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Three-time Golden Heart finalist, Tawny Weber is usually found dreaming up stories in her California home, surrounded by dogs, cats and kids.  When she’s not writing hot, spicy stories for Blaze, she’s shopping for the perfect pair of boots or drooling over Johnny Depp pictures (when her husband isn’t looking, of course).  When not writing, Tawny can be found scrapbooking or playing in the garden.  Her debut release, DOUBLE DARE, was out in May 2007 followed by DOES SHE DARE? in January 2008.  Feel free to visit her on the web at  

Here is Tawny’s wonderful guest blog!

Rewards and Relaxation

‘Tis the Season… to go crazy.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I love the holidays, it’s definitely a stressful time for me.  Baking, decorating, shopping, social events…  Ack!!  Throw in writing deadlines and dsd-cover.jpgpromotion for my upcoming release and I get to thinking of donning a Grinch mask.  Except … I love this season.  Like the heroine in my upcoming January Blaze, DOES SHE DARE?  I’m a list-making fiend.  There is just something so empowering about having an outline, or a list of ideas to grab from when I’m overwhelmed.  So, I’ve come up with a list of rewards and relaxation ideas – all geared toward the idea of keeping the stresses at bay, or at the very least, stealing time here and there to recharge. 

 ·        Read a book.  Oh, I know, who has time to read when there is a stack of gifts to be wrapped and cookies to be decorated.  WE do, that’s who.  Even a chapter a day is a gift to yourself, or if you can, grab an hour, a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket.  This is where category romance comes in, those action filled shorter books that can be gobbled up in one sitting.  Hmm…  Read a good Blaze lately?  😉   

·        Watch a holiday movie.  It could be a classic or a cartoon, whatever makes you feel the joy of the season.  Or, heck, watch a non-holiday movie and escape the seasonal overload.  But make it a feel good movie, one that leaves you feeling good.  Action shoot-em-up’s aren’t the de-stressing answer this time of year (I mean, who needs THAT in one’s subconscious while waiting in a crowded line to pay for a sweater you had to fight a ninja-grandma for?) . 

 ·        Ogle hunks.  No, I’m not kidding.  C’mon, we all have our favorite hottie, right?  Mine is Johnny Depp.  One of my holiday treats is going to be to go see him in Sweeny Todd (and listen to him SING!!  OMG too fun).  It doesn’t have to be a movie, just cruise the net and look at pictures.  Call it art appreciation, call it fan-girl lust.  There is something totally inspiring about going through the day with the image of your favorite hottie in your mind. 

Bubble baths, quiet moments, sitting in the dark by the light of the tree or candles…  Just giving yourself the gift of fifteen minutes a day to relax, renew and appreciate will do wonders to counteract the craziness that is the rest of the season.

Those are my ideas… what are yours?  Is there something you do to make sure to get some YOU time during the hectic pace of the season?  Or even more important, is there something you WISH you did?  I’d love to hear it.  We’ll pick one name from the responses to receive a copy of DOUBLE DARE and some goodies.

double-dare-cover.jpgThanks Tawny for that great blog and for donating a great prize!

Those are all great ideas on how to relax and reward ourselves during this busy time of the year.

As Tawny mentioned one lucky commenter will receive a great prize. 

Winner will be announced some time Wednesday so check back then to see if you won!


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  1. Jennifer, thanks for inviting Tawny, one of my favourite people, to blog on your site! And thanks, too, to you for supporting the Banditas! You can run but you can’t hide my friend, as I say whenever I try and catch that darned Golden Rooster (hmm, Bandita joke there!).

    Tawny, great post. You’re so right about this being a really stressful time of year. But seeing one of your stresses is the release of a new book, that’s GOOD stress, right? Congratulations on Does She Dare’s release? Double Dare was such a huge success, I’m among the legions of fans waiting for the next instalment!

    Love your suggestions for chilling out. I’m in a bit of your situation at the moment – not enough hours in the day. But today I staged a mini rebellion and I’ve been curled up reading Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward all day. And do you know what? It’s going to help me get through all those millions of things that were stressing me out. Because it reminded me why I write books – it’s SOOOO good! And it took me to another place. And it really relaxed me. Happy holidays, my friend! And to all readers of great romance everywhere!

