Okay…for some reason the post disappeared this afternoon, but here it is…hopefully everything is okay…

Nancy Haddock 

I am thrilled to have Nancy Haddock as a guest on my blog!  Her debut, La Vida Vampire is being released by Berkley in April 2008 (yes, a looonng time from now…but it is never too early to start spreading the word)! 

When I first visited Nancy’s website to find out more about her and her upcoming book and read “A Gidget-esque vampire who loves to surf solves mysteries with an ex-vampire hunter” I have to admit I got excited (okay, really, really excited…just ask Nancy…LOL).  As a life-long Gidget fan (I own all the DVDs) and fan of vampire stories this one sounded good(not to mention that the setting was one I was familiar with having just taken a trip there)!   

Then she sent me this and I became even more eager to read it! 

lvv.jpgShe’s Gidget with fangs?  Cowabunga!
Cesca Marinelli is not your typical vampire.  Buried for more than 200 years in a smelly coffin under an old Victorian house, she is unearthed in a time when vampires are a protected species.  Cesca dives into her second chance at afterlife, and is soon living la vida vampire as a surfer girl, a fiend for bridge, and a ghost tour guide in St. Augustine, Florida. 

Cesca is riding the wave of “perfectly normal” … until the tide turns and brings a stalker, a shifter, and a killer into the picture.  Suddenly Cesca is a murder suspect, and is forced to team up with sexy ex-slayer Deke Saber to solve the case.  Saber insists that Cesca stop passing for mortal and embrace her vamp powers.  If she doesn’t, she could be the next victim — and this time, the wipe out will be permanent.  

Now here is Nancy’s wonderful guest blog explaining how she got the idea for this series… 

I Feel an Idea Coming on, Sabu!

By Nancy Haddock 

Okay, I confess. Even when I’m writing, I read on the order of five books a week – and have the sales slips to prove it! At some point in devouring a book, I always wonder where the writer came up with a particular idea, character or twist to the story. 

I know that snippets of conversation, people watching, even seeing a house set in amazing grounds may fire my imagination. What I didn’t expect was that a peanut commercial would be the jumping off point the book that led to my first sale and a new series from Berkley. 

That’s right, a peanut butter commercial inspired La Vida Vampire (April 2008). The commercial doesn’t run often now, but it’s the one that features two little girls having a sleepover. For one child, it appears to be her first time to spend the night away from home, so her hostess suggests things they can do. Part of the line the hostess says is along the lines of, “We can play Crazy Eights, or we can watch this Princess Vampire video.”           

Say what? Princess Vampire? Little kids, maybe all of age six, are watching something called Princess Vampire?           

Okay, so I figured that’s not how the script had read, but it’s what I heard, and it sparked the idea for La Vida Vampire. For close to a year, I developed with the concept, the main character, her history, what kind of interests and job she might have.

Problem was, no matter how much I waded through my stash of baby name books, I couldn’t pin down my character’s name. Then, a writer friend suggested Francesca, and I broke out in goose bumps. Cesca was born at last, and the soul of her story began taking solid shape.           

A huge part of Cesca’s story is her name and background, but an even larger part revolves around where she lives. St. Augustine, Florida is a little bit of heaven with a long, rich history, amazing artistic energy, and the beach. Ah, yes, the beach! So, when Cesca assured me she was a part day-walker, she insisted on learning to surf. And that was only one of her surprises for me.           

Are my eyes and ears alert for the next bit of inspiration for Cesca’s series? Oh, yes!  After all, my favorite T-shirt reads, WARNING: What you do may appear in my next book! 

And my next favorite reads: Write with Passion, Touch Hearts, Scorch Dinner. 

The last is never a problem! 

Happy Reading! 

Thank you so much for that wonderful blog, Nancy! 

And remember readers to pick up your copy of La Vida Vampire (April 2008)…don’t worry, I am sure I will remind you! 🙂
Until then find out more about Nancy at her website: 

One lucky commenter will win a little something in the way of a St. Augustine memento. So make sure to leave a comment below to be entered!
Winner will be announced on Sunday so check back then!


