You can find out more about Kelly McCrady and her work by visiting her website:  

I recently read Sweet Cicely and have to say that it was a quick, but enjoyable read.  Ms. McCrady created likeable characters and an interesting storyline with Sweet Cicely.  I could easily relate to Cicely and her string of bad luck…and what woman doesn’t want her own personal Adonis come to life.  While the ending was a bit unexpected and a bit abrupt, this was a short, but sweet story that I enjoyed reading.  Ms. McCrady shows a lot of talent and promise with her debut book.

I look forward to reading more of her work!


3 Responses to Spotlight on…

  1. Lee Morrison says:

    Good luck with Sweet Cicely! Sounds like a great read.


  2. Thanks! I have a contest on now over at my blog; scroll down to the December 05 entry titled “Release Par-tay!” for details. Winner receives a free copy of “Sweet Cicely.”

    Some trivia: this story is set in Corvallis, Oregon, with one park in Philomath thrown in. Cicely covers the ground I walked as a single college grad, temping to pay the bills and avoid moving back in with Mom and Dad (and no, Mom, the chintz does not refer to your daffodil room). I had a blast writing this–glad the read is enjoyable too.

    With the latest to-do over not-size-0 women in Hollywood, I want to point out that Cicely is not a stick. She describes herself as “less than svelte” and I see her somewhere in the 10-12 range (American sizing). Let’s hear it for average-woman-sized heroines!

  3. Jennifer Y says:

    Thanks Kelly! Very interesting trivia…perhaps that is why your character seemed so real.

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