  2. Jane says:

    During the holiday season I like to watch the Charlie Brown specials and of course watch “A Christmas Story” twenty times. “Love Actually” is a good movie that takes place during Christmas. Relaxing with a book essential if you want to keep your sanity during this hectic time.

  3. Suzanne Welsh says:

    Hey Tawny and Jennifer! Well it’s cold and rainy down here in Dallas, so I’m in the Christmas mood.

    One of the things I like to do is break all my baking up into small incriments. I bake something every few days until all my kids and hubby’s favorites are done. The challenge is keeping them OUT of the goodies.

    Another thing I do is buy Christmas books, like Sandy Blair’s A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS or anthologies. It lets me read, but keeps me in the Christmas spirit.

    Then there’s always my “wrapping night”. I make hot chocolate, pop my “White Christmas” tape in and spend the night listening to Irving Berlin, watching Bing and Rosemary while I wrap presents!

  4. Terri says:


    Only you would make a LIST of how to relax! LOL We love two particular holiday movies this time of year and have watched them FAR too many times: Home For The Holidays and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

    It’s hard to get in the Christmas mood when you live in Gatorland, but I try! The front door wreath is going up today despite the heat, and I’ll probably make some spiced nuts tomorrow.

  5. What a fabulous list! We pretty much just hang around watch cable TV or drive around to see all of the Christmas lights. But I certainly like the idea of reading a book! I just have to get the kids to leave me alone long enough! LOL!

  6. Jo Robertson says:

    Great post, Tawny, and so timely as the holidays swoop down on us! I’m waving wildly from the Bandit Lair :-D.

    I wish I’d had your advice when I was younger and small children were running around under my feet. Or worse, teens! One year there were five of those gangly things living in my house, along with a twelve-year-old.

    This is my naughty secret. I used to lock myself in the bathroom, sit on the toilet, and read. I told the children that “mom has a queasy stomach and needs some private time.” I swear it was the only way I could get away from them!

    Now, I’M the ninja-grandma you’ll have to fight with in a shopping line . With everyone gone, I can get plenty of me-time, but one of my favorites is something my husband does. As soon as the weather’s cold enough, he gets up every morning early and builds a fire, so by the time I get up there’s a nice, toasty, blazing fire in the fireplace. Hmmmm, I love that smell!

  7. Jo Robertson says:

    Anna, I love JR Ward, came to reading her late, but can’t wait for the next story. She’s such an amazing world-builder.

    And Jennifer, I forgot to say hi!

    Jane, A Christmas Story is my favorite. We still get a kick out of it after all these years.

    LOL, Suz, if I baked early, the challenge would be keeping ME out of the goodies!

    Terri, my little brother lives in Gatorland, too — Gainsville. I always wondered how they managed to think, “let it snow”!

    One of the favorite tradtions in our church when my children were younger was THE CAKE BANDIT. Someone in our congregation made fabulous cakes and left them on members’ doorsteps during the holidays. When a completely equipped railroad track and engine showed up on our porch, my boys couldn’t eat it for days; they were so fascinated. To this day we don’t know who THE CAKE BANDITS were!

  8. Joan says:

    Hello Tawny and Jennifer!

    Wow, a list maker, huh? I do make lists for key events….Christmas shopping, vacation packing, holiday baking grocery trips.

    I love to read to de-stress. Thanksgiving morning I stayed in my new comfy pj’s, reading Jewel of Atlantis by Gena Showalter and listened to the Macy’s parade. A good way to remain calm while I’m waiting for fellow Bandita Anna Campbell’s “Untouched” to be delivered into my hot little hands! DO YOU DARE will be my January treat.

    I love to bake and watch holiday movies. I came home last night to find White Christmas on. I have every song and most of the dialouge memorized. Another “old” favorite is the Homecoming. It was the pilot holiday movie for “The Waltons”. I taped it years ago but there is something SO relaxing about the simpler times of family and Christmas in the ’20’s.