68 Responses to Introducing…

  1. It sounds like a great book, Nancy, and I look forward to seeing it on the shelves. I love the idea of a peanut butter ad inspiring the idea for your book.

  2. Jane says:

    I think I remember the commercial. The girl ask the other one how her mom cuts the sandwich in half (across or diagonally) to make her feel more at home.

  3. Jenshaines says:

    Hey Nancy!
    I’m one of the Cozy Writers members, but I’m fairly new and trying to get up to speed with the various projects. La Vida Vampire is EXACTLY up my alley as a reader, and I just can’t wait for your release. It sounds absolutely amazing!
    I also loved your blog entry here. And if you want to do another guest blog spot, just e-mail me and I’d be delighted to host you.

    And Jennifer – great blog – I’ll definitely be back!

  4. chris k says:

    Hi Nancy

    It was great fun meeting you at Nationals and hearing all your birds on the terrace stories – lol.

    I think I may need to start watching more television !! Or at least the commercials. Surely there’s one more out there with inspiration for a good book. lol

    I’m sure Vida Vampire will be a great read!

  5. Laura J says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing the background of La Vida Vampire. I love hearing how the authors come up with their stories. I’m looking forward to reading Cesca’s story. I’ll be letting others know about it too.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  6. Diana Cosby says:

    La Vida Vampire sounds like a blast! And love it’s inspiration. Peanut butter commercials – who know? *G* My sincere best to you on La Vida Vampire’s release!

    Diana Cosby

  7. Kathy Calarco says:

    Nancy, you know you’re my chronic inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom as well as far out journey to greatness. I hope one day that’ll be me!

  8. Marcia says:

    I can’t wait to wrap my fingers around your “peanut butter” book. I’m loving that cover.

  9. TracyG says:

    Hi Nancy! (waving madly)
    I’m so excited for you and La Vida Vampire. Did you try surfing to get into character?
    April ’08??? I don’t think I can stand to wait that long.

    TOUCH OF TEXAS, Available Now
    TOUCHED BY LOVE, November 2008

  10. Cindy says:

    Hi, Nancy!

    I can’t wait to read La Vida Vampire. I know we were only testing but I confess I did start reading the script and I love the characters.

  11. Crystal B. says:

    Hi Nancy. Great interview. Your book sounds great. I remember that commercial that inspired you.

  12. jphearts says:


    So glad to see you guest blogging! Am very excited for your first release and can’t wait to meet Cesca. Congratulations on the gorgeous cover art – April can’t come fast enough!

  13. Kay Lockner says:

    Too funny, Nancy! Isn’t it crazy the things we think we hear that make us do a double take? How neat that yours inspired a story as cool as La Vida Vampire.

    Come on, April!

  14. Nancy – wandering over from FTHRW. Great blog. I remember that peanut butter commercial also. Congrats on your book. It sounds very creative. Good luck!

  15. Beth Andrews says:

    Great blog, Nancy! Isn’t it great how an ordinary event like a commercial can inspire us? *g* La Vida Vampire sounds fabulous – I can’t wait to read it!

  16. Good Morning, Everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

    I’m grinning that so many of you remember that commercial. Jane, you’re right on with the across or diagonal sandwich cut, and if any of you know what that child really says, let me know. Or, hmm, maybe not! I’d rather think the Muses were at work than that my hearing is going.

    Thank you all for your compliments on the cover, and for all your kind words about the book. I love the cover, too, and have to say the artist nailed Cesca right down to (up to?) to her hair!

    More in another post!


  17. Edie says:

    Nancy, what a fun story. I can’t wait to read your book. Sounds like a winner. 🙂

  18. Cindy, you’re reading the script? Gosh, thanks! I’ll look forward to your thoughts!

    Arkansas Cyndi! How are you? I think of you often!

    Shelley M – It’s is sooo great to hear from you!

    Chris, I had fun with you, too! Next time: sea gulls on the beach stories. 🙂

    Tracy G, I’m waving back madly! I didn’t surf to get into Cesca’s character, but I have surfed in the past and am taking lessons again. This time wearing a wet suit. 🙂 I do drink Cesca’s flavor from Starbucks to connect with her.

