Patti Fischer 

I am pleased to welcome the talented author Patti Fischer to my blog! 

Patti’s first book, A Purrfect Love was released in ebook format this past October from The Wild Rose Press!  It was a sweet and wonderful story that I really enjoyed! 

Please tell us about your book.
Molly is a mischievous black Persian who’s bent on introducing her mistress, Marisa, to the next door hunk, Ben. Unfortunately, that means getting Marisa (and Molly herself) out on the ledge. Luckily, Ben is there to rescues them. Watch what happens as the sparks fly between Marisa and Ben. For Molly, it’s A Purrfect Love! 

What inspired the story?
Umm…writer’s block. Seriously, I was working on finishing up another story and had a bad case of writer’s block so started a short one. I wrote a bunch of it in one day and finished it up in a matter of a day or two. Then I decided that the best place to submit it would be The Wild Rose Press. It’s like a dream come true! 

Has it hit you yet that you are a published author now?
At times… Still, I think once I hold a real book in my hand, then it will sink in.  lol 

What is your favorite part of being a writer? 
Creating characters.  apurrfectlove_wrp601_3002.jpg

Least favorite?

What do you hope readers get out of your books?
A fun tale that will make them smile. 

Describe a typical day for you.
Work… Then come home and do my writerly stuff.  

How long have you been a writer?
I started writing in 2003, but seriously since 2005.  

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
It had been a dream, but never thought I had what it took. 

Who are some of your writing influences? 
Ah…good question. Linda Howard, Lori Foster, and Carrie Alexander. 

What would you like to tell aspiring writers?
The most important step in writing is to finish it. You can’t sell something that isn’t finished. 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Boring old lady. 🙂  (Me:  That is soooo not true!!!) 

If you had a time capsule to be opened 50 years in the future, what would you put in it?
My Barbie dolls and some of my books. 

Where can readers find you online? 

Any questions for readers?
What do readers want to see in books now? Is there something missing? 

Thank you, Patti, for that great interview! 

So readers, what do you want to see in books? Anything missing? 

Patti kindly donated a prize to one lucky commenter from today’s and tomorrow’s posts.  One winner will get their choice of a download of A Purrfect Love or its follow-up A Purrfect Touch (which will release sometime next year!!!  YAY!!)
Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Saturday, so check back to see if you won! 

And check back tomorrow when I grill Patti some more… 😀


11 Responses to Introducing…

  1. Holly says:

    Great interview, Jennifer and Patti!

  2. Cara Carnes says:

    Great interview! I loved A Purrfect Love!

  3. Eva S says:

    Thanks for the interview! I love cats, have three of my own and I’d love to read this.
    Right now with all the fuss about Christmas I want to read happy, funny books (with a lot of romance, of course!) that take me away for at least a short time!

  4. Laura J says:

    This book sounds so cute! I love when pets play matchmaker.

    As for what I want to see in books, I like to see humor, good secondary characters and of course romance!

  5. Melissa K. says:

    I recently had to have my cat put to sleep. I’d love to read this book.

  6. fedora says:

    Thanks for the great interview, Patti and Jennifer! Patti, what a cute idea for a story–will have to look for yours!

  7. Thanks to jennifer for the interview!

  8. Cherie J says:

    Great interview! Sounds like a fun read. I love a story that can make me smile and this sounds like that kind of story.

  9. Barbs F says:

    Great interview and great kittie story Patti. Keep up the great work!

  10. Jodi S. says:

    Great interview! I can’t wait to read A Purrfect Touch.

  11. bluecat says:

    I love stories that contain pets, especially cats. I love the title, it’s purrfect!

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