    Now, for my Saturday list….stay in pj’s, read, write, take a nap, eat a snack…

  9. Betty Hanawa says:

    One of my favorite people Tawny Weber is and I can’t wait to buy Does She Dare. One of my favorite ways to let go of stress is to curl up on the bed or couch with my dogs. Dogs live in the moment and it’s so calming to just stroke them and make my breathing to them. On Thanksgiving Day when I got stressed, I picked up my littlest dog and just held her. Feeling the beat of her little heart and the quiet pace of her breathing calmed me down.

    Thanks for inviting Tawny to blog, Jennifer. She’s always got something fun to say.

  10. Joan says:

    Gulp, I mean Does She Dare! (mortified, hangs head in shame)

    I think the slip came from my stressful day at work yesterday when I eyed an employee with a look that clearly said “Do You Dare, talk to me like that?


  11. Sheila Raye says:

    Reading your post just eliminated my stress for today — thanks for the chuckle. I’m a sunset girl. Give me 10 minutes at the very end of the day to watch the sun fall over the hill behind my house. Purple, gray, mauve and that last shot of orange capture my attention and hold me enraptured until the last glimpse of light fades. And I am relaxed and energized by the beauty.

    I can’t wait for my copy of Does she Dare! I’ve already marked my calendar — a sunset and a great book all in one day!

  12. Kirsten Scott says:

    Hi Tawny, my FAVORITE Blaze author!! 🙂 Yesterday, I got up at 4:30AM and shopped for almost nine straight hours. Of course, several of those hours were spent waiting in lines, but I got 90% of my Christmas shopping done. That’s my way of saving time for myself later in the season. And, okay, I love it. And I managed to find a few treasures for myself along the way. LOL.

    I can’t wait for DOES SHE DARE to come out! Any chance you’ll have an arc to give away in December? Now THAT would be a good way to relax. 😉


  13. Hey Tawny! Add me to the list of Banditas waiting in line for Does She Dare. :>

    I’m also an inveterate list maker. I make lists for everything. Drives my dh crazy, but then, he’s the one who’s usually saying “is it on the list?” Ha!

    I love your list of ways to relax. Like several other folks mentioned, I love the holiday movies. I also do what Suz W. does and go buy the holiday anthologies and christmas books. Sometimes, like Jo (although blessedly I only have TWO children!), I escape to the bathroom or the closet (oh, I have to fold clothes…yeah, right!), and escape for a chapter or two.

    I also take the dog for a walk. A Loooooooong walk, sometimes. Heehee.

    I’m drooling in anticipation of Anna’s Untouched here in a week or so, so that will be a good one to have for the holidays. I think I’ll burn the cookies though if I try to read it while baking. Ha! That may have to be a guilty-pleasure-read-till-2 a.m. book.

    I’m hosting my chapter’s Holiday Party (waving to Leslie Dicken who’s a WRWer too) so I’ve got to get my house all ship shape. I’m planning on putting in White Christmas and Rudolph and hanging holly all this week. Grins.

    Terri, is that Wicked you, down in gatorland? Regardless, happy warm holidays. :>

    Tawny, when does the new series start, do you have a title for it yet?

    Kirsten, you’re a nut. 4:30??? Yikes. I was traveling home from Thanksgiving on Friday, so no hope for Christmas sales for me. That being said, I’m glad to be home again and am NOT going out today except for Starbucks. Ha!

  14. Marlee Urso says:

    Great blog, Tawny. Love the ideal of drifting off into a fantasy place where you can ogle your favorite hunk and get away from all the holiday hassel.

  15. Nancy says:

    Tawny, what fun ideas! We’re suckers for Christmas movies. We’ll be watching A Christmas Story tomorrow night and again on Christmas Eve. Our son loves Jingle All the Way, so I’m sure that’s on the calendar, and my forever favorite is It’s A Wonderful Life, which doesn’t get the airplay it once did.

    The Signals catalogue features the “Major Award” from A Christmas Story this year. I’m thinking the dh might need one!

    I also like Christmas music. Mannheim Steamroller has some great pieces for decorating the tree. At night, I like to put on a CD, turn off all the lights but the ones on the tree, and just be.

    Your new series sounds great!

  16. tawny says:

    Awwww, I love waking up to all your posts!!! What a fab bunch of friends *g*

    Okay, diving in…

    Nancy, I ADORE Christmas music. I turn it on for wrapping gifts, for baking and decorating, but like you, my favorite time to listen is while cuddled up by the lit tree. BEAUTIFUL.