    More in a few!


  19. Francelia says:

    Hi Nancy!

    You’re book sounds great! I look forward to reading it. Also, great cover. Will Cesca become a series character? It sounds like you could have lots of great plotlines.

    Hey, you have to know that I’m your number one fan. Keep up the good work.


  20. Jenshaines, hi and thanks so much for popping over from the Cozy Writers! It’s wonderful to see you, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch on the loop!

    Laura J, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, and thanks for letting your friends know about LA VIDA, and Jennifer’s blog, too!

    Kathy, Marcia, and Edie – Ya’ll are so sweet to come by! You know what’s in my heart!

    Kay and Beth and Diana — Ditto! You’re dear to me!

    Crystal, thanks for the compliment on the blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    jphearts – Thank you for coming by! I’m delighted to be here — Jennifer had made the process so easy!

    Oooh, and more in a moment. (Yes, consider this a commercial break! 🙂


  21. Jenn says:


    With a spark of an idea like that, I predict nothing but wild success for the book! It sounds like the perfect twist on the Vampire theme. And here’s hoping for a long run of the Cesca series!!

    Can’t wait to read it!


  22. Hi Again!

    Here’s the “commercial,” though it isn’t for LA VIDA VAMPIRE. (Yes, I hear my marketing smart buddies gasping from here!)

    I’m blessed to have amazing friends, a goodly number who are published, AND who have books out, AND who have come by to say hello. Diana Cosby, Tracy Garrett, and Shelley Munro are among those I’m sure have books out now – yippee! Kathy, Marcia, and Beth have sold and will have debut books soon — another yippee! Anyone I’ve missed, my deepest apologies and my congratulations!

    And here is our lovely hostess, Jennifer, who has a wonderful blog and who is a joy to work with. Need I connect the dots, my dears?

    Plus there are other hostesses of blogs who’ve been kind to stop in and see me. Ladies, do I see guest bloggers in your futures? (And I don’t mean me, though I’d be delighted to visit!)

    And now back to our regularly schedule program!


  23. Francelia and Jenn! Thank you both for stopping by, and big hugs!

    Yes, Cesca has launched a series — what I’m calling the Oldest City Vampire series. And, in honor of Jennifer, I’ll reveal the working title of Book 2. It’s QUE PASA, VAMPIRE?, and, remember, you heard it here at Jennifer’s Random Musings first! 🙂

    Now I have a question. Has anything off the wall inspired you to tackle a new project in your life? If so, what was it? Inquiring minds really DO want to know!


  24. Jennifer Y says:

    WOW, y’all have been busy…LOL. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and a big thanks to Nancy for being my guest. She is truly a joy to talk and work with thanks to her enthusiasm and cooperation!

    OOOOH…very cool title Nancy! Thanks for the exclusive…LOL.

    As for your question, it wasn’t really anything off the wall, but I originally decided to start this blog because of random things I used to wonder about and ask people (that is where the blog’s name came from). It kind of morphed into what it is today though and I couldn’t be happier. I love having author guests and talking about books. I still get to muse on Mondays with a quote (when it is a “normal” week) and get to ask random questions on Sundays (once again, during a normal week). I kind of like my little blog and hope others do too!

  25. Jennifer Y says:

    Oh, and I am thrilled to see the names of authors I recognize (because I have thier books) and to have so many new guests! So thanks Nancy for advertising your guest spot!

  26. I’m the same way! Ideas come from everywhere. The idea for Catch A Mate sprang from a conversation I had with Jill Monroe. Great seeing you here, Nancy!

  27. manyroads says:

    Nancy, I remember that commercial!!! How FUN that it inspired your book. Now, when I read it, I’m going to be picturingthat though LOL.

    Isn’t it amazing how vital those finite details -a name, a hobby, a location – are to developing the story and characters? Can’t wait to get my hands on your book.

