Mary Connealy 

Over the next few days, I am pleased to welcome the wonderful and talented author Mary Connealy to my blog!


Mary Connealy is the author of Petticoat Ranch and Golden Days. She has recently signed an exclusive contract that includes Calico Canyon, a sequel to Petticoat Ranch. Calico Canyon will be out in August 2008.

She writes for three different divisions of Barbour Publishing; Trade Fiction, Heartsong Presents, and Heartsong Presents Mysteries. She also teaches GED by day and writes her novels by night, which sounds like a transformation worth of Superman so she’s always looking for a phone booth!

Mary’s dream is to tell love stories that make people laugh. She lives on a farm in Nebraska with her husband, Ivan. She just moved her youngest child to college and the nest is so empty it echoes.

You can find out more about Mary by visiting her website:

I recently read her book Petticoat Ranch and LOVED it!  I highly recommend it!  It is definitely a keeper and I can’t wait to read Calico Canyon!

Over the next couple of days I will be posting an interview with Mary so I hope you check it out!

In addition, Mary kindly donated two prizes to two lucky winners!
One lucky winner will receive a copy of Petticoat Ranch and another lucky winner will receive a copy of her book, Golden Days!

cover_petticoatranch_sm.jpg                 golden_days_cover.jpg

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on one of the posts for Mary Connealy!  Winners will be chosen randomly and announced here on the blog Saturday, Dec. 8!  So please check back to see if you won!

Please join me in welcoming Mary to the blog!  Have any of you read one of her books? 


23 Responses to Introducing…

  1. Eva S says:

    Hi Jennifer and Mary, welcome to a great blog!!
    I’m sorry to say I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading your books but I switched over to your website and found them very interesting. Alaska has always fascinated me, both history and modern days and I will straight away put your “Golden Days” on my TBB list.
    Perhaps Santa will be in a good mood this year..
    I will wait for your interview with Jennifer.

  2. Crystal B. says:

    Hi Mary and Jennifer. I have not read any of Mary’s books but I want to. I love the cover to Petticoat Ranch.

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi Jennifer and Mary!

    I haven’t read Mary’s books before, but I just read the blurbs on her site and they sound great!

  4. HI Jennifer and Mary, I love books like these! I will have to hunt up Petticoat Ranch- maybe on Amazon, and catch up. I went and read a description on Mary’s website. Nice website btw Mary, and congratulations on the contract!

    Many Happy Snowy Returns of December, Suzanne Macpherson

  5. ellie says:

    Your books are so appealing and fascinating. i am interested in Westerns and these books and your website are unique and wonderful.

  6. Angela says:

    I would love to win one of your books!!

    I blogged ya at :

  7. Hi ladies.
    Eva, I just talked to a lady who lived in Nebraska, a friend of my mother in law. She is from Alaska and she said she picked up Golden Days with the thought that she needed to check it out and give me a hard time about the ‘cliches’ and misconceptions she always reads in Alaska books.
    But she didn’t find anything to tease me about. Well, I’m just relieved and thrilled that I got Alaska right. 🙂 Phew!! Or maybe she’s just a really kind lady.

  8. Angela, I went and checked out your blog. Wow, lots going on there. I’m impressed. Thanks so much for mentioning me and Jennifer’s blog.

  9. Hi, Crystal. I loved that cover, too. I wanted something with man/woman contrast in it. I thought my publisher did a great job, better than anything I imagined. I did suggest as a possible cover a boot used as a flower vase. And if you get a look at the whole book, there is a boot holding flowers on the BACK of the book, which I loved.
    It’s almost time now for the cover to show up for Calico Canyon. Another few days, although it might not be finalized in a few days, just preliminary ideas. I can’t wait!!!

  10. those blurbs catch the romantic comedy suspense tone of the books pretty well. The books are fundmentally comedies. With romance and a dash of suspense. That’s what I’m going for, all set in the old west. It’s not the most usual combination which makes me hope that it’s a niche desperately needing to be filled. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the kind words about my website, Suzanne. I am beyond a techno dork so someone else does it for me. I kinda wanted flowing flowers and sparkly things but the web designer convinced me simpler was better and I think he’s right.
    Still, it’d be okay of SOMETHING splashy happened there, but NOPE.

  12. fedora says:

    Hi, Mary,
    Your writing is new to me, but I’m intrigued and will be looking for it! The mix of romance and comedy is very appealing!
    Thanks, Jennifer, for introducing us to such wonderful authors!

  13. Ali says:

    Hi, Mary 🙂

    I don’t believe I’ve read one of your books yet, but I’ll definitely have to check them out on your site 🙂

  14. Hi, Ali. thanks for stopping in. I visited my publisher last week and have a ton of work to do, great things, but it’s a busy time. It’s nice to take a break and come over and talk to you all.

  15. Hi Mary,

    I haven’t yet read any of your books but I checked out your website & your books look great. Can’t wait to get reading them.

  16. Stacia you have the very nicest last name imaginable. Thanks for the kind words about my website. There’s a typo on it. the book “Of Mice…and Murder isn’t out yet. I don’t know how to fix it because I am techno-deficient.
    That book comes out next fall in time for Christmas because it’s a sweet, funny love story, with a murder and a giant mouse..

  17. Christy H. says:

    Hi Jennifer and Mary!

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of Mary’s books yet, but I’m looking forward to reading some soon.

  18. Nathalie says:

    I have also not had the opportunity to read any of Mary’s book… I have seen them on different blogs though!

  19. Emma says:

    Hi Mary and Jennifer I enjoy the interview. I read your blog called real life petticoat ranch and other blogs you been on. Thanks, Jennifer, for introducing us to such wonderful authors! Mary congratulations on the contract. Your books look great. Can’t wait to get reading them.

  20. Dodo says:

    I would be interested in reading these books.

  21. Cindi Hoppes says:

    Hello Mary! I am glad to have heard about you and your books! I like the idea that you want to make people laugh. Everyone needs to laugh more. I would love to win one of your books. I really think I would enjoy reading them. Thanks for sharing, Cindi 🙂

  22. bluecat says:

    I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading your books. I love the covers, very pretty. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these lovely books.

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