    Marlene, I’ll share my hunk with you…no, wait, you have your own LOL. Perfect prescription for holiday relaxation!

    Jeanne, I’m jealous that you get to hang out with Leslie, she’s one of my favorite people 🙂 It sounds like we need to get together and make some lists. So few people appreciate our skill at it LOL.

    Kirsten… you LOVE to shop on Black Friday? 😮 WOW thats totally NOT on my relaxation list.

    Sheila, I love to make you laugh 😉 One might say thats the greatest side benefit to my list making LOL. Your words inspire me – I’m going to watch the sunset tonight and think of all the wonderful blessings (leftover thanksgiving energy).

    🙂 Love you back, Betty!!! And you’re right – the time we spend with our pets is almost like a destress pill. I just sit and hug mine (can’t put them on my lap, they are huge) and its like a physical draining of stress… you can just feel it!!

    Joan, How great to come home to White Christmas! Talk about putting you in the holiday mood, huh? And I have my stack of Bandita books to read this holiday too- thats my treat to myself! (btw, that was an alternate title 😉 I am giggling)

    Awww, Jo – I envy you the fireplace (and the fire building hubby LOL) but NOT all those teenagers!! I have one… thats plenty. By the time the other one is a teen, the first won’t be. I’m giggling over your bathroom escape! I can so picture five fists banging on the door, you absorbed in a book and telling them mommy just needs one more page… I mean, one more minute.

    Leslie, Jo locks herself in the bathroom to escape kids and read.. maybe that’d work? *ggg*

    Terri, of course I have a list LOL. That was one of my favorite things about DOES SHE DARE? –turning my list making obsession into a plot device. I have to admit, though, I never actually MADE a list to get a man. Nope. Not me. btw – I’d love your spiced nut recipe 😉

    Suz – great advice on the baking. We tend to do a “week”. We pick a recipe a day and make it, then on the last day we do a gingerbread house marathon 🙂 I like your way of spreading it out even more. And the Christmas stories… oh yeah, they are always my favorite. I’m especially looking forward to reading ITS A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS anthology this year, for my dear friend, Kath Long’s story.

    Jane, I haven’t seen Love Actually – is that the one with Hugh Grant? I’ll have to pick it up and give it a watch this season 🙂

    Anna… you are so amazing LOL – thank you for all the great words and will you pleae come be my press agent? *ggg* I LOVE your mini-rebellion 🙂 I’ve got a few strategically planned through the next couple weeks.

  17. Jennifer Y says:

    WOW! Look at all the comments! I was thrilled to have Tawny as a guest and hope some of you authors follow in her footsteps and maybe be guests too *hint hint*

    I loved this post and I read to help myself relax…reading is always my “ME” time and a time for me to escape from everything and get lost in the wonderful worlds and lives authors create.

  18. tawny says:

    Jeanne asked: Tawny, when does the new series start, do you have a title for it yet?

    Kirsten asked: I can’t wait for DOES SHE DARE to come out! Any chance you’ll have an arc to give away in December? Now THAT would be a good way to relax.

    Anna said: But seeing one of your stresses is the release of a new book, that’s GOOD stress, right? Congratulations on Does She Dare’s release? Double Dare was such a huge success, I’m among the legions of fans waiting for the next installment!

    Jeanne, after DOES SHE DARE? is out in January, my next release is RISQUE BUSINESS (title might change) which is out next November. After that I have three out in ’09, April, May & Sept releases. The April & May ones are tied together, and the September one will kick off a fun costume shop series with 3 other Blaze authors.

    Kristen – I can totally do an ARC giveaway in December 🙂 anyone wants to stop by the Romance Bandits, I’ll make it happen there *g* (and thanks)

    Anna – YES, I love promoting new books (don’t you? *g* UNTOUCHED is my treat this season, btw). I just got my revisions for RISQUE BUSINESS, too, and am turning in my chapters for the ’09 books so I feel a little like I’m juggling – only to Christmas music LOL. But its incredible and I’m so thrilled to be doing it. Talk about something to be thankful for!!!

  19. Wendy says:

    Hi tawny! I’m a list-making fiend, too! Seriously, my life would be such a mess without sticky notes, lol.