    And Jennifer, thanks for hosting such a fun party 🙂

  28. tawny says:

    Oops, sorry, Manyroads is me, Tawny. I didn’t realize I was logged into WP under the wrong name *g*.

    Hi again!

  29. ruth says:

    What a great interview. I enjoyed learning about the background for the book. The cover is definitely striking and unique. It sounds fascinating and I look forward to reading it.

  30. Gena! How nice of you to stop by, and thank you for sharing your inspriration for CATCH A MATE!

    Tawny, thanks so much for visiting! Somehow, I think you’ll forget the commercial fairly quickly into LA VIDA, but a PB&J sandwich would make a great reading snack! 🙂 Mmmm, sounds good now!

    Jennifer, you’re most welcome for the exclusive! I love that the questions you asked launched your blog! You do a marvelous job with it!


  31. Hi Ruth!

    How lovely of you to stop by, and thank you for the compliments! I feel most fortunate to have such a screamin’ gorgeous cover, and it would be an honor to have you as a reader!

    Happy TGIF! 🙂


  32. Wendy says:

    Hi, Nancy! La Vida Vampire (awesome title by the way!) definitely sounds great, I can’t wait to read it!

    Jennifer, I got the Halloween party pack a couple of days ago and just wanted to thank you again! It’s soooo cute! especially the cocktail glass. *g*

  33. Kathy H. says:

    I can’t wait for LA VIDA to hit the stands, Nancy! It sounds fresh and fun and fabulous. Can you tell us a bit about the surf scene around St. Augustine? I hear a lot about the waves further south, like around Cocoa Beach, but not so much around your area.

    Kathy Holzapfel

  34. Teresa W. says:

    I’m always looking for new authors to read and your book looks like my kind of buy. Looking forward to the release!

  35. Hi Wendy! How great that you could come visit! I’m tickled you love the title, and, yep, it was also inspired — by the song “Living La Vida Loca” while I was watching the second Shrek movie for the third or fourth time. 🙂

    Kathy H, how are you!? You’re right that you hear more about the surf scene south of here, but it’s pretty happenin’ in St. Augustine. We have lots of surf shops, surfing lessons offered, and several types of competitions held yearly. Very generally speaking, our waves are only about 2-5 feet, but size doesn’t seem to matter … not to our surfers.

    Vilano Beach (just over a bridge from St. Aug) is one of the popular venues, and a lot of surfers like the waves around the fishing pier. I didn’t like surfing around piers in California, and doubt I’ll like it here any better. Not as a re-learning novice anyway. I mean, give me one more thing to smack into? I think not.

    Of course, if we have a tropical system, a nor’easter, or anything to kick up the waves, well, you know the battle cry. Surf’s Up!

    Ah, I feel a Beach Boys song coming on! 🙂


  36. I love that the idea of the story came from a peanut commercial. There’s probably a story in there somewhere.
    Can’t wait to read La Vida Vampire.

    Beverley Bateman
    (dropping by from Scriptscene)

  37. Hi Teresa!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! I’m excited to hear LA VIDA VAMPIRE is right up your alley. Though, not your dark alley!


  38. Beverley, it’s great to see you! Your comment reminded me of the old line, “There are a million stories in the Naked City, and this is one of them.” 🙂

    Thank you for coming by to see me, and for being excited about the book!


  39. Jennifer Y says:

    Nancy, when we went to St. Augustine earlier this year the jelly fish were everywhere (including washed up on shore…huge ones too!)…is that usual for the area? Just wondering. We didn’t see much surfing though.

    St. Augustine is a beautiful city with a rich history. I hope to get back someday…but no, I won’t be surfing…LOL. My feet will be firmly planted in the sand. I did enjoy the ghost tour (there are many to choose from in St. Augustine…by the way) and the lighthouse, but I could have done without the traffic from the bridge construction…LOL.

  40. Jennifer Y says:

    Oh, and I remember the commercial too…I think I know what she really said, but I don’t want to disappoint the muse…LOL

  41. Christy H. says:

    HI Nancy,

    I enjoyed the interview. Your book sounds wonderful

  42. Hey, Jennifer! Next time you come to town, I want to know! We won’t surf — promise! — but we can do a million other things I love. I swear, I’m the permanent tourist in this town — I never get tired of exploring even the places I’ve been!