    Things that relax me would be: Reading (definitely!) watching a funny film, listening to music in bed, surfing online, baths, cooking, etc. I’m not really a huge fan of Christmas movies/music, I don’t know why, I’m just not. Weird, huh? lol.

    Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  20. Jennifer Y says:

    BTW, as a frequent visitor to the Romance Bandits blog I love seeing some familiar names here!

    And Anna, you made me smile mentioning the Golden Rooster…I love reading the comments on y’all’s blog about it…although I have to admit I was confused when I first read some of the comments about it on the Romance Bandits blog, but then I finally got it…LOL.

  21. tawny says:

    Wendy – List maker’s Unite!!!! LOLOL I hear you on the mess without them -although I tend to do a spiral notebook, then cover IT with sticky notes. If I just put them on the wall or monitor… the cat eats them 😦 She’s anti-listmaking. I love your relaxation list 🙂 It sounds like you’ve got a great handle on it for the season!

    Jennifer 🙂 Thank you for having me on your blog. And LOL about the Banditat’s confusion, its crazy fun there, isn’t it?

  22. Jennifer, I had taught the GR some nice manners so he introduced himself before he barged into other people’s blogs. But these days, he’s hanging out in bad, baaaaad company and he’s forgotten all his polish 😉

    Hey, guys, thanks so much for saying you’re looking forward to Untouched! I’m so glad you all understood my ‘naughty’ day yesterday, just giving up the list of all the millions of things I needed to do and diving into a great book. Sometimes you just need time out, you know. Jo, still giggling at you and your ‘queasy’ stomach. You sly fox, you!

  23. Joan says:

    Jennifer y

    You have to be quick to get the Golden Rooster at the lair. (I suspect the Aussie Banditas weave a spell on the rest of us so we can’t stay up till midnight and snatch it and no…I don’t think it has anything to do with different hemispheres 🙂

    Joan who is determined on her next blog day to post after her own post to win Bwhahahaha

  24. ellie says:

    Enjoyable and timely blog today. I enjoy reading with my herbal tea and lemon by my side and my sweet Maltese relaxing beside me. Thanks for this sweet post.

  25. Jennifer Y says:

    LOL Joan…you know, I have often wondered why some of you didn’t do that…post on your own blog (thought maybe it was an unspoken rule)…LOL…Heck, I would! ROFL Oh, and I think you are affecting your readers with the GR competition…I have found myself checking for new blogs at 2 or 3 in the morning trying to comment first 🙂 …but have never been first 😦

    Anna, the GR is welcome here anytime! As are any of the Banditas! I also happen to be looking forward to your upcoming book.

    Readers, you can find the link to Romance Bandits blog in my sidebar to find out what we are talking about…I have to say that the Romance Bandits blog was one of the first links I ever added.

  26. Aunty Cindy says:

    *Another Bandita swoops in wearing mask and bucket boots*

    GREAT blog, Jennifer! I’d LOVE to be a guest once I ever get my cover and a firm release date.

    ART APPRECIATION, Tawny??? You KNOW Aunty is THERE! My #1 Lust Object Eric B. is supposed to have a new film out SOON, “The Other Boleyn Girl” and I can’t wait.

    Hmmm, I do believe I resemble Anna’s remark about the Golden Rooster hanging out with baaad company lately. Trust me, he enjoyed it.

    And what does Aunty do to relax during the holidays? Leave the country. Nope, not kidding, this will be the third year in a row I’ve gone on a cruise during the holidays and I HIGHLY recommend it. Sunny Mexico here I come!


  27. Hi Tawny, great post! Sorry I’m so late getting here. Love the art appreciation comment. A great man is a work of art, I’m right on board with that! Since I’m in Australia, the holiday season is hot, so my ‘chill out’ fantasy would be going for a swim *on my own* then sipping a mango daiquiri on our veranda with a notebook in hand and watch the sun go down. Did I mention I was on my own?

  28. tawny says:

    Ellie, Maletese are sooo pretty! Your scenario sounds lovely 🙂

    AC – ooooooh Eric B… yummmm-o, baby. Definitely worth appreciating LOL. I love that you do the cruise gig for the holidays! Do they decorate and make it all festive, or is it a total escape?