    Having a rash of jelly fish, star fish, seaweed, etc. is normal depending on the time of year. We had it bad with the red tide just last month, and it was made worse by the off shore storms. Surfers were warned to stay out of the water, even if wearing wet suits, because the red tide can cause skin rashes as well as allergy-type reactions. Sometimes we have shark “infestations” in our area, too, though they don’t stay long.

    The ghost tours are awesome, aren’t they? As you said, many to choose from, and all of them fun. The lighthouse is fascinating, and the grounds of both Nombre de Dios and the Fountain of Youth are magical.

    The bridge construction, not so much! The Bridge of Lions will be fantastic when it’s restored, but it sure is a mess. Good thing we didn’t have hurricane evacuations this year — there are only three ways off the island, and that’s one of them!

    Okay, Marcia, can you see how desperate I am for you and your mom to get here so I have the excuse to go downtown and play?!


  43. Hi Christy!

    Thank you for popping in and leaving such a lovely comment! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!


  44. Ann C. says:

    A vampire in somnolence for 200 years is very intriguing (after all, vampires never die…they just take long naps, right?). Just think of all the things that have changed in the world in that span of time…even for a vampire who never dies and is supposedly supposed to know everything. I anticipate some funny things to happen and some laughter (I hope?!). Your story sounds very entertaining, and I look forward to seeing it on the bookshelf!

  45. Hi Ann!

    Vampries never die, they just take long naps? Rolling on the floor!! If you’re not using that line, may I? I will give you credit! That is a hoot!!

    Yes, some funny things do happen in the book. When the story opens, Cesca has had a few months out of the box (coffin) to get up to speed, but she’s still somewhat a fish out of water. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring her world come April!


  46. LaDonna says:

    Hey Nancy! I made it, YAY! I loved your story so much, and just glad someone else appreciates Gidget too. LOL. She was my idol growing up, and it helps that I’m a shrimp too. Can’t wait to read this book GF!

  47. Marty T says:

    Hi Nancy-

    I can’t wait to read your book. It all sounds so you! Love the cover!! Love the blurb!! Love the setting!! Did I say I can’t wait? When the book comes out in April, I’ll be at the store with fangs on.

    And you know what they say…when life gives you peanut butter make a Gidget-Vampire- Surfer tale. Makes sense to me.

  48. Shelly K. says:

    April ’08 can’t get here soon enough, particularly your friends back in Texas. This book is like anticipating an overdue baby & we who know you well can’t want to get our hands on “La Vida Vampire”! Great cover, too. Alas, Texas’ loss is Florida’s gain, but darned if we don’t miss you! Shoot, I think I’ll go bite someone! Move over Ceska


  49. Jaye Wells says:

    Hi Nancy! What a great story about the genesis of La Vida Vampire. I absolutely can’t wait to read it. Take care!

  50. Neringa says:


    La Vida Vampire is so overdue, sounds like a fabulous read, written by a fabulous female and friend. And the Cover– wow! Love the lime green– and her name– it is perfect! And I just get goosebumps seeing the author’s name on the bottom….

    I love it when dreams happen… you were there for mine, I’ll be there for yours! Can’t wait to read it!

    Always my continued best,

  51. Hi LaDonna! Gidget was a fav of yours, too? Gee, we could start a fan club … spark a Gidget revival! 🙂

    Thanks so very much for stopping by, and for being a “fan!” I’m your fan, too!


  52. When life gives you peanut butter make a Gidget-Vampire- Surfer tale?

    LOL, Marty! You always brighten my day! Thank you so much for visiting me here at Jennifer’s place, for your sharp wit, and for your enthusiasm!


  53. Hi Shelly!

    I miss my buddies in Texas somethin’ fierce! Then again, ya’ll get to come R&R at the beach now, so it’s a good trade.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and support all these years, and I’ll looking forward to the day you’ll all be blogging and I’ll get to visit you!