    Christine, your fantasy sounds gorgeous!!! although I’d probably add a hunk in my fantasy, you know, just to hold the towel for after the swim and refill the daiquiri glass.

    And… yanno, I am actually ashamed to say I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the GR… might need to fix that. If its been hanging out in bad company, I might learn a thing or two 😉

  29. Beth Andrews says:

    Hi Tawny and Jennifer! Great post *g* I’m working on making my holiday lists today. Yesterday my older daughter and I spent most of the day standing in lines at the mall and today I’m just about finishing up my shopping online *g* I want to be done early so I can concentrate on baking, crafting, decorating, relaxing…oh yeah, and maybe even writing 🙂

    This year I’m going to make sure I keep up my exercise routine. Working out really does help relieve my stress and I feel so much better about all the goodies I’ve eaten if I’ve spent my time on the treadmill!

  30. tawny says:

    Ahhh, Beth… you are like my very own Jiminy Cricket LOL. Okay- I need to exercise so thats what I’ll do today after the family leaves.

  31. Caren Crane says:

    Oh, no! I am late to the party again. It’s great to see you here, Tawny, and my other fellow Banditas as well. To make sanity for myself at Christmas, I usually try to save a vacation day to do the major shopping for the kids. For some reason, no matter how early I start or how well I think I’m doing, I end up with gaping holes of unbought presents on the list. Ack!

    This year, alas, I have no vacation days left. Of course, I did get to go to Switzerland, but still. 🙂 I am trying to pace myself and do bits of shopping at lunch and on the weekends. I have no idea when the Christmas decoration fairies are coming by, but I hope it’s soon!

    There may be no holiday baking this year if things fall far behind…or the fairies never show. But Advent is a season of hope, so I remain optimistic!

  32. It’s a Tawny Weber siting!! Hope I’m not too late. Tawny, this is a great list of good things here, and I do love that you actually had to *make a list* of things to help you relax. Well, why not? Just making a list helps me relax, knowing I’ve got a plan of action and I won’t forget anything, right? Yeah!

    Over the past few days, I was actually able to accomplish a few of the items you listed. How, you ask? One guess — no internet access. Sad but true. Amazing how much time I spend online. But since I couldn’t do that, I was able to finish a fabulous book, I watched White Christmas AND Love Actually, I spent time with my mom, I went for a drive. I was soooo happy!

    But now it’s back to work. Gotta jump into holiday stress mode or nothing will get done. But first, gotta make a list. LOL. Thanks Jennifer and Tawny, for a fun post! Happy holidays, everyone!

  33. Hello Tawny,

    I am glad to see you here. Your books all sound good can’t wait to go book shopping soon. I love Johnny Depp he is so sexy. For me time I eather read or do some arts & craft. I make book thongs, beaded jewelry and I got other ideas I am going to be making more stuff for the holidays soon. I do have a website if you want to check it out *G* I also take a nice long hot bubble bath.


  34. Wendy says:

    Tawny, LOL I used to do the notebook thing like you do but I always ended up forgetting the notebook! So now I put them everywhere – computer, books, walls, you name it, there’s probably a sticky there!

    Jennifer, yeah the GR comments on RB’s blog are hilarious!! 😀

  35. Hi all – I’m dragging in late and in need of some destressing. Glad to find such a list of great ideas here.

    For me – I exercise. It’s like synchronized dancing. The music plays and my body just takes over. My favorite seasonal de-stressor is to buy toys and give them away. My kids are too old for little toys and without grandkids, charity fills the void. Jo – I LOVE the concept of the cake bandit. I’m afraid my only talent in that area comes in the eating, not the decorating, but what a cool idea.

    Tawny – can’t wait for your next release. It’s cold here in Ohio and we need the heat!

  36. Tawny,

    Great suggestions for chilling out during this busy time of the year. My hubby and I have a little dog, and we all go for a walk together in the evening. We chat about our days, everything and nothing and it’s a really great way of winding down. That is – my hubby and I chat. The little dog just runs around and gets into trouble! She doesn’t do much chatting 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the release of your book.

  37. fedora says:

    Hi, Tawny! Hi, Jennifer!
    I feel like I should be a list maker, but I’m not 😦 I definitely read to relax, and do it whenever I can squeeze it in. 🙂 I stayed home yesterday, and that kept the stress level down, too 😉 Shopping online sometimes helps. And going at the end of the day (after the kids are in bed) when the malls stay open extra late. And just deciding not to focus on exchanging presents at all 😉 (Don’t I sound like a party pooper!?)

  38. tawny says:

    Hey Fedora *g* I think list makers are one of those born, not made things 🙂 Either you love it or its a chore. So if it doesn’t jive, well, why be miserable? I’m so with you on your not exchanging presents focus… well, except I’m a big baby when it comes to pressies (I LOVE them) Online shopping helps alot, though.

    Shelley, your walks sound great on so many levels! LOL on the dog not chatting much though, just think how hard it would be to walk if she was!

    Donna, I need to be so much better with the exercise. It is, exactly like and Beth say, the best (well, next to sex) stress reliever in the world. Like you, I think the cake bandit idea is a lovely one, too 🙂 and lol on the heat to come with my release *ggg* I sure hope so!!

    So, like, your whole house is covered in sticky notes, right Wendy? LOL

    Linda, I’d love to check out your book thongs (sounds a little kinky, doesn’t it?) so please, yes share the url. My CP does beading and is fabulous. me, I’m more a scrapbooking kind of gal 🙂 I’m making most of my family gifts this year. (and yes, Johnny is definitely SOOOOOOOOOO sexy… yum!!)

    KATE!!!! No Internet?? *shudder* what a scary thought 😉 It sounds like you totally rocked the time without it, though. GO you! Hehehe on making your own list 🙂 I love it!!

    Switzerland, huh Caren? Big deep sigh of envy here… I’ll bet it was incredible. I usually try to have my shopping finished by Thanksgiving, but this year I’m not even started 😦 Gotta get on that, though. And hey, let me know if those decorating fairies show up… then send them my way!!

  39. Wendy says:

    Lol! not my whole house! Can you imagine that?? lol nah.

  40. Nathalie says:

    Love the list.

    I wish during the holidays I had more time to read! I

  41. Lily says:

    I wish I had more time and money to do more shopping 🙂

  42. tawny says:

    Whew, Wendy – I was worrying about that 😉

    Nathalie – HI!!! My holiday wish for everyone is reading time 🙂 I can’t think of a better gift.

    Lily, I’d like the more money part… probably the more time part, but I swear, holiday shopping gives me the nervous hives. SO many people, all in line! Ack!!

  43. LoL Tawny. It does sound kinky but it’s not they are just like book marks *G* Here is the link the picture’s are there at the bottom.


  44. tawny says:

    Ooooh, Linda, those are darling 🙂 You’re talented!!

  45. Teresa W. says:

    My way to relax during the holidays is to take a nice hot bubble bath. While I’m in it I usuaaly enjoy a nice flavored cup of coffe while reading my latest book from my TBR pile.

  46. tawny says:

    GREAT relaxation plan, Teresa 🙂 I love hearing how many people turn to reading as a form of relaxation.

  47. Maureen says:

    Reading is my favorite way to relax any time of the year. I also enjoy listening to some music and I try not to stop walking on the treadmill.

  48. tawny says:

    Oh, Marueen – I so hear you on the treadmill (or any exercise) actually being relaxing! Its a great way to relieve stress and stay in shape, huh?

  49. Sandy M says:

    LOL, I’m a list maker too. But I never get to anything on my lists because 99% of the time I lose them!!! Guess I better get more organized!

  50. tawny says:

    LOL Sandy – losing the list does sort of defeat the purpose… although the process of actually writing a list helps you remember things, right?

    I have a tendency to bury my lists (picture piles of paper scraps, all with one piece of vital information on them that can’t be thrown away) unless I use my notebook. Its less easy to lose (not impossible, just less easy *g*)

  51. Lily says:

    Tawny… not in the subject… but have you received my email regarding my win on the Banditas… I want to read your first Dare book 🙂 and I am having problems with Hotmail!

  52. tawny says:

    Hey Lily 🙂

    It went out to you today by USPS! I thought I’d emailed you back, but I definitely did get your note and can’t wait to hear what you think about Double Dare 🙂

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