  54. Jaye, you sweet thang!

    I’m glad you enjoyed Cesca’s conception story, and thank you so very much for coming by to see me! I look forward to the Dreamin’ in Dallas conference and sharing my first signing with all my Texas friends!


  55. Oh, Neringa, it IS special to share the dreams, isn’t it?

    Thank you for your compliments, and I’m looking toward the day when we’re both standing on the red carpet in Hollywood! (Come on, let me carry your train, pleeease.)


  56. Hi Tiki – great job on the blog. I am looking forward to getting to know Cesca. You and Gena are making the rest of the Heath Grads very, very proud!



  57. Nancy, great title and cover…will watch for the book to hit the shelves.

  58. Hi Jill! Thanks for stopping by, and for the lovely compliment on the blog. Jennifer does an awesome job!

    Gena is simply wonderful, isn’t she? I look toward the day all the Heath Grads will be pubbed and appearing here!

    Tiki Nancy

  59. Diane Dishman! You’re a sweetheart to visit, and I thank you for looking out for LA VIDA VAMPIRE in April!


  60. FYI to those who may check back in or just be dropping by, I will stay around and answer any further notes. Please do comment and be entered in the drawing if you like!

    However, since it’s a wild hair after 10 p.m. EST, I want to thank Jennifer again for having me today! Jennifer is a joy, and I urge you to treat yourself to blogging with her! Check out Jennifer’s For Authors and For Readers areas in the right hand column at the top of the page!

    I’ve loved visiting with you, I thank you for your support, and I hope you’ll enjoy LA VIDA VAMPIRE and Cesca’s world come April!

    Happy and safe Holidays!


  61. Ann says:


    Tried to catch you earlier and found nothing. Glad I came back.

    I’m so impressed you can read five books a week and still find time to write. Your comments also remind me we writers can’t live in isolation and that we chronicle details of life others may take for granted.

    Here’s to peanut commericals. 🙂


  62. Hi Ann!

    Thank you for coming back!

    I’m laughing about the books thing. Some might say I don’t write when I read that much, but I find that getting my mind somewhere else shakes out the cobwebs. Of course, so does exercise and gardening and washing dishes, but why sweat or clean when I can read? (Okay, or walk on the beach.)

    I love your toast to peanut butter commercials. Let’s also toast the passion of writing and the passion of reading!


  63. danette says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Nice meeting you,your book sounds like it going to be an exciting read.
    Hugs, danette

  64. Cathy says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Of course I’m coming in a day late (and probably a dollar short ). Great blog, and I’m rolling over the peanut butter commercial!

    I’ve had the pleasure of reading La Vida Vampire, and it is wonderful. Y’all are going to love it! I’d bet 10 jars of Whole Food natural peanut (smooth) on it :-))))



  65. Caitlin Hoy says:

    It sounds like a great read. I can’t wait to buy a copy and read it. I probably won’t be able to put it down. I will probably be spellbound from beginning to end.
    A joyful and excited fan,

  66. Hi Danette, Cathy and Caitlin! Thank you so much for visiting the blog post!

    Danette, it’s lovely to meet you, too, and I hope you’ll enjoy LA VIDA VAMPIRE!

    Cathy, hi! Wow, honey, 10 jars of Whole Foods peanut butter is a steep bet! What a triubte to the book … and if anyone takes you up on the wager, I’ll chip in for some jars! 🙂 Oh, and if ya’ll don’t read Catherine Spangler yet, DO! Her books are all amazing, but her Sentinel series out now is incredible!

    Caitlin, I hope you’ll enjoy Cesca’s world, and I’m honored to have you as a joyful and excited fan! Thank you for being here!


  67. Eva S says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I’m a little late but I just wanted to thank you for the book. I’m a huge fan of vampires and this book sounds great, I love to find new authors and I hope you will write many more..

  68. Hi Eve! I just found your note and, in case you check back in, I want to thank you for coming to visit! I hope you’ll enjoy LA VIDA and the adventures of Surfer Sleuth Cesca, and would love to hear from you